13 Best TV Shows Like Defiance That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

TV Shows Like Defiance

The year is 2046 and nearly 30 years have passed since aliens arrived. They radically altered earth by terraforming it and colonized it. In the frontier town of Defiance the different alien species and humans are living side by side. This off course is not without conflict between the different spices, which creates for a lot of tiny, and not so small, issues to overcome.

1. Firefly


Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds, a former galactic war veteran, is the captain of the transport ship Serenity. He is kind of like Han Solo from Star Wars, a small time smuggler hiding behind his legitimate transport business. His crew includes of Zoe, his old battle comrade and Wash, the pilot and Jayne Cobb, the muscle and Kaylee Frye, the mechanic and Simon Tam, the medic and River, Simon`s sister and Inara Serra, a prostitute and Shepherd Book, a preacher. Together they do any jobs, legal or illicit. They wanders across the edges of outer space causing up havoc wherever they go.

2. Eureka

Eureka is a small hidden town populated by America’s best scientists. They work leading edge inventions and discoveries. Sadly for them, but funny for us, in their passion they tend to be careless about the safety around their projects, which typically results unnatural and humorous mayhem! Sheriff Jack Carter and his daughter inadvertently stumbles into Eureka, and Jack ends up getting hired as the new sheriff in town. He got more than he bargained for when he had to deal with all the weird geniuses living in Eureka and their insane experiments.

3. The 100

The 100

The 100\s100 young inmates from a dying space station are transported back to earth 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse to see if it’s habitable. In 97 years the globe has bean significantly affected by the nuclear fallout. Are the humans from the space station actually the only survivors, as they assume, or are they wrong?

4. HumanAlmost 

In year 2048 every cop is linked up with a synthetic android buddy. The dysfunctional Detective John Kennex, who loathe Androids, are compelled to team up with an ancient second-hand android named Dorian. Dorian is a DRN model police synthetic, that were made to replicate human sensations. They were replaced with a newer model that are less human.

5. Continuum


Kiera Cameron, a detective from the year 2077, finds herself stranded in current day Vancouver and seeking for violent criminals from the future named Liber8. Kiera appears as a government spy and joins up with police investigator Carlos Fonnegra and young whiz Alec Sadler to arrest the terrorists before they can alter the future. The future of 2077 is a gloomy one in which international governments have disintegrated and businesses now dominate the planet.

6. Killjoys

A trio of bounty hunters lives in a planetary system dominated by a despotic class based organization known as the company. They live hard, party all night, and they work for an Independent intergalactic organization of assassins and retrieval experts called R.A.C. People working for R.A.C. is known as Killjoys. Killjoys only respects one law and that is “The Warrant is all”.

7. Terra Nova

Terra Nova

The year is 2149 and the Earth is dying. In and global quest to find a solution they uncover an odd technique to kind of sol it. They have managed to open a doorway 85 million years back into the time of the dinosaurs. We follow one family, the Shannons, as they manage to join the selected few who are sent back to join the Terra Nova Colony.

8. Dark Matter

A spaceship out in the distant reaches of space is on its way to a lonely mining colony. Inside it has a crew of six people who has had their memories wiped clean, they have no recall of who they are or how they arrived on board. The ship has a cargo bay full of weaponry and the mining colony is likely to become a battle zone.

9. Under the Dome

Under the Dome

Under the Dome is based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel. It is the story of a little village that is suddenly and unexpectedly walled off from the rest of the world by a gigantic translucent dome. The town’s inhabitants must struggle with surviving the post-apocalyptic conditions while hunting for answers about the dome, where it originated from and if and when it will go away.

10. Dominion

Dominion is set 25 years after “The Extinction War”. That was when an army of inferior angels, organized by the archangel Gabriel, waged war against mankind. In this war the archangel Michael went against his own kind and chose to join with humans. He lives today as a guardian in the fortified city of Vega where he help humanity to survive against Gabriel and his henchmen.

11. V

Aliens have come among us, and they aper to want peace and to share their expertise. After the uneasiness in the beginning they become a curiosity. People have started to work for them and promote them. Agent Erica Evans, working in the counter terrorist branch in FBI, discovers what hidden beneath the human veneer of the aliens.

12. Falling Skies

Falling Skies

Falling Skies unfolds in the aftermath of an alien attack that has left much of the world severely paralyzed. The few remaining survivors have banded together. Each day is a battle of survival as citizen troops try to safeguard the people while engaging in a campaign against the occupying extraterrestrial force, whose aim remains a mystery. – Amazon

13. War of the Worlds

We follow one family when Earth is invaded by alien tripod battle robots.