15 Best Sniper Movies On Netflix That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Best Sniper Movies On Netflix

American Sniper depicted post-war life in a gruesome light. The Hurt Locker and Flags of Our Fathers are two examples of films that offer similar experiences.

American Sniper is one of the most moving war films ever made by Hollywood, in part because of the way it depicted postwar life through the lens of a contemporary story. He returns to his life as a husband and parent after four tours in Iraq only to find that the war hasn’t gone away.

Due to the fact that it is based on the true account of American Sniper Chris Kyle, this astounding and dramatic story is all the more tragic. It’s also worth noting that American Sniper isn’t the only post-war movie that has been made. 5 more films have been added to the list of must-sees for American Sniper fans.

Derek Draven updated this page on June 22nd, 2020: If you haven’t already seen them, we’ve added five additional films to our movie that American Sniper fans would enjoy. There is a recurring theme throughout the list: how tough it is to put the war behind you once it is over. As a reminder of the price we pay for exercising the darkest part of our nature, let them be used.

1. The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter

Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, and Christopher Walken star in this WWII classic. Pennsylvania blue-collar pals are about to embark on a tour of duty in Vietnam, and the film centers on their experiences.

They center on their friendships and their silly arguments, but then shift to the horror of their time in Vietnam in the second act. Final scenes depict survivors attempting to return to regular life, but one of them has strayed so far that he or she can no longer be saved. It’s a heartbreaking but fascinating look at how young American men viewed the Vietnam War compared to the harrowing reality.

2. Saving Private Ryan

Reliving his experiences in World War II while remembering his rescuers is the central theme of Saving Private Ryan, which centres around an elderly WWII veteran with grandchildren.

In the opening sequence of the film, a WWII veteran said that he could smell diesel fuel in the cinema because the film was so realistic. Never before has a war film revealed the true cost of war and its long-term psychological impact on the human race.

3. Three Kings

Three Kings

At its core, Three Kings is a lighthearted satire that takes a hard look at events from the 1990 Gulf War, particularly in the second half. In the beginning of the movie, four troops are on a mission to steal Kuwaiti gold that was once owned by Saddam Hussein.

Unfortunately for them, their strategy backfires when Iraqi people are killed or injured in the crossfire. As the four troops shift their attention to rescuing the lives of innocent Iraqis threatened by Saddam’s forces, the cost of the conflict becomes clearer and clearer.

4. Casualties Of War

Oliver Stone’s Platoon served as the inspiration for Brian De Palma’s Casualties Of War, albeit shorn of many of the unnecessarily theatrical components. One Private was the only one to object to his company kidnapping a female villager, which swiftly escalated tensions to the point of boiling pitch.

Things take a turn for the worse and he decides that he needs to have the offending officers brought before a court-martial, only to discover that the justice system is lenient and that the government has no interest in a case that could further divide America’s opinion of the war.

5. Black Hawk Down

After the release of Black Hawk Down, Ridley Scott’s film on the 1993 Mogadishu raid by US forces that significantly changed US foreign policy in the Middle East, he became a household name. Black Hawk chopper is shot down prompting all men to scramble and put up defensive perimeters against enemy forces in the story’s narrative.

As terrifying as the film’s combat sequences are, the main focus is on the severe psychological toll taken by the men and women of the military who find themselves in similar situations.

6. The Wall

The Wall

Two American soldiers are pinned down by an adept sniper as the Iraq war nears its end. As the film progresses, it develops into a political critique of the government’s decision to go to war in Iraq in the first place, which is not subtle.

Despite this, the movie manages to generate suspense and prove that John Cena is capable of playing a serious part before it gets too political. It’s not the best account of the Iraq war, but it’s still worth watching.

7. The Hurt Locker

In contrast to American Sniperso’s concentration on postwar life, The Hurt Locker shows a remarkable attention to the personal motivations that lead troops to fight. Staff Sergeant William James (Jeremy Renner) takes leadership of an Explosive Ordnance team in this brutal and terribly emotional depiction of the Iraq war.

