10 Best Dinosaur Moviess That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Dinosaur Moviess

Dinosaurs have been a part of the cinema industry since the 1910s, and they’ve experienced their fair share of highs and lows.

Since their bones were discovered, dinosaurs have been a source of curiosity for humans. They are adored by both children and adults, making them an ideal subject for a film. While some of the films feature animated dinosaurs, others depict dinosaurs as predators that prey on humans. Comedy, horror, and drama are just some of the genres they cover.

There is both good and bad news for dinosaur movie fans. Good news: There are plenty of dinosaur-themed movies out there. There is some bad news, though, in that not all of them are well-received, particularly those from the pre-digital age.

10. The Valley Of Gwangi (1969)

The Valley Of Gwangi (1969)

In terms of the popularity of monster movies at the time, this western fantasy has left a legacy. Whether or not some of its sequences were ripped off by Jurassic Park is up for discussion. That’s a compliment for this film, which received a slew of negative reviews.

A cowboy is on a mission to catch an Allosaurus and sell it to a Mexican circus in this narrative. In a place dubbed the Forbidden Valley, it isn’t a fan of being the center of attention. Masterful special effects were used in this film, which was released in the late 1960s. It’s a cult favorite, even though it doesn’t have the best rating on IMDb.

9. Dinosaur (2000) 

Dinosaur is one of many dinosaur movies that are animated and geared toward youngsters. In this story, a dinosaur is nurtured by lemurs after it was orphaned. Following the destruction of their house by a meteorite, they find themselves in a herd of dinosaurs.

This film is a one-of-a-kind for Disney. The images, story, and people aren’t sugar-coated. Dinosaurs are the only characters in this story, and they’re fighting for survival in a harsh planet.

8. The Good Dinosaur (2015) 

The Good Dinosaur (2015) 

According to Pixar’s usual standards, this picture is a flop, to say the least. That, however, is a very high standard to meet. The film has garnered numerous honors for its outstanding aesthetics. What if dinosaurs never went extinct? This film also addresses this fascinating question.

A enjoyable film for all ages, it’s not as good as Finding Nemo or Toy Story. It’s even got a few fun Easter Eggs in there!

7. Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009)

The Ice Age franchise has gotten worse since its debut feature, but it keeps churning out sequels. The IMDb rating for the original film is 7.5, which is the highest in the series.

While the third film in the Ice Age series does feature dinosaurs, the score is not as bad as in the previous two films. In fact, it does better than The Good Dinosaur in the box office. That’s a big deal for a third film in a series compared to an original story. If you weren’t a fan of Ice Ages’ sequel, you might enjoy this one.

6. Jurassic World (2015)

Jurassic World (2015

The Jurassic Park series was so popular that it was revived in the form of Jurassic World, a sequel. Jurassic World was a big hit with fans, especially because it reimagined what a dinosaur park would look like. Some new species of dinosaurs are also on display for us.

As a result of the lack of a ferocious dinosaur, this picture isn’t quite as enjoyable as it could have been. With that in mind, they began creating new ones from scratch. A lot of moviegoers didn’t like the idea of dinosaurs being able to kill humans, because they’re already hazardous.

5. King Kong (2005)

The prehistoric animals in this Peter Jackson adventure look fantastic because of the record-breaking cost of this picture. There is no doubt that the gigantic gorilla, not a dinosaur, is the show’s headliner. But dinosaur aficionados will find much to enjoy in this film. Skull Island is home to a slew of dinosaurs, and each one is distinctive in its own way because of the premise that these beasts evolved in an isolated location.

4. You Are Umasoudana (2010)

You Are Umasoudana (2010)

It’s a hidden gem in the anime world. Heart, a Tyrannosaurus raised by herbivores, was the star of the show. It’s only after discovering his true identity as an animal eater that he sets out to live on his own. An Ankylosaurus is then adopted by him. As he tries to figure out where he belongs in the world, Heart is the focus of the entire film. The characters are all really likeable, and the animation is adorable.

3. The Land Before Time (1988

The Land Before Time has a rating of 7.4 on IMDb, yet many people who saw it as a child have a rating of 10 in their hearts. Ice Age, on the other hand, appears to have self-control, as there have been 13 Land Before Time sequels to date. However, the numerous sequels do not diminish the original film’s charm.

In addition to showcasing a wide variety of dinosaurs, the video explores heartfelt moments that can bring even the most jaded viewer to tears.

2. King Kong (1933)

King Kong (1933)

Additionally, there is the original King Kong film. IMDb still gives it a higher score despite the outdated technologies at the time. Better special effects don’t always equate to a better movie, as seen in this film. The dinosaurs in the originalKing Kong were among of the first ever to appear on the big screen, thus spectators were wowed and a love affair with the monsters on film likely began right here in this film.

1. Jurassic Park (1993) 

To this day, all subsequent films about dinosaurs are measured against Jurassic Park. In terms of box office receipts, it ranks as one among the all-time greats. It took home three Oscars for technical achievement in 1994, the most notable of which was Best Visual Effects. Because of its historical significance, this video was added to the Library of Congress’ permanent collection in 2018. Compared to other summer blockbusters, this one isn’t too shabby.