20 Best Chinese Romance Movies That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Chinese Romance Movies

These are the best Chinese romance films that are sure to melt your heart away.

We at Cinema Escapist wanted to give our readers a heads-up on the best romantic comedies to watch this Valentine’s Day, in case you’re single and suffering from the extra pinch of loneliness that comes around this time of year. What do we think are the top nine chinese love stories in the last ten years?

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9. Under the Hawthorne Tree

Under the Hawthorne Tree

It’s not always a light-hearted affair when it comes to romantic comedies. During the Cultural Revolution, Zhang Yimou presents us a story about two young students who fall in love after one of them is “cast down to the countryside” because of their parents’ persecution.

That this film was able to be released in mainland China considering the sensitivities around the Cultural Revolution is remarkable; Zhang Yimou’s heartbreaking drama reminded us that societal turmoil ultimately results in the loss of individual rights to happiness.

8. Beijing Meets Seattle (Finding Mr. Right)

Tang Wei plays the pregnant mistress of a wealthy Chinese businessman who is transferred to Seattle to give birth in this Seattle-based blockbuster, another Chinese romance film with a social satire element (and ultimately acquire US citizenship).

In Finding Mr. Right, Tang Wei’s Wen Jiajia (Tang Wei) and Frank’s (Jason Sudeikis) love story is exposed to the audience (Wu Xiubo). House prices in Seattle are said to have gone up because of increased demand from Chinese investors after the release of this film in China.

7. Tuhao 520

Tuhao 520

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What better way to convey the story of a Chinese millionaire and a fashion designer than with Tuhao 520?

Anyone unfamiliar with Tuhao should know that they are China’s “new money” and are notorious for their irrational spending habits. The Mandarin word “wo ai ni,” which translates to “I love you,” is a homophone of the number 520.

Tuhao 520 is a film that never fails to bring a smile to our faces here at Cinema Escapist, thanks to its wacky and heartwarming situations.

6. iGirl

While our Asia Editor Richard was traveling throughout Asia on a weekly basis, we got the opportunity to see iGirl far too many times. Though it may sound absurd and sexist at first, the idea of a customised robot girlfriend isn’t that far-fetched. In an attempt to answer the question, “Does the perfect soulmate exist for everyone?” a group of Hong Kong’s up-and-coming actors and actresses star.

5. This is Not What I Expected

This is Not What I Expected

Her recent work This is Not What I Expected is a symphony of gourmet dining, cute/cheerful pranks, and humorous envy. In this rom-com, Zhou stars with Takeshi Kaneshiro, the star of Red Cliff.

With meals like herb-crusted rack of lamb and simple pastas and soups, director Xu Hongyu makes sure that the star-studded cast has just as much of a role to play as the spectacular spread of food.

4. The Ex Files

This is a good time to bring up another one of our favorites: rom-coms. An examination of the ways in which our past connections with ex-partners might affect our current ones – whether they cause us to compare our current partners favorably or negatively to exes, both good and bad – is the focus of the new Netflix series The Ex-Files. In recent years, The Ex-Files has been a huge hit in China, spawning two sequels.

3. So Young

So Young

However, not all stories of love are filled with happiness – occasionally, love can be tough and lead to fatal consequences. We call these “tragi-romances” at Cinema Escapist (we even produced an article comparing American and Chinese romance flicks)!

This is Zhao Wei’s directorial debut, and it depicts the story of two high school sweethearts who fall in love at first sight, only to have their blossoming romance shattered by the harsh realities of adulthood.

As a result, Youngstars a star-studded cast that includes Han Geng, one of China’s most recognizable male performers, and while the story revolves around the characters of Chen Xiaozheng (Mark Chao) and Zheng Wei (Yang Zishan), the other characters also get plenty of screen time to grow and develop.

2. A Season of Good Rain

In the aftermath of the devastating Sichuan Earthquake of 2008 the two former classmates, Dong-Ha (Jung Woo-sung) and May (Gao Yuanyuan), find themselves reunited in Chengdu, where A Season of Good Rain is set.

Among the lush bamboo forests and the bustling city, Dong-Ha and May discover their hitherto unspoken feelings for each other. May’s personal traumas and the setting of an earthquake-ravaged province contribute to the film’s sense of sadness.

1. My Old Classmate

My Old Classmate

My Old Classmate, a heartfelt coming-of-age tale laced with tragedy, is the final film on our list.

starring Zhou Dongyu and Lin Gengxin, the film tells the story of two young lovers who first met in middle school and blossomed through high school and college, only to be torn apart by their desire to live and work in the United States. An emotional rollercoaster awaits you in the 98-minute runtime of My Old Classmate.