15 Best Jet Li Movies That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Jet Li Movies

As far as martial arts actors go, Jet Li is among the finest. This is a list of his greatest works according to IMDb.com.

For the first time in a long time, Jet Li has appeared in Disney’s Mulan. His outlook has changed because of hyperthyroidism. To prepare for this challenge, he has been living in seclusion.

As a renowned martial arts champion, Li isn’t used to dealing with health difficulties.

Beijing Wushu Team brought him to the White House lawn in 1974, where he exhibited his graceful and flowing martial arts in front of President Nixon. He has used his films to spread the word about Chinese martial arts around the world. Jet Li is a legend in the world of action movies. Five more Jet Li films have made it onto our list of the greatest of all time, according to IMDb.

Derek Draven updated this page on June 5, 2020: We’ve added five more of Jet Li’s best-known and critically acclaimed films, according to IMDb, to our updated intro. Jet Li fans who can’t get enough of this terrific martial arts master should definitely check out these films, which serve as excellent introductions to his oeuvre.

15. Lethal Weapon 4 (6.6)

Lethal Weapon 4

In this film, Jet Li became a household name and a Hollywood celebrity. Li’s performance as Wah Sing Ku, a Chinese triad member who fights with Murtaugh and Riggs in the last act, wowed North American audiences.

With Li kicking the living tar out of each of them at once before he dies a horrific death, while going down fighting, the battle scenario is both stunning and brutal. Throughout the rest of his career, Jet Li would appear in a number of Hollywood films, while also directing films in China.

14. Last Hero In China (6.7)

Li portrays Wong Fei-Hung, a well-known Chinese folk hero who has previously been portrayed by both Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Fei-Hung builds a martial arts school right next door to the brothel and becomes the focus of an enraged general who would rather see him hit the bricks than teach new students.

13. Shaolin Temple (7.0)

Shaolin Temple

While working on the film adaptation of Shaolin Temple (1982), Jet Li had his first major role as a leading actor. Over 300 million tickets were sold in China for the picture, which had a tremendous impact on Chinese martial arts films in the future.

For the first time in its history, the Shaolin Monastery became a big tourist attraction because of this film. When inflation is taken into account, the film made $250 million in the United States, which was a record for 1982.

12. The Warlords (7.0)

The actor Jet Li has developed into a master of his craft. Warlord is a film in which the actor established that he is more than only a swift and fluid martial artist, but also a talented actor. Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro star as three devoted brothers during the Qing dynasty civil wars in China in the 1860s. Multiple deaths resulted from disagreements between the two brothers, whose brotherhood and camaraderie was shattered by their differences. Critics gave the film a 7.0 rating on IMDb, which is a good sign for the film. It didn’t go unnoticed, either, and received a number of accolades in Asia.

11. Unleashed (7.0)

I despise seeing a human degraded to an animal. After being kidnapped from his mother at an early age, a Chinese man is raised like a dog in order to fight and obey his masters.

Before this point in his career, Jet Li had made a few appearances in Hollywood, but this one was unique since it offered a new perspective on the actor’s work. After finding peace and freedom, Danny the dog (Jet Li) didn’t feel like going back to a life of violence. Even so, his owners will not let him go; what happens when an animal is forced to do something?

10. The Legend II (7.0)

The Legend II

It was only a matter of time before Jet Li starred in a sequel to one of his most recent hits, The Legend II, in the same year. He joins a secret organization that is trying to overthrow the Manchurian Emperor, which Fong Sai Yuk finds difficult to accept.

Original humorous elements are still there in this kung fu picture, but the action sequences and wirework that would become a staple in the Chinese martial arts scene are also included.

9. Swordsman 2 (7.2)

During a martial arts team’s tour of Hong Kong in the 1970s, a tiny boy enthralled the crowd with his swordplay and the city went wild. When Jet Li was a child, he was a natural for the role of a swordsman because of his expertise with weapons. Based on Louis Cha’s novel, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, Swordsman 2 is a Wuxia film. IMDb critics gave Swordsman 2 a score of 7.2 out of 10. Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate a movie that has a great battle sequence, beautiful and graceful lead actors, and a theme tune nominated for Best Original Song?

