6 Best Animes Like Devils line That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Animes Like Devils line

The Devils Line anime adaptation has only been out for about a month, but it already shows a lot of promise for being a great show. Vampire stories, on the whole, tend to be more dramatic than action-packed. However. Devils Line is right in the middle of the pack, with a well-balanced mix of romance, drama, and action. At Honey’s Anime, we can’t wait for the next episode to drop every week. Then, once it’s released, we’ll have to endure yet another week of waiting for a new episode of Devils Line.

Because we at Honey’s Anime despise having to wait for new episodes, we decided to do what we usually do when we’re idle. For the time being, we’ll stick to watching shows that are stylistically similar to what we currently enjoy. That’s why we’ve been working hard in our lovely hive to find shows to watch while Devils Line is still on the air. For the 6 Anime Like Devils Line article, we decided to share a similar list of anime. Join us as we dissect our list of suggestions to help you find something to occupy your time.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

There are a total of 12 episodes.

Aired from July to September 2014

Ken Kaneki, a self-described bookworm, is having the time of his life in college. Ken, on the other hand, has recently discovered something more beautiful than books in the form of a young lady named Rize. Ken is overjoyed at the prospect of spending the night with Rize and believes that it will be the best date of his life. But when Rize reveals herself as a ghoul, Ken’s smile will vanish. Ghouls are monsters that prey on humans and eat them as food. Ken manages to escape Rize’s clutches, but not without paying a heavy price… Ken is now a hybrid of human and ghoul, no longer recognizably human.

Previously, in our article on 6 Manga That Are Like Devils Line, we compared Tokyo Ghoul to the series Devils Line because of their striking resemblances. While ghouls eat meat, both stories feature humans who become entangled in a world of bloodsucking creatures, and both stories pose an intriguing question. Which are more human: the people or the animals? If you haven’t seen Tokyo Ghoul yet, like Devils Line, we think it’s a great anime that deserves all the praise and adoration it gets. You’ll also have plenty of Tokyo Ghoul to binge watch while you’re waiting for new episodes of Devils Line to come out.

2. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

There are thirteen episodes in this season.

The show aired from April to July of 2008.

Cross Academy’s day and night classes are divided into what appear to be two distinct class structures. Elite students roam the halls at night, led by Yuuki Cross, the chairman’s adopted daughter, who doesn’t mind seeing her crush, Kaname, because she gets to see him. Nevertheless, Yuuki’s job isn’t easy because the Cross Academy’s so-called elite students aren’t normal; they’re vampires. Keeping these vampires away from the public allows them to live a relatively normal existence. Can they, as well as Yuuki, survive the complications that come with mixing human and vampire blood?

In many ways, Vampire Knight reminds me of Devils Line. Check. Supernaturally strong women facing down adversity. Trying to get along with both vampires and humans is a box that needs to be checked. In the end, both Vampire Knight and Devils Line have a shoujo-style romance element, which helps both shows complement one another. Even though it was released in 2008, Vampire Knight is still one of our favorite shows, and we think you will enjoy it as well. Vampire Knight by Studio Deen is an excellent choice for fans of Devils Line.

3. Ajin (Ajin: Demi-Human)

Ajin (Ajin Demi-Human)

There are thirteen episodes in this season.

Aired from January to April of this year.

Ajin were discovered in Africa 17 years ago, and since then, people have been terrified of them. As a result, those suspected of being Ajin are immediately hunted down and subjected to rigorous testing. For Kei Nagai, it didn’t matter; all he wanted was to go to school and further his education. In the aftermath of a near-fatal accident with an oncoming truck, Kei learns the terrifying truth: he is an Ajin! After his days as a normal student are over, Kei will be hunted by those who want to test him, as well as those who want to use him in a revolution against the human race…

From the first episode of the first season to the final episode of the second, Ajin raises a disturbing question in your mind. Why is Ajin so despised when the majority of them are just trying to fit in? These are the same kinds of questions that are asked in the film, Devils Line, about a group of vampire-like creatures who find happiness not by killing humans mercilessly, but by spending time with them and even falling in love. The most striking difference between the two shows is that Ajin favors action and drama over romance. However, we believe that those who dislike Devils Line’s romantic elements and prefer the bloody conflicts will be drawn to Ajin, if they haven’t already done so.

4. Shiki


There are 22 episodes available for viewing.

