10 Best TV Shows Like That 70s Show That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

TV Shows Like That 70s Show

That 70’s Show is one of the few shows that has become an instant classic. It was clear to the audience after the first five minutes of the pilot that they were in for something unique.

That 70’s Show was one of the few shows to become an instant classic. It was clear to the audience within the first five minutes of the pilot that they were watching something truly unique. The show’s first three seasons have been widely regarded as some of the best television ever produced, even though some fans aren’t happy with how it turned out in its latter seasons.

It may be time for a change of pace after your 30th viewing of this beloved series. That said, you want to make sure that it’s familiar. That 70’s Show is a modern television classic, but there are some shows that come close to it in terms of quality. Either they are written in the same style, talk about the same subjects, or have the same group dynamics.

1. Freaks And Geeks

Freaks And Geeks

Freaks and Greeks, although takes place a decade before the actual filming of the show, may strike a chord with fans due to its nostalgic backdrop, comparable group dynamics, and discussion of similar concerns. The story revolves around a young girl who is still trying to figure out who she is and where she fits in the larger scheme of things. She’s always been told that she’s the “nice girl,” so she sets out to prove them wrong and joins the “bad kids” at her school.

Note that the tone ofFreaks And Geeksis a little darker, as the show does not hesitate to discuss some more serious issues. Even while “That 70’s Show” occasionally dealt with more serious issues, it did it in a lighthearted manner or only for a brief period of time.

2. New Girl

As a fan of the show That 70’s Show, you may be interested in New Girl, which has a similar group dynamic. When a young lady discovers her boyfriend is having an affair, she takes shelter with a group of men she met on Craigslist while figuring out how to get her life back on track.

Each of their lives becomes entangled with the others, and by the end of the series, the two roommates have a clearer idea of what they want out of life and how to get there. In spite of this, they retain their weird and eccentric personalities.

3. Scrubs


The bizarre cutaways, narrated sequences, and weird graphics ofThat 70’s Show might be just what you’re looking for in a new show! As he goes about his daily routine, the main character’s thoughts and feelings are conveyed through humorous cutaways.

In a similar spirit to That 70’s Show, fans of both shows aren’t exactly thrilled with the last season of both. Fans may be able to connect with each other over their shared disappointment!

4. Popular

Fans of That 70’s Show may find Popular, a classic teen-drama-parody, to be a great replacement for the show’s snarky, dry, and one-liner heavy humor. As a result of their parents falling in love on a spur-of-the-moment vacation, two teenage girls from opposite cliques at their high school find themselves living together.

As a satire of the more serious teen dramas of the time, this show is full of crazy and over-dramatic moments that mimic the quirky cutaways that fans of That 70’s Show love.

5. Seinfeld


That 70’s Show was adored by fans because it featured a bunch of friends going about their daily routines in a way that was utterly familiar. Participants saw themselves and their friends interacting with each other as part of the group. They also loved the group’s simple/realistic challenges.

If you’re looking for a program with straightforward and approachable plotlines, then you might want to check outSeinfeld. It’s a program about nothing, and it’s well-known for it. In this series, a group of friends’ daily routines are chronicled, as well as their thoughts on social topics that we all can identify with.

6. Happy Days

Despite the fact that both Happy Days and That 70’s Show are known for their squeaky-clean reputations, we’re going to go ahead and recommend that you watch both. Realistic, but yet teasing, depictions of an earlier era are provided by both programmes.

Although your parents may tell you that they grew up in an era where everything was great, these books show that things weren’t always that way.

7. Friends


Look no farther than the most popular sitcom of the modern period if you prefer the classic sitcom aspects of That 70’s Show. A tiny group of pals whose personalities are so different that one wonders how they can even abide one other are the subject of both shows.

But they find harmony in shared history and new experiences, and there is something about witnessing individuals support each other as they go about their different lives that is very reassuring. While growing up, having a close group of friends is one of the most rewarding aspects of adolescence.

8. 3rd Rock From The Sun

Those who enjoy That 70’s Show’s quirky, eccentric, and distinctive characteristics might enjoy3rd Rock From The Sun. During their time on Earth, a group of aliens arrive to observe human culture and behavior.

Modern fans may find That 70’s Show’s camera-focused interactions like cutaways and clever skits familiar, but when the show initially aired they were hailed as an innovative and exciting way to tell a narrative. Third Rock from the Sun fulfills all of the boxes for those who enjoy more offbeat television shows.

9. Community


If you’re looking for a sitcom that’s a little different from the rest, check out Community. Fans of the show’s unique and innovative storyline and characters have built a considerable following since its original debut, and the show’s popularity has continued to grow since then.

Fans of That 70’s Show may like the show’s deconstruction of cliches, even if it hits all of the distinctive boxes. For many, the show’s most appealing aspect was that it constantly demonstrated that its characters were more than the stereotypes they fell into. Throughout the course of the show, Community demonstrates to its viewers that these individuals are more than just the stereotypes they fall into.

10. Malcolm In The Middle

Fans of That 70’s Show were drawn to the show’s depiction of a dysfunctional American family. There was a father out of work, a mother doing everything she could to maintain the family (at a period when doing so was commonly looked down upon), an out-of-control teen-age daughter who dropped out of college, and a neurotic stoner as the family’s youngest son. With what they had, they didn’t strive to make themselves look better than they were.

Malcolm in the Middle was also lauded for the same reason. Many viewers had grown weary of the picture-perfect sitcom families, who seemed to never run out of money or sentimental violin music. They found the depiction of a typical family to be reassuring because it was so like their own. Fighting, overreacting and cutting shortcuts to make ends meet are all characteristics of this household.

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