10 Best Anime About Blood Cells That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Anime About Blood Cells

The humorous relief provided by Cells At Work’s episodes will no doubt be missed by viewers of these other shows.

Comedy animation Cells at Work by Akane Shimizu follows the adventures of two blood cells, one red and one white, whose sole purpose in life is to keep their human host’s body in good working order. These cells acquire deadly allergies, and their plot centres around them taking care of other cells’ requirements and keeping everything in order.

Because of its inaccuracy in depicting human biology, many think that Cells at Work should be watched by all. If you enjoyed Cells at Work, here are ten other anime you should check out.

1. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone tells the story of a little child named Taiju Ooki who wakes up in a strange new world and runs with an old buddy named Senkuu, a science-loving acquaintance who has grand intentions to bring civilization back to life through the power of science. Some of those who were petrified before Taiju slept for a long time have broken free and seek to challenge Senkuu’s beliefs.

Cells at Work and Dr. Stone are two anime shows that educate their viewers about the human body and the scientific world. To go along with its entertaining and fascinating personalities. According to certain commentators, Dr. Stone is a must-see anime.

2. Hetalia Axis Powers

Hetalia Axis Powers is an anime that satirizes our world’s politics and historical events by transforming nations into persons with a wide range of personalities. To put it another way, the story takes place in the midst of World War I and World War II.

Hetalia Axis Powers, like Cells at Work, employs humor to teach its audience about real-world concepts, just like the anime. Hetalia Axis Powers’ portrayal of important nations as adorable boys with eccentric characteristics has been criticized as a humorous way for an anime to convey a historical event by its critics. One will either love or despise this show depending on how they feel going into it.

3. Land of the lustrous

Land of the lustrous

Gems — crystal beings — are at odds with their arch-enemy the Lunarians, and the story of Phos, a crystalline entity known as a Gem, centers on his desire to be useful in the fight against the Lunarians. But because of her kind disposition, Phos is forced to do light work, and she encounters another gem assigned to a smaller-sized assignment as well. A story is therefore told concerning Phos’s search for an area in the world where it and his friend can be of service to the other Gems.

Human-like people are introduced into a world with severe laws, wicked monsters, and class-like systems in Land of the Lustrous like in Cells at Work. According to MyAnimeList, this series has a devoted following and is considered one of the best in the field of computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation.

4. Silver spoon

This is the story of Yuugo Hachiken, a young child who moves to the countryside to escape the pressures he meets at home by attending a boarding school. In contrast to his peers who are experts in farm life, Hachiken is embarrassed by his lack of experience. Hachiken makes an effort to get used to his new farm life in the hopes of finding a dream of his own.

Silver Spoon, like Cells at Work, is an educational series that leaves viewers with a sense of accomplishment. A lot of people think it’s an underrated shonen anime that everyone should see because it focuses on farming and its relevance to society.

5. Moyashimon


In Moyashimon, a guy named Tadayasu Sawaki, who possesses exceptional vision, can perceive even the tiniest particles and organisms in the world around him. Sawaki has no idea why his skill is so unique, but he’ll run into an absurd assortment of people who will do anything to make him see the value in it.

The focus of Moyashimon is on biological and scientific principles, so viewers will come away from the show feeling like they’ve gained knowledge. After watching these episodes, you’ll come to care for the characters’ micro-organism likeness.

6. Laid-back camp

Rin Shima, a young woman who enjoys spending her days camping alone on Mount Fuji, is the protagonist of Laid-Back Camp. When Nadeshiko Kagamihara shows up at Rin’s campground and establishes the groundwork for a future camping trip, Rin is surprised and delighted by the unexpected opportunity.

Laid-Back Camp, like Cells at Work, is an instructional anime since it incorporates information about camping and eating on occasion. Then there’s the fact that both shows emphasize the importance of friendship.

7. Space brothers

The story of Mutta Nanba and his younger brother Hibito, two brothers who aspired to be astronauts after witnessing a UFO, is told in the documentary Space Brothers. As Hibito becomes closer to their mutual goal, Mutta is still working for an automotive company. Mutta had no idea that life is about to give him a second chance that he had given up hope of ever receiving.

Like Cells at Work, Space Brothers focuses on how people in the actual world might behave when they’re at work. The antics of the characters in both anime will also have viewers grinning and laughing.

8. Shirobako

It is about a group of friends who aspire to make a well-known popular anime and pursue a career in the anime industry, Shirobako. There are three women who choose routes that are either unfulfilling or not even in the same ballpark as the two women who found success earlier. They will also discover that there are various paths to success, and that they will need a certain level of persistence to achieve them.

Shirobako’s protagonists are all amateurs, but they eventually form a group with pros who can assist them improve their skill and characterization. In terms of character development and professionalism, this anime has a more mature feel to it than previous entries in the series.

9. Violet evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden tells the story of a woman named Violet Evergarden, who wakes up in a hospital after a war with no memory of what her leader said to her. She’s now a mail-service employee, and she’s hoping to create better relationships and discover what her boss meant.

Violet Evergarden, like Cells at Work, contains action-packed moments that can satisfy some fans’ cravings for fighting. In both shows, the main character, a female, is on a quest to discover the truth about her past in order to go on with her life. Not to mention the fact that both anime include stunning animation and a number of humorous moments throughout the storylines.

10. One-punch man

“One-Punch Man” tells the story of a man named Saitama who has lost his passion for fighting and even life itself because he can defeat any opponent with only one punch. In contrast, Saitama’s outlook on life changes after learning about a Hero Association that could help him become a well-known hero.

One-Punch Man, like Cells At Work, features heroic characters who battle evil for the sake of mankind and other beneficial organisms. Saitama’s character in One-Punch Man, like other of Cells at Work’s flaws, is riddled with inconsistencies.