10 Most Annoying Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Most Annoying Anime Characters

‘No one is perfect, you live and you learn,’ said a wise prophet.

That means there is always going to be a character on the other side of the spectrum for every super-badass one.

It’s a character you just want to swat like a fly away.

There are those annoying anime characters that make us wish we could yank out our hair or even abandon an entire series because of them.

10. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein (Code Geass)

anime series Code Geass

When it comes to fandom, anime usually likes to romanticize it. Toxic as all hell, as Nina is a perfect example to illustrate.

I’d say she went from being “just another person in the crowd” to “please choke on your own saliva.” When she had a tantrum, it didn’t help her cause in any way.

To begin with, a desire to kill hundreds of innocent people is not a lot of money. But when you factor in the reality that it was motivated by something as nave and shallow as an obsession, it’s downright repulsive.

9. Minerou Mineta

An illustration of this can be found in the anime series My Hero Academia

There is a fine line for pervert characters to walk between being relatable and being a complete pain in the neck.

Men like Meliodas, who have a compelling backstory and a compelling love interest, are a refreshing change from the usual cliches.

There’s Mineta, the diaper-wearing freak who became a hero because of his belief in the power of seducing women.

In addition to his lack of usefulness, he’s a very replaceable character.

8. Seryuu Ubiquitous

Seryuu Ubiquitous

It’s time to kill it, Akame!

In my opinion, Seryuu is nothing but a self-righteous prankster who enjoys yelling too loud.

When it comes to a morally ambiguous cast, that is the whole point of Akame ga Kill.

Seryuu, on the other hand, comes across as a devil in comparison to Bols.

When she saw someone she believed to be an adversary, she would scream bloody murder and do her best to kill them while yelling at them.

A true vigilante, that’s for sure.

The worse she got as she got closer to being a cyborg. Her devil puppy, meanwhile, was a waste of talent.

7. Shinji Ikari

In the world of animation, you’ll find

My aversion to whiny characters is something I’m not sure you’ve noticed yet.

To put Tumblr to shame, there is no one like Shinji when it comes to whining.

In Evangelion, everyone’s a little out of it. To some extent, this is the show’s selling point.

Shinji, on the other hand, is an impossible task.

I, too, have moments of self-doubt. You can’t expect me to have any more empathy for you if that’s all you do and you’re the protagonist.

6. Asta


Black Clover is an anime series.

Asta was so close to ruining the entire show, in my opinion.

If you watched the first episode of Black Clover when it aired, you’ll remember how much of a stir Asta made. In addition to being one of the most obnoxious noises ever heard on the world, he was also known for his insistence on screaming every word he said.

It took a long time for the community to overcome this enormous acoustic barrier.

And I believe that if it had gone on for a longer period of time, Dark Clover would have faded into obscurity.

In other words, even if Asta was repaired, we must always remember the potential harm he may have caused.

5. Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime: Haruhi Suzumiya: The Melancholy Chronicles

I’ve never understood why so many people adore Haruhi.

In my life, I’ve never seen somebody as self-centered and callous as her. She insists on having her way no matter what the circumstances! Since she’s a god, I mean it in the most literal sense.

When she’s in control, she bullies and abuses her buddies, who are probably just afraid of her authority.

In the end, Mikuru is all that matters. Even certain ecchi shows have been outdone in terms of the level of abuse she’s received.

4. Aloise Trancy

Aloise Trancy

Dark Souls II: The Black Order

When it comes to assessing a person’s character, waiters and waitresses are a good place to start.

On so many levels, Aloise fails this decency test, it’s horrible to see.

This jerk treats his employees like scum and abuses them on a regular basis, verbally and physically.

He’s as spoilt as a summer tuna sandwich in Arizona under a tin roof.

I can’t identify a single redeemable feature in this guy, unlike some of the other characters on this list.

Throughout the episode, I’ve never felt pity for him, and I doubt I ever will.

3. Shigekiyo Yangu

Is Diamond Unbreakable? JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The characters in JoJo are among of the most original, fascinating, and badass in anime.

But there’s also this spiky head bug-like thing on it.

At his most serene and joyful, when he just comes off as exceedingly foolish, or at his most watered-down penny pinching, when I want to turn the episode off, he has two main personalities in the show.

The guy is a real pain in the ass. The closer I get to communism every time he comes up with a plan to get more money, the closer I get to it.

2. Misa Amane

Misa Amane from Death Note

Death Note is a popular anime series.

Misa irritates me because she seems like such a waste of talent.

The addition of yet another Death Note holder may have elevated the show to new heights.

However, such is not the case.

All we see is the traditional “my love interest controls my entire demeanor” type of guy or gal!

Even if they had merely given Light a female character as a lap dog, they could have at least made her incredibly intelligent.

It was a letdown, and she didn’t add anything worthwhile to the show. It’s possible that…

1. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière

Japanese animation series The Familiar of Zero

Some of you may have become fond of Mrs. Long Name.

But I resented her to the end.

Every time I saw her on film, I knew what to expect: either a proud boast or an act of violence against someone who had done nothing wrong. This made her terribly uninteresting and irritating.

Because these characters are invariably one-note train wrecks that contribute nothing to the overall plot, I can never comprehend how they even exist.

The situation might have been different if she had been a minor character. The way it’s now set up, I despise her intestines.