8. The Legend (7.2)

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Jet Li is not a standup comic. He’s the guy who sweeps the floor with every bad person who enters the room. Films by him are rarely lighthearted. The Legend, on the other hand, is a comedy-action film.

Fong Sai Yuk, a cheeky and ambitious young man who excels in martial arts but struggles academically, is the protagonist of the novel. A number of accolades were bestowed upon the film afterward. The Hong Kong film award and the Golden Horse award for best choreography were given to it.

7. Tai Chi Master (7.2)

Tai Chi Master

When it comes to martial arts, you can’t consider yourself fully trained until you’ve mastered the internal and outward arts. For the most part, Jet Li’s portrayal of the inside martial arts expert he is is spot-on.

Yuen Woo-Ping directed and produced the 1993 Hong Kong martial arts film Tai Chi Master. You’ll learn the story of two young brothers who were raised at the Shaolin Temple by the same master, Junbao (Jet Li) and Tienbo (Chin Siu Ho). After a quarrel with one of the monks, they both left the temple and took completely divergent paths.

6. Once Upon A Time In China (7.3)

Tsui Hark’s 1991 film starring Jet Li as Chinese folk hero and martial arts master Wong Fei Hong was directed by Hark and written by Hark. It took place during the Qing dynasty, which ruled China from the late 18th century until the early 20th century. Here, Jet Li displayed his martial arts prowess in a variety of roles, representing both an ass-kicker and someone who cares about others.

Tsui Hark won the Best Director award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Once Upon a Time in China. Additionally, it was named the winner of the Best Action Choreography category award. Hong Kong’s box office took in HK$29,672,278 for the film.

5. Once Upon A Time In China 2 (7.4)

The second part of the Once Upon a Time in China series has the highest IMDb rating of all the sequels. This is the most dramatic and exciting episode yet. Politics, fanaticism, and patriotism all feature prominently in this novel. It reveals a great deal about the hardships endured by Chinese revolutionaries. Donnie Yen played the primary villain in this film. Li (Wong Fei Hong) and Yen (Donnie Yen) are two superb martial arts actors who studied under the same instructor. Yen’s character (General Nap Lan) challenges Li’s (Wong Fei Hong).

4. The Fist Of Legend (7.5)

The Fist Of Legend

The Hong Kong action film Fist of legend was released in 1994. Fist of Fury is a remake of Bruce Lee’s 1972 film. The film tells the narrative of Chen Zhen, a teenage martial artist who returned from Japan to discover his master dead and his school under attack by the Japanese.

Filmmaker Chen Zhen and choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping directed and choreographed the film, which stars Jet Li as well as Billy Chau, Chin Siu Ho, Yasuaki Kurata and others.

Jet Li embodied the brashness and confidence of a budding martial artist.

3. Ocean Heaven (7.6)

It’s unusual to see Jet Li in a movie like this, but he did a fantastic job. Ocean Heaven is a story of a father’s love for his autistic son, and the challenges that persons with the condition experience. When a man is diagnosed with terminal cancer and his autistic son, he works relentlessly to ensure that his son learns how to survive. Zhang Wen, who played Dafu, the child of Jet Li, starred in the film.

2. Fearless (7.6)


Jet Li said he would never do another martial arts film after seeing this epic. Huo Yuan Jia, a master martial artist and the founder of the Jingwu Athletic Foundation, is the subject of this story. He openly challenged martial artists from around the world to restore the Chinese people’s pride and respect after they had been oppressed by foreign governments.

US$68 million at the box office and multiple awards, including Best Action Choreography, made it one of the most popular movies of the year. The Hong Kong Film Critics Society awarded Best Actor to Jet Li.

1. Hero (7.9)

The IMDb rating system says that Hero is the best Jet Li film ever filmed. The locales and scenery are just as good as the performances and action moments. Zhang Yimou, the film’s director, is renowned for his interest in color theory and has directed numerous films. To create an exceptional film, he used colors, acting, battle sequences, and beautiful scenery into his work.

Hero has grossed $177.4 million at the box office, making it one of the highest-grossing films ever released. To revenge the people of his town, a nameless warrior (Jet Li) prepares to kill the ruler of Qin. Even today, Hero is regarded as one of the best Asian films ever made.