10 Best Shows Like Safe On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Safe On Netflix

‘Safe’ is a British crime drama about a widowed surgeon named Tom who has raised his two girls alone since the loss of his wife. Things are finally looking up for the family, with the three of them living in a gated community, close friends nearby, and Tom starting a new relationship. But things get complicated when Tom’s 16-year-old elder daughter, Jenny, and her boyfriend go missing. Tom embarks on a frenzied search for both of the teenagers, with the assistance of his police detective girlfriend, Sophie. As the investigation progresses, he begins to find various hidden secrets about his closest associates.

‘Safe,’ an eight-part mini-series, leaves viewers with a cliffhanger finish. It does not add to the length of the story and, as a result, does not dilute its core. By the time all of the 45-minute episodes come to a close, the audience has received all of their answers. There are no loose ends, and viewers will not have to wait another year to be satisfied.

So, have you seen the movie ‘Safe’ yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t. It’s still available on Netflix. If you’ve already binge-watched the entire series, you might be on the lookout for other shows that deal with similar themes and ideas. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest shows that are comparable to ‘Safe.’ Several of these shows, such as ‘Safe,’ are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

10. Sharp Objects (2018)

The psychological thriller ‘Sharp Objects,’ adapted on Gillian Flynn’s eponymous debut novel, premiered on HBO on July 8, 2018. It stars Amy Adams as Camille Preaker, a reporter with her own personal problems who returns to her hometown to investigate the murder of two girls. It was written by Marti Noxon and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. Camille, an alcoholic, was just released from a psychiatric facility due to her proclivity for self-destruction. When she returns to her childhood home in Wind Gap, Missouri, she is once again subjected to her mother’s scrutiny, forcing her to confront her internal issues.

9. Single Father (2010)

Single Father (2010)

The premise of the family drama ‘Single Father’ is very similar to that of ‘Safe.’ After his wife Rita dies in a car accident, Dave Tyler is suddenly faced with the job of raising four children. After Rita’s death, Dave seeks help and emotional support from Sarah, Rita’s best friend, who is also distraught. When Dave begins to have love feelings for Sarah, though, the issue becomes more complicated. Now he must fight to keep his family together while also striving to cope with his own inner emotions.

8. Butterfly (2018)

‘Butterfly,’ a serious series about sexual identity, introduces us to Max, a kid of divorced parents who has always identified as a female. But, in order to make her father Stephen happy, she is required to retain her male identity in front of him. However, as Max matures, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to retain both selves. Vicky, her mother, recognizes this and want to go for a public transition in order to safeguard her child’s mental health. Stephen, on the other side, coerces Max into spending more time with his male buddies. ‘Butterfly,’ a poignant drama that highlights the challenges as Max evolves into Maxine, reflects on familial bonds and challenges. It also depicts the changes in the family as they attempt to help their child during this trying time.

7. Requiem (2018)

Requiem (2018)

‘Requiem’ is a supernatural thriller drama about a skilled and committed cellist named Matilda Gray. She is young and ambitious, and she has her entire life planned out. Her life, however, takes an unexpected turn when her mother commits herself. Matilda comes across newspaper clippings about a missing girl in a small Welsh village while going through her late mother’s belongings. It had been 20 years since the tragedy. She flies to Wales to see if this incident and her mother’s death are connected, only to discover that her own identity may be a complete fake.

6. Bloodline (2015-17)

‘Bloodline,’ another family drama, follows the Rayburns, a modern American family with various secret horrors buried deep beneath an apparently immaculate exterior. They live in a Florida Keys neighborhood and try to keep their secrets hidden. Their tragic past, on the other hand, steadily increases paranoia and mistrust, leading to falsehoods and betrayals. The Rayburns are forced to reassess their familial ties after a horrible tragedy occurs.

5. The Disappearance (2017)

The Disappearance (2017)

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a little boy is the subject of the Canadianminiseries ‘The Disappearance.’ It premiered in the UK in February 2018 and starred Peter Coyote, Camille Sullivan, Aden Young, Joanne Kelly, and Michelle Lanctôt. The story follows ten-year-old Anthony Sullivan, who mysteriously vanishes during a birthday treasure hunt. Several unpleasant facts about the family emerge as the investigation progresses.

4. Quicksand (2019-)

‘Quicksand’ is a Swedish crime drama based on Malin Persson Giolito’s eponymous novel, which was published in 2016. This Netflix original, starring Hannah Ardéhn, begins after two pupils are killed in a school shooting at Djursholms senior high school. Maja Norberg, 18, is the primary suspect, suspected of assassinating her lover and best friend. However, a look into Maja’s past adds to the plot’s complexity. Why would a bright, ambitious young girl from a wealthy home commit such a heinous crime? We receive flashbacks into her life, her relationships, and her personal difficulties as the investigation unfolds. We’re left wondering at the end of the movie whether Maja was a part of the plot or just a victim.

3. Ozark (2017-)

Ozark (2017-)

‘Ozark,’ a Netflix original crime drama starring Jason Bateman, was created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. After a money-laundering scheme goes awry, economic advisor Marty Byrde and his family relocate toOsage Beach, Missouri, from Naperville, Illinois. He settles in an attractive summer resort hamlet and seeks to clear his name in the Mexican drug gang business. In the Ozarks, he intends to create up a larger laundering business. When the family arrives in Missouri, however, they are confronted with the threat of local criminals who are already present.

2. The Sinner (2017-)

The Sinner is an anthology crime drama TV show based on Petra Hammesfahr’s novel of the same name. It introduces us to Harry Ambrose, a detective with a rough past who solves odd cases. One of the examples is a young mother who stabs a man in the throat with a fruit knife, killing him instantly. The incident occurs while she is on a beach vacation with her son and husband. She, on the other hand, has no recollection of what prompted her to conduct this crime. Ambrose is intrigued by the situation, perplexed as to why such a sweet, calm woman can turn to such violence. As a result, in trying to make sense of her acts, he decides to go deep into her background and memories.

In the second case, a 13-year-old child poisons a couple and kills them. At first, the pair was assumed to be his parents. Later, though, another woman appears and reveals herself to be his biological mother. Ambrose tries to figure out why the young child did what he did while also investigating the activities of a weird sect that lives on the outskirts of town. Another example involves a fatal automobile accident. However, further investigation reveals that the incident contains many more dangerous mysteries.

1. Marcella (2016-)

Marcella (2016-)

Hans Rosenfeldt’s ‘Marcella’ is a British Nordic-noir detective series that he wrote, directed, and produced. The protagonist, Marcella Backland, is played by Anna Friel. She formerly worked as a detective in London. She’s back now to look into a case that’s been open for 11 years. A serial killer who has yet to be identified appears to be on the loose once more. She must deal with the case while coping with her own problems and a chaotic home life. Jason, her husband, decides to divorce her and tells her that he is sending their two children to boarding school. He later gets full custody of the children, citing Marcella’s disturbed mental state as an example. Despite the chaos, Marcella is committed to her task and is determined to apprehend the perpetrator.