10 Best The Promised Neverland Anime Characters Update 05/2024

TPN Anime Characters

They all find fresh ways to bring The Promised Neverland to life, from the caretaker (31 years old) to the children (4 years old) to life.

Children orphans live in the mysterious Grace Field House in the hit anime series The Promised Neverland. Several Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Forbes, The Verge, and anime fans all over the world have recognized the series since its 2018 anime debut.

Even if the suspenseful plot isn’t enough to hold viewers’ attention, the show’s wide cast of likable and distinctive characters does just that. Most fans are aware of the ages of the series’ main characters, however others may not know exactly how old their favorite characters are. From the 31-year-old caretaker to the four-year-old children, each of the key characters finds new ways to bring the story to life..

1. Phil, The Cheerful 4-Year-Old


Phil, a 4-year-old boy, was one of the youngest Grace Field House guests. His keen sense of observation and unflinching watchfulness served him well throughout the series, despite his advanced years.

A idyllic childhood with the other orphans was interrupted by the various mysteries and dangers in the house as things began to heat up. His age meant he wasn’t in immediate danger, so he stayed behind as the other orphans—those ages 5 and up–made their way out of the house.

2. Conny, The Kind-Hearted 6-Year-Old

Even though Emma and a few of the orphans managed to escape, 6-year-old Conny was unable to. Even though she got along well with all her siblings, Don, an older orphan with whom she shared a home, held a special place in her heart.

Isabella, Conny’s foster mother, had earned her trust and respect, but her devotion ultimately cost her her life. Her death was all the more heartbreaking because she was one of the youngest children to be sent away.

3. Nat, The Narcissistic 9-Year-Old


Nat, at the age of nine, was generally a joyful child despite his rather conceited demeanor.

The boy was also an empathic individual who was never afraid to express his feelings for those he cared about.

Among the other children, Nat was made aware of Emma’s escape strategy and was able to lend a hand in its execution. He was instrumental in Donin’s efforts to secure the zip wires across the cliff at the property’s boundary.

4. Gilda, The Introverted 10-Year-Old

Gilda, a 10-year-old girl, was the house’s loneliest resident. It was imperative that she be a part of the escape plot because of her reliability. However, despite her appearance, she displayed glimpses of courage and bravery when it came to standing up for herself and her younger siblings.

For the sake of the other orphans she cared about so much Gilda was able to cheat, lie, and boldly venture out of her comfort zone.

5. Don, The Extroverted 10-Year-Old


Don, a 10-year-old youngster whose intelligence and excellent skills were more of a danger to his life than a source of pride, was one of Grace Field House’s “good-quality goods.” Don was extraordinarily perceptive, despite the fact that he was not made aware of the house’s sinister secrets.

Despite his initial incredulity, he worked hard to aggressively protect and rescue his siblings until he came to terms with the horrors of the mansion.

6. Emma, The Optimistic 11-Year-Old

It’s no surprise that Emma, an 11-year-old girl, is the series’ heroine. She has an extraordinary athletic talent, a high level of intelligence, and a heart of gold.

As a child, she had an optimistic attitude and a strong will to succeed. Her siblings admired her for this.

Because of Emma’s charming demeanor, the other orphans were easily persuaded to join her in her escape. Fans adore her because she manages to maintain a laser-like focus on her goal while also showing compassion and kindness at all times.

7. Ray, The Cunning 11-Year-Old


11-year-old Ray, dubbed “Grace Field House’s exemplary student,” had a sneaky demeanor that had the audience on their toes. He was presented as one of the three best friends with Emma and Norman in the core group.

Some of people around him were wary of him because of his evasive manner and enigmatic ways, even if his secrets and true intents weren’t exposed until much later in the series Regardless, Ray was a selfless boy who was willing to give up his own life to save others.

8. Norman, The Ingenious 11-Year-Old

Norman, an 11-year-old orphan, was a prodigy when it came to intelligence and resourcefulness. His serene, quiet demeanor in the face of challenging situations was unparalleled.

As a self-reflective person, Norman was adept at observing the conduct of others who inspired him and modifying his own behavior accordingly. In addition to his maturity, he maintained a realistic view of the world around him despite his young age. It wasn’t always clear that he actually cared about the well-being of his brothers and sisters.

9. Krone, The Prideful 26-Year-Old


Sister Krone, a 26-year-old caretaker at Grace Field House, was introduced as a new face to the community. However, she decided to assist Isabella, knowing that she would one day assume Isabella’s role.

With the help of the children and Isabella, she was able to achieve her secret goal. To her detriment, Krone’s naiveté and self-centeredness thwarted her efforts to weaken Isabella. However, she found a way to leave behind the key to dismantling the systems she had long been a victim of.

10. Isabella, The Ruthless 31-Year-Old

Isabella, the 31-year-old mother of Grace Field House, was portrayed as a distinct antagonist in the show. Orphans saw her as a beautiful and kind carer from her beauty and demeanor.

Behind closed doors, Isabella was a cunning manipulator who harbored malign intentions toward the entire community’s youngsters.

She was able to acquire and maintain the trust of all the youngsters until Emma and her friends found the truth by mistake..