While James is prone to recklessness, he is extremely exact when it comes to defusing bombs. The film is exhilarating, suspenseful, and more accurately depicts the nuances of combat and the men involved in it than the great majority of war films.

8. Shooter

Marine Corps Sniper Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) is an exceptional marksman. When things go horribly wrong, he disappears without a trace. When a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States is discovered, he is brought back into the fold.

When he discovers that the entire operation is a ruse, he decides to take his vengeance on some of the world’s most powerful individuals.

Action-thriller Shooter is sophisticated and dignified, driven by Wahlberg’s commanding performance.

9. 12 Strong

12 Strong

At the time of 9/11, Captain Mitch Nelson is at home. A Green Beret strike force under his command will be the first boots on the ground in Afghanistan in order to quell the Taliban after this attack. As the battle for the Taliban stronghold of Mazar-i-Sharif intensifies, the Berets are forced to form alliances with local warlords. Only time and a few resources are available to them. They charge into a high-stakes combat on horseback with only 12 soldiers in charge of the warlord’s motley army.

Before he sets foot in Afghanistan, Captain Nelson must choose between his family and his job, and we witness him do so in the few scenes we are given of him before he departs. The film is gritty and realistic, which is what separates a good war movie from a fantastic one.

10. Triple Frontier

Having tried and failed to get back to normal, a squad of former special operators reunites for one final assignment, bonded this time by brotherhood and greed rather than patriotism.

It is their plan to fly into South America and carry out a raid that will allow them to all retire in comfort and ease. As soon as their chopper crashes in an open area of land, they find themselves pursued by a bunch of natives who are looking for revenge. Triple Frontier, a thriller with a few unexpected twists, demonstrates how tough it is for a career soldier to put down his weapon.

11. Enemy At The Gates

Enemy At The Gates

With Jude Law as the lead, this 2001 war epic recounts the events surrounding Hitler’s assault on Stalingrad. Vassili Zaitsev, one of Russia’s best snipers, is entrusted with thinning out the Germans as the enemy closes in.

A lethal German sniper on the prowl for Russian resistance targets him as part of an effort to boost the country’s morale through propaganda, but this just deepens the love triangle that has formed around him. Enemy at the Gates, a gripping tale of love, war, and snipers, is a work of art.

12. Flags Of Our Fathers

The picture of World War II soldiers raising the stricken flag is a cherished American memory.

In Flag of Our Fathers, that story is told in a way that touches on patriotism, fraternity, and the lingering effects of emotional trauma.

The brutality of the battle of Iwo Jima is depicted in a way that reflects its significance: as a reminiscence from the few survivors. It portrays a sense of brotherhood, family, and honor that transcends patriotism and human understanding as a driving force behind the fight.

13. Home Of The Brave

Home Of The Brave

It is a simple story of recuperation after battle; a soldier’s quest to find serenity when it has been so elusive for so long in Home of the Brave. The video focuses on four Iraqi soldiers who survived the conflict but were left scarred and bruised.

Some of their fellow soldiers are still haunted by the horrors they witnessed, including an accidental killing of a civilian and a best friend’s death. In spite of the fact that this film isn’t widely acclaimed, it tells an essential story in an important way that demonstrates the dark, winding journey soldiers must take to escape the trauma of war.

14. Stop-Loss

Brandon King, a young American soldier who served in Iraq, is eager to return to Texas after a long deployment. Because of a condition in his contract, he must return to active duty after his return and reintegration into civilian life.

As he struggles with the duty to return to Iraq, King goes on the run in an attempt to find a way out of it. To its core, this savagely brutal film raises and accentuates the moral problems that are always present in war.

15. Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service

As a story about Iraqi war veterans’ attempts to reintegrate into civilian life, this film considerably surpasses the emotional and artistic ambitions of Home of the Brave.

From the director of American Sniper comes this heartfelt thank you.

The film focuses on four veteran soldiers whose lives have been ravaged by physical and mental suffering. The film’s depiction of the government’s lack of concern for soldiers after they leave the battlefield serves as a striking reminder that veterans deserve far more than they now receive.