Show dates: July 2010 to December 2010

Sotoba village is a peaceful location away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ideal for those who prefer a more traditional way of life. Megumi Shimizu, on the other hand, despises Sotoba and longs to escape to the bustling cities of Japan. Megumi’s dreams will never come true, however, as she dies suddenly, along with several others, from what appears to be an illness spreading through the village. For the sake of saving Sotoba and its residents, Doctor Toshio Ozaki sets out to discover the cause of these strange deaths. However, as he soon discovers, the deaths are not the result of a disease. A sinister plot is afoot in the strange castle where a new family has settled behind the sleepy village. Can the villagers survive what is about to wipe out everything that lives in their village?

Despite the fact that Devils Line is both romantic and action-packed, there’s something else to be said about it. Devils Line has a tendency to go into a dark, horror-inspired mode at times. Do you, on the other hand, require more gore than what you’ll find in Devils Line? If you answered yes, then Shiki is the person you’re trying to find. Shiki is the quintessential vampire horror that is missing from Devils Line, filled with vampires, mystery, and horror. People, turn out the lights and crank up Shiki. You’re about to go on a wild ride.

5. Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

There are a total of 12 episodes.

Aired between April and June of 2015

When a mysterious virus decimates the population over the age of 13, Yuuichirou Hyakuya and his adopted family find their lives turned upside down. Yuuichirou and his family learn quickly that vampires are spreading this in an attempt to seize control of the world and turn it into their own.

The vampires enslave the surviving teenagers and children and treat them like cattle so they can feed on their blood. When Mikaela gets her hands on a map and a gun that belonged to a noble vampire, Yuuichirou and Mikaela decide to make an escape attempt. Unfortunately, Mikaela’s plan was discovered by the noble, who proceeded to murder Yuuichirou and his entire family in front of his very eyes. While trying to flee, Yuuichirou is captured and taken prisoner, only to discover that not everyone in the world has died. Yuuichirou, out for vengeance, joins Guren and his team in an effort to rid the planet of vampires, no matter the cost.

Wit Studios’ Owari no Seraph is one of our all-time favorite action-oriented vampire animes. The animation is stunning, and the story it tells about humans battling vampires is compelling as well. There are a lot of similarities between Owari no Seraph and Devils Line — some of which are spoilers — which makes it a good series to recommend to fans of Devils Line who enjoy the action. Don’t you want to see what Yuuichirou has planned for the vampires as retaliation? The answer is obviously yes, so watch Owari no Seraph right away.

6. Servamp

There are a total of 12 episodes.

Aired from July to September of 2016

Mahiru Shirota believes that the best way to enjoy life is to stay away from anything that could get in the way. A similar belief drives Mahiru to pick up a stray cat and bring it home after believing that doing nothing will lead to future regret. He names the cat Kuro when they become friends, but Mahiru has no idea that his affection for the cat will have far-reaching consequences for his life as he knows it. If Kuro and the stranger are both exposed to sunlight, Mahiru learns that they are one and the same, and that Kuro and the stranger are in fact one and the same! As a vampire, Kuro plans to leave Mahiru’s house in the middle of the night to avoid causing him any more problems. As fate would have it, Kuro and Mahiru will be stuck in a world that is far from the simple existence that Mahiru has always aspired to.

Servamp rounds out our list of 6 Anime That Look Like Devils Line. Why do you think Devils Line and Servamp sound so much alike? Both stories feature protagonists who become involved with vampires, and neither anime is afraid to get violent when the situation calls for it. Honey’s Anime doesn’t see many discussions about Servamp, but we hope to change that by doing so. Servamp is a sinister anime series full of action, romance, and vampires, making it ideal for fans of Devils Line and similar series. Take a look at Servamp and tell your friends how great it is.

Final Thoughts

When the anime adaptation of Devils Line was first announced, many of us wondered if it would live up to the quality of the manga series. So far, Devils Line has lived up to our expectations, and we’re loving the anime’s style and story. When Devils Line’s first season concludes, it will almost certainly need a second to complete the story. As a result of this, in addition to checking out the shows listed above to kill time until the next new episode airs, you should do so now so you’ll be ready to enjoy them once Devils Line season 1 concludes, even if a season 2 hasn’t been officially announced. The anime above and Devils Line both pique your interest. Please let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Honey’s Anime for more helpful articles like this.