10 Best Romantic Period Movies That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Romantic Period Movies

Period romance is a popular genre (which is often filled with Austen adaptations). According to IMDb, these are the top historical love stories.

Period films have a unique quality that few other genres can claim. They have the ability to transport the audience to an entirely different era. The capacity to construct a universe that is similar to ours in some aspects but different in others is what sets it apart from other works of fiction. Romantic period films, on the other hand, have a unique quality all their own.

For a variety of reasons, tales of star-crossed lovers in the pre-internet era are popular. Because there aren’t any other plot elements to distract from the romance, viewers are more likely to become engrossed. Movies from the Romantic Era, ranked by IMDb users.

1. Mansfield Park (7.1)

Mansfield Park

The film adaptation of Jane Austen’s work Pride and Prejudice was released in 1999. Several departures from the book and artistic liberties are taken in the film adaptation of the novel’s plot and characters. Frances O’Connor, Jonny Lee Miller, Anna Popplewell, James Purefoy and others star in this more contemporary reimagining. It’s Patricia Rozema’s portrayal of the characters that portrays Fanny as an intelligent, quick-witted figure rather than one who is timid and bashful. It’s all because to Frances and Jonny that Fanny and Edmund have such a great chemistry together.

2. Shakespeare In Love (7.1)

It won seven Oscars at the Academy Awards in 1998 for a Romantic Period picture. Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare’s most famous works, is used as a backdrop for the film. Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) and Gwenyth Paltrow (Gwenyth Paltrow) have a fictional love tale. All of these elements combine to provide a riveting experience for the audience. This film allows you a great deal of creative latitude in order to produce a romantic comedy that is both charming and tragic enough for Shakespeare. Shakespeare in Love is a hilarious and heartwarming production, with superb acting by all involved.

3. The Age Of Innocence (7.2)

The Age Of Innocence

Adapted from Edith Wharton’s novel of the same name, this film was directed by Martin Scorsese. All three characters are brought to life by the actors that portray them: Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Throughout the film, the performers’ chemistry and the various romantic entanglements are clearly portrayed. The Age of Innocence is a departure from the usual Scorsese fare. It is elegant, romantic, and stylish at the same time. The film is firmly rooted in its period piece roots, but it nevertheless manages to enthrall modern audiences with its tangled love tale.

4. The Great Gatsby (7.2)

In 2013, the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name is a bright, vibrant, and exhilarating experience. Toby Maguire, Cary Mulligan and Isla Fisher are just some of the stars in this film adaptation’s star-studded roster. With all of its brilliant trappings, this American classic of the fatal love tale of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan is caught. The film’s modern and contemporary music score also helps to elevate it from a distant period piece to something rather contemporary.

5. Jane Eyre (7.3)

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s novel of the same name was made into a 2011 film adaption that is scary and wonderful to see. She gives Jane Eyre the softness, sensitivity and sharpness that she needs to portray her character. Michael Fassbender brings a rough charm to the part of Byronic hero Edward Rochester. It’s because of their acting and relationship that this story comes alive. Bertha Mason’s ex-husband Bertha Mason will complicate viewers’ decision to support the couple’s reunion.

6. Sense And Sensibility (7.6)

Emma Thompson, who also starred in the 1995 film rendition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, wrote the screenplay. Director Ang Lee has assembled an impressive cast for this romantic period film, starring Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman. Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie, and more are also featured in the cast.

This story is brought to life in a unique and heartfelt way by these talented performers. As a result of the publication of this film, Jane Austen was introduced to a whole new generation of viewers, and other adaptations of her works have been developed.

7. Atonement (7.8)


There were numerous Academy Award nominations for this film adaptation of the same-named Ian McEwan novel, which was released in 2007. Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, Saoirse Ronan, Benedict Cumberbatch, and the rest of the ensemble were all praised for their performances in the movie. The cinematography and soundtrack were also well-received in the film. It is due of the actors Knightley and McAvoy, who portray Cecilia and Robbie, that the narrative of their love blossoms for the audience.

8. Titanic (7.8)

In this 1997 modern classic, the story shifts between the past and the present. The young and innocent love story between Jack and Rose, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, is what draws audiences to this epic romance of huge proportions. It was nominated for 14 Academy Awards and won 11 of them. This film combines historical facts with fiction to create a love story that has become a part of popular culture. Rose and Jack’s relationship crosses class boundaries, as evidenced by their attempts to mingle with people in the first class and their excitement in dancing with people in their third class.

9. Pride & Prejudice (7.8)

Pride & Prejudice

Based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, this 2005 film is a remake. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy’s love tale is a well-known one. With Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden’s wonderful chemistry, the film has become a huge success.

Actress Keira Knightley’s portrayal of vivacious and strong-willed Elizabeth Bennet makes this new take on the narrative sparkle. In this romantic-era film, the characters are lovable, and the movie is a joy to see.

10. Little Women (7.9)

The novel by Louisa May Alcott, of the same name, is the basis for this 2019 film version. This film is a period piece with sophisticated women and thought-provoking monologues, a modern spin on the classic. A visual treat, Greta Gerwig’s film uses color to shift back and forth in time. Although the movie focuses primarily on the female characters and their friendship, the love entanglements are enough to keep the audience engaged. Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chalamet deserve special notice for their outstanding performances.