10 Best Movies Anime About Archery That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime About Archery

The World’s 10 Greatest Anime Archers

10. Uryū Ishida From Bleach

Bleach (2004)

When a Quincy masters their Bow and Heilig Pfeil, their arrows have more power and precision. This is akin to how a marksman improves his accuracy and consistency as he practices his craft.

Uryo Ishida is a prime illustration of Ichigo Kurosaki’s influence on Uryo Ishida’s power and skill improvement. In a single arrow, he’s able to kill all the Hollows in the area.

The Ryoka Invasion saw him face up against Jirob Ikkanzaka, a projectile-type user, and defeat him with ease.

In order to keep him from harming anyone else in the future, Ury uses two arrows to pierce his soul chain and put him to sleep (he attempted to attack Orihime Inoue)

9. Michelle Cheung From R.O.D Read or Die

The bow and arrow is Michelle’s go-to paper manipulation tool. It’s possible for her arrows to have unusual effects, such as the creation of webs or several arrows encasing the target.

Several paper traps and weaponry are stored in a metal suitcase she carries with her.

Michelle is the leader of the group and acts as a support for her sisters during combat.

Her planning and discussion of the best entry points and routes for the present mission and team strategy for the day shows Michelle to be a powerful and highly competent team leader.

8. Yoichi Saotome From Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph (2015)

Yoichi possesses a balance of friendliness and generosity, which gives him an upbeat and charming disposition. This offers him a psychological advantage over his sister’s demon, which manifests itself in the shape of a demon.

He first had no desire to kill vampires and revenge his sister’s death, but as he got to know his new “family,” he realized that he had a purpose in joining them.

On the battlefield, though, Yoichi is no longer bothered by interpersonal friction. Yoichi’s confidence in his abilities grows as time goes on, as he effortlessly kills three Horsemen on his own.

7. Rei Hino From Sailor Moon

In her “Mars Flame Sniper” strike, she displays her archery prowess as a Shrine Maiden.

Teenager Rei has long black hair and bright blue eyes (although, they are sometimes colored in purple).

There are reports that she stands at a height of 5’3″ (160 cm). Rei was described as “slender” by Takeuchi in her notes.

6. Pokkle From Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

To defend himself, Pokkle armed himself with a wooden bow and arrows. The arrows were kept in a quiver he wore around his waist.

Pokkle had a great deal of faith in his abilities, but he was also extremely careful. He can tell when he’s in serious danger and has a back-up plan ready at all times.

Pokkle was depicted as competent in his own right, but when compared to other characters, he was not very gifted.

5. Natsume Tsuchimikado From Tokyo Ravens

It annoys Natsume to see Harutora mingling with other girls because she is a shy and humble girl. However, she can be a bit of a jerk at times. Tsundere and kuudere are two of her favorite characters.

Despite her feelings for Harutora, she is able to be severe and frightening with him and her companions when necessary.

She is also extremely concerned about the reputation of her family and will do whatever she can to keep it that way. Since she was a baby, she has carried the weight of being the Tsuchimikado heir.

4. Borgoff Marcus From Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

When Mayerling is lured into a position where two previous shots can puncture his shoulders, Borgoff employs a “chaser arrow” method with his crude bow.

The fact that he can make his legs grow to the size of giants while remaining almost completely silent suggests that his parents were skilled genetic engineers. He can also make his legs attach to the surface he’s walking on, allowing him to stand perpendicular to a wall or ceiling with ease.

When the moon is in view, he can choose an object and make it appear on the clouds, but this takes three years of his life.

3. Yukano Dragon from Ninja Slayer From Animation

Yukano has long, grayish purple hair tied back in a red scarf, and she’s dressed in a red ninja outfit with matching red armored boots and gloves. She appears to be about average height.

The narrator says, “she has quite abundant bust,” in reference to her enormous breasts.

As Amnesia, she wears crimson armor and her hair in a ponytail. As well as traditional weapons like the sword and shield, she utilizes the bow and arrow and the red kunai as well.

2. Dorī & Gurā From Utawarerumono

Eruruu, Utawarerumono

Their pale complexion and brown dog-like ears and tails contrast with their black ponytails and black hair. As identical twins, their appearance is practically identical. As one of the few variances, Gura and Dora have blue and purple eyes respectively.

They always have a bow and arrows on their backs, as well as a brow protector and leather gloves.

They also wear distinct colors of clothing to help distinguish them from one another. Red and white are the colors of Gur, while blue and white are the colors of Dor.

1. Yuka Kikushima From Geobreeders: File-X Chibi Neko Dakkan

However, despite her outward appearances of being a pampered brat, Yuka is the CEO and president of Kagura Total Security. She doesn’t go out on missions very often, but when she does, she can be quite bold… at least on some of those occasions.

Using a crossbow is one of her specialties. That she’s older than her appearance suggests, and has been with Kagura the longest of everyone else (in the manga, she is shown in the background of a ruined photo of the first Kagua group).