7 Best Shows Like Battlefish That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Battlefish

7. Trawlermen Tales (2016)

Trawlermen Tales (2016)

It’s a bit like going to battle while you’re out at sea. You’re in hostile territory, so you’ll need a strategy and your weapons. Survival is the only consideration. Another typical issue is that your family is anxiously waiting for you to return home while you are fighting the storm. Going out every day means hoping for the best and bracing yourself for the worst. In ‘Trawlermen Tales,’ we get a glimpse into the life of a fisherman. His family hopes for his safe return while he is out in the world working and battling the elements.

6. Monster Fish (2009 – 2018)

Monster Fish (2009 – 2018)

It’s impossible to know how many different kinds of fish there are unless you’re an ichthyologist or in the seafood industry. Just as the climate of a particular area determines the type of plants and animals found there, so too does the environment of a particular body of water. Animals can be classified into shallow and deep water, freshwater and saltwater, equatorial and polar locations, but these are just some of the more obvious groups. When you uncover a spot of freshwater surrounded by saline water, things get much more interesting. You can find rare and unique species only in certain conditions thanks to Mother Nature’s ingenuity. Zeb Hogan, a marine biologist, takes you on a voyage to learn about these strange and wonderful creatures.

5. Lindner’s Fishing Edge (2015 – Present)

Lindner’s Fishing Edge (2015 – Present)

Fishing is a kind of creative expression. You don’t have to worry if it isn’t easy for you. A lot can be learned if you’re willing to put in the effort. Patience is one of the most important lessons you’ll learn from it. Different waters must be dipped into in a different way, and this is something you’ll have to learn as well. Your fishing location becomes a key indicator of your fishing technique. Once you acquire a handle on the basics, it won’t be as much labor as it appears at first. That’s what Al and James Lindner are here to show you. Every time you watch an episode of this show, you’ll be taken to a new location, where you’ll learn about the difficulties of fishing in a new area and how to overcome them.

4. Battlefish (2018 – Present)

Battlefish (2018 – Present)

As a means of earning a living, fishing has become a highly competitive industry You can’t just sit by a lake and take in the scenery, hoping your line will catch some fish. You need to be an early riser in order to succeed in business. You have to get there quickly before anyone else can, and once you do, you should strive to catch whatever you can. ‘Battlefish’ is based on this competitive mentality. In this Netflix original, fishing teams go head-to-head in a battle of the wits. The winner is determined by who has the greatest amount of loot. The goal may be straightforward, but the path to achieving it is as difficult as surviving in a dangerous environment. In addition to focusing on victory, the crew must also ensure that the stress of the task does not strain their bonds with one another. This fishing reality show is ideal for fans of both fishing and reality television.

3. Chasing Monsters (2015)

Chasing Monsters (2015)

In the depths of the ocean, there is a planet all to itself. Unlike everywhere else, the species that live here have developed in a unique way. Its beauty is unlike anything else, and the perils that lurk inside its depths are unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. We have no idea what we’re getting ourselves into when it comes to this environment in general. On land, you might be able to survive a fight with your fiercest enemy, but in the water, you have zero chance of surviving. As a result, it is prudent to learn about these animals in the event that you find yourself in their path of destruction. That’s where Cyril Chauquet comes in. In ‘Chasing Monsters,’ he embarks on an epic journey around the globe in search of the most terrifying aquatic monsters.

2. Coldwater Cowboys (2014 – Present)

Coldwater Cowboys (2014 – Present)

‘Coldwater Cowboys’ comes up to its moniker in a unique way, set in the waters surrounding Newfoundland. Ice-cold North Atlantic waters serve as the playing field here. It follows six local captains and their hunting teams as they travel hundreds of kilometers in search of their prey. The local economy was devastated by the collapse of the fishing industry in 1992. In order to keep their businesses afloat, the fishermen had to come up with new ideas. The focus switched away from fish to other seafood, such as crabs, shrimp, herring, and mackerel. This show takes you along on their voyage and shows you how they have to overcome enormous waves and icebergs in order to complete their mission.

1. Hardliners (2010)

Hardliners (