10 Best Anime About A Ghost Girl That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime About A Ghost Girl

Halloween is just around the corner! Taking into consideration the changing seasons and the approaching Halloween, we decided to resurrect an old list! Anime ghost girls we’ve come to love, revisited! These lists are haunted, so be careful when scrolling down to reach the previous list. There are many different kinds of spooky anime, so there are many different kinds of ghosts in anime. To learn more, keep reading!

10. Yanagi Fuyumi – Blood Lad

Yanagi Fuyumi – Blood Lad

Number of shows:

During the months of July and September of 2013, the show aired

One of the Demon World’s most fearsome rulers is Staz C. Blood. In truth, Staz is only a vampire that is infatuated with Japanese culture and is rumored to be an evil ruler. He delegated the day-to-day running of the east side to his subordinates while he spent his time playing video games, watching anime, and reading manga. There was a portal to the Demon World that Yanagi Fuyumi accidently entered when she was just a human girl. When Staz finally meets a real-life Japanese girl, Fuyumi is killed in a brutal attack. A ghost appears and Staz promises to resuscitate her because she’s his ticket to the human world! During their journey through the Demon World, they meet various characters and search for magic that could bring back Fuyumi.

Staz was devastated by Fuyumi’s death because she was just like any other female. As her hideous body is besieged with the idea that she would vanish forever, she has no special powers or features. Fuyumi appears to have some faith in Staz and his efforts to bring her back to life, despite her current predicament.

9. Dash Granny – Mob Psycho 100 II

The following number of episodes have been released:

January 2019 through April 2019

Mob has grown up and is more aware of the impact he can have on others now that he is coming into his own. While he and Arataka are still working on exorcisms, things aren’t exactly the same. Mob now makes his own decisions, seeing that his development as an esper comes at a time when he is exposed to horrible elements. Can Mob come to terms with his infinite power and become one with his feelings when things get more hazardous than ever?

Mob Psycho 100’s most recent season had Dash Granny, a minor character who made quite an impression. As a ghost, she achieved notoriety because she is extremely swift for her age. and that’s a hundred times scarier than merely haunting a structure or a piece of land. Dash Granny dashes for what reason? Do you know why she’s so late? There is no way for us to discover the answer to this question.

8. Yunohana Yuuna – Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)

Yunohana Yuuna – Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

How many episodes are there?

Aired from July through September of last year.

Fuyuzora Kogarashi is a homeless psychic who is yearning for a place to call home. It turns out to be Yuragi-sou, a former hot springs inn that has been converted into a cheap lodging establishment. A lovely silver-haired girl with no recollection of her life other than her name, Yuuna, is what Kogarashi attempts to exorcise from the spot. All the residents of the Yuragi-sou have supernatural talents, in addition to being able to see Yuuna, which is another discovery. Before Yuuna degenerates into an evil spirit, Kogarashi seeks to understand out what’s keeping her attached to this world of ours.

Although Yuuna’s circumstances are a bit unknown, she is a kindly ghost. For some reason, she remains in the world of the living and harbors a resentment or regret. However, since she doesn’t have any recollections of the time she was alive, it’s impossible to know exactly what that regret is.

7. Ryuugajou Nanana – Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (Nanana’s Buried Treasure)


aired from April to June of this year

Nanae Island, a man-made island situated in the Pacific Ocean, provides a comprehensive education and training for youngsters. It was built by the Great Seven, a group of explorers led by Ryuugajou Nanae, to encourage young people to follow their passions. Upon arriving on the island, Yama Juugo is greeted by the spirit of Ryuugajou Nanana, the leader of the Great Seven, in his new quarters. A decade after her unsolved murder, Nanana notifies Juugo of a collection of powerful artifacts that she has scattered over the island. Ikkyuu Tensai and Hoshino Daruku join Juugo in the search for the “Nanana Collection,” which could be essential to solving Nanana’s death mystery and burying her to rest.

Ryuugajou On the island she helped build, Nanana was a talented adventurer and leader who was slain in her room. NEET, Nanana now spends her day playing internet games and snacking in the exact room where she died. While she retains some recollection of what happened, she has no idea who was responsible. So she’s left with a nagging sense of sorrow that she may not fully understand.

6. Aisaka Sayo – Mahou Sensei Negima (Magister Negi Magi Negima)

Aisaka Sayo – Mahou Sensei Negima


It aired from January 2005 through June 2005. /

Welsh wizard-in-training Negi Springfield, ten years old, is the star of the show. It’s time for him to put his skills to the ultimate test: teaching English in an all-girls high school in Japan! Negi embarrasses one of his students upon his arrival, and to make matters worse, he is the substitute for her favorite homeroom teacher. When Negi realizes that Kagurazaka Asuna is a wizard, things only grow worse for him. However, the two of them quickly face more difficulties than they could have ever expected.

With a long history, Mahora Academy is a well-known educational institution. Aisaka Sayo was a student at the school 60 years prior to the events of Negima. With her small sister, she had spent a long time caring to the clocktower’s garden. Tsuwabuki flowers were said to bring their mother back if they could fill the garden to the brim. Sayo ventured outside on a rainy night to safeguard the flowers from the weather. After that, she succumbed to pneumonia. Since her death, Professor Takahata has kept her in Negi’s class’s registry, and her seat has never been moved. After a while, she became a part of the class and Negi could see her as well.

