10 Best Anime Transformations That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

best anime transformations

New forms and powers can be revealed at key periods in the tale through epic anime transformations.

However, even though there are countless other forms of entertainment, there is always something special and unique to be found in anime. When combined with the often-fearless animation and visual design that anime typically exhibits, anime is a medium that can participate in an almost infinite variety of genres and storytelling techniques.

Even though the genre is littered with cliches and clichés, a growing number of anime are attempting to exploit these characteristics to further the medium’s development. Exaggerated transformations are one of anime’s biggest stylistic conventions to be criticized. These are just some of the most extreme and unnecessary examples of these alterations, which can go to some very outrageous areas.

1. Tetsuo’s Transformation In Akira Is Still The Height Of Anime Body Horror


Even if you’re not a fan of anime, you should know something about Akira. One of the most influential works in the history of Japanese animation, it has been a source of inspiration for countless other works. Tetsuo, Kaneda’s best friend, undergoes a gruesome metamorphosis in Akira, which is the most eye-catching aspect of the dystopian saga’s narrative. Transforming into a gigantic mass of psychically stimulated flesh is a very horrifying experience for Tetsuo. The agonizing metamorphosis continues for several minutes, and each second becomes more difficult to bear.

2. Eren’s Founding Titan Transformation Leaves The World In Ruin

This decade’s most popular anime series is Attack on Titan. Since the start of Attack on Titan, the metamorphosis into bloodthirsty Titans has been painful and traumatizing, but the arrival of more massive Titan variations only enhances the terror even further. Both Eren becoming the War Hammer Titan and Armin becoming the Colossal Titan are big occurrences in the series. Yet the entire world is affected by Eren’s transformation into the beloved Founding Titan. Mass Titans are unleashed and Eren is transformed into hundreds of miles of skeleton, causing the Rumbling.

3. Ken Kaneki’s Dragon Transformation In Tokyo Ghoul Marks The End Of His Humanity

Tokyo Ghoul

Hopefully, Tokyo Ghoul will get a new anime series that faithfully translates the manga. Fans of Tokyo Ghoul have been let down by the show’s evolution, but the various series do at least properly highlight Ken Kaneki’s disturbing transformations over time.

To begin with, Kaneki’s first foray into Ghoul territory is an intimidating experience. Kaneki’s self-awareness fades and he becomes a weapon of destruction. In his Dragon stage, he transforms into a massive kaiju centipede and decimates the city, which is when things reach their pinnacle.

4. Goku’s First Transformation Into Super Saiyan 3 Makes The Planet Tremble

The transformation scenes in Dragon Ball Z have practically become synonymous with long, drawn-out sequences in which characters charge up and accomplish incredible transformations. However, the most extreme transformation sequence occurs when Super Saiyan 3 makes his appearance in Dragon Ball Z. Other transformations included in the series include Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, and Ultra Instinct. In the first five minutes of Goku’s transformation into SS3, he yells and flies through the air with stunning displays of light. This is clearly the last form of Goku and the globe shakes as a result of Goku accessing the power of Super Saiyan 3.

5. Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde Form Unleashes The Demon In Bleach


In spite of the fact that Bleach has more than 350 episodes and becomes bogged down in interminable fluff, it’s considered a classic shonen series. After a disappointing ending, Bleach still gets to see Ichigo’s transformation into a powerful warrior. As a result of Ichigo’s use of the magical Zanpakuto sword, he gains the ability to summon his long-lost soul force, called Hollow. In order to become a Vasto Lorde, Ichigo’s inner demon takes control of his body and transforms him into a hulking, menacing figure with a horned mask. As a whole, it ranks among the most exhilarating.

6. Shigeo Kageyama’s Psychic Explosions In Mob Psycho 100 Surpass 100%

In Mob Psycho 100, a powerful group of psychic espers are the core of this modern masterwork. Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, the most extraordinary of them all, is reluctant to use his skills. In a ticking time bomb scenario, Mob’s emotions get the better of him and a psychic explosion is imminent.

Mob’s fight with Teru pushes him over the edge, and the sadness he experiences pushes him into “??? percent” territory. Beautiful artwork by Mob Psycho 100 contributes to the change, and Mob is truly capable of destroying and reassembling matter with this ability.

7. Gintama’s Kaien Mecha Celebration Puts All Newtypes To Shame


Gintama is one of the few animes to have more than 350 episodes, but it keeps getting better and better. As a master of both absurdist comedy and epic serialized drama, Gintama has endured as a long-running anime spectacle that never ceases to amaze. Kaien, a massive mecha built by Gintoki and his crew, is a spoof of the Star Wars series. The transformation itself is a brilliant parody on the overblown nature of Voltron and other mecha shows. Kaien’s strength and means of assault are all highly exaggerated. The parody game is won by none other than Gintama.

8. The Loss Of Kite Pushes Hunter X Hunter’s Gon To Drastically Transform & Mature

An amazing shonen series, Hunter x Hunter strives hard to avoid the typical redundancy that can be seen in most long anime. It’s usually rewarding for Gon Freecs to improve his nen energy mastery, but the loss of his comrade Kite triggers an astonishing transformation in him. Gon is forced to spend all of his nen in an extreme transformation in order to defeat Pitou, the Chimera Ant. A protracted, suspenseful transformation phase occurs as Gon’s body is eaten by dark matter.

9. Omnimon Is A Mega Level Digimon Unlike Anything That’s Been Seen Before


Digimon’s long-term fans know it’s more than just a Pokémon knockoff. Digimon has been given a new lease on life, and it’s evident that the series and its expanding universe still have a long way to go. Digivolutions get more and more spectacular as the series progresses, but nothing has yet surpassed the creation of Omnimon. In order to wipe off Diaboromon, this Mega Level Digimon combines the might of both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. More intense than the other Mega Evolution sequences, this one lasts well over a minute.

10. Luffy’s Gear 4 Transformations In One Piece Are Worthy Of A Pirate King

Long-running anime series like One Piece have a tendency to have as much “filler” content in them as they do “canon” content that advances the story. The Devil Fruits in One Piece have resulted to some impressive power shows, but Luffy’s Gear 4 transformation takes things to a whole new level. His transformations are extremely complex, with his body expanding and being coated in energy in strange ways, no matter what his Bounce or Snake forms are. As a comparison, Luffy’s previous gear transformations are significantly less time-consuming.