5. Ibuki Fuko – Clannad


October 2007 until March 2008

Cynical delinquent Okazaki Tomoya thinks he’ll never achieve anything. He and his best friend, Sunohara Youhei, frequently skip school. Tomoya sees a girl from his school muttering to herself as he walks to class one day. When she says “delicious bread!”, Tomoya’s attention is drawn to her. To Tomoya, she is Furukawa Nagisa, and he isn’t particularly moved by the encounter. However, he begins to notice her more frequently at school, and so he develops a friendship with her. He discovers that Nagisa has been unable to participate in the school’s theatrical club for a year because of a serious illness. In order to help her, Tomoya decides to team up with four other people. Aside from the fact that Tomoya is trying to help each of the girls, he is also learning about them and their difficulties.

First-year student Fuko attends the same high school as Tomoya, Nagisa, and others. In the beginning, she is depicted as a childlike girl who is obsessed with starfish and spends hours carving them out of wood. As an invitation to her sister’s wedding, she hands out these wooden starfish to strangers. Her sister taught painting at the school three years ago, so no one at the school knows who she is. Most of the characters’ interactions with Fuko were with her spirit, as she was unconscious following an accident.

4. Honma “Menma” Meiko – Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day) (AnoHana)

Honma “Menma” Meiko


The show aired from April to June of 2011

Yadomi Jinta is a loner who refuses to attend to school most days and instead spends his time playing video games. During a hot summer day, he is visited by the ghost of his boyhood buddy, Honma “Menma” Meiko, who has been dead for a long time. It takes Jinta some time to realize that he’s seeing Menma’s ghost rather than hallucinations. After Menma’s death, he and his childhood pals had grown apart, but now they’re coming together to say their final goodbyes to Menma. Menma’s ultimate wish necessitates the group revisiting the past and confronting their own guilt.

However, on a single day when Jinta and the other characters were young, Menma was killed and the trauma shatters their friendship dynamic. It has been several years since Jinta’s mother died, but Menma’s spirit appears in front of the reclusive youngster and pleads with him to fulfill her ultimate wish. Throughout the bulk of the series, Menma can only be seen by Jinta.

3. Dee Ensy Stratmitos – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God)

The total number of episodes is twelve.

Summer of 2013 until September of 2013.

Life cannot be born or taken away from the world since God has turned his back on it. God created Gravekeepers, who are able to lay the deceased to rest before they are buried forever. Ai is a young girl who has taken over her mother’s role as the Gravekeeper of her town. A man by the name of Hampnie Hambart bursts into the community and murders everyone in it. It’s claimed that he is Ai’s father. Ai sees no future in her hamlet, so she joins Hampnie on his adventure, all the while keeping her duties as a Gravekeeper in mind.

Dee Ensy does not have a physical body. She can come at any time, take control of individuals, and even fulfill desires. She is extremely powerful. Besides Alis Color, she has a crush on him. However, Dee can’t help but feel resentful whenever Alis gives more attention to Ai than she does. She and Ai have built a friendship based on love and mutual respect.

2. Sakura Megumi (Megu-nee) – Gakkou-gurashi (School Live!)

Sakura Megumi (Megu-nee)

How many episodes are there?

The show aired from July to September of 2015.

Takeya Yuki is so enamored with school that she refuses to go. Yuki is a senior student at Megurigaoka High School and a member of the School Living Club, where she is accompanied by the president Wakasa Yuuri, the athletic Ebisuzawa Kurumi, their junior Naoki Miki, their supervisor Sakura Megumi, and their dog Taroumaru. As long as Yuki remains oblivious to what is going on around her, everything is good. As the sole survivor of the zombie apocalypse, they have formed the School Living Club to dodge the harsh reality.

Sakura Megumi taught Japanese at Megurigaoka High School and served as the club’s advisor. When you see how close she is to the other members of the club, you can see this. To ensure the safety of the School Life Club, she took on a horde of undead. Yuki continues to see, hear, and interact with a vision of Megu-nee because of the anguish of knowing that their instructor died while defending them. It isn’t immediately evident that Megu-nee is only a spectre from Yuki’s mind.

1. Elaine – Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)


October 2014–March 2015

The Holy Knights of the Britannia of the Kingdom of Liones utilize great magic to preserve order and safeguard the land in an era analogous to the European Middle Ages. Despite this, a tiny group of Knights attempted to overthrow their country’s ruler, Liones, with their blades. Although the Holy Knights crushed this treason, reports persist that the “Seven Deadly Sins” are still alive and well. Later, the Holy Knights conducted an uprising of their own, becoming the new dictatorial rulers of Britain. To reclaim her realm from the Holy Knights, Elizabeth, the third princess of Britannia, embarks on a personal expedition to locate the Seven Deadly Sins and seek for their assistance.

It was a horrible end for Elaine, King’s sister and the love of Ban’s life, who was killed when a demon assaulted the Fountain of Youth. In order to attain immortality, Ban had intended her to drink the water, but she had deceived him into doing so. While her death has a profound effect on Ban, the Boar Hat gang’s visit to the Capital of the Dead brings her back to life.

Final Thoughts

It’s not unusual for ghost-like entities to appear in a supernatural setting. When it comes to anime, there is no shortage of ghost-type characters — and even Ghost-type Pokémon! Do you have a favorite ghost anime character? I don’t know how they died. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below, and don’t forget to check out the older list of anime ghost girls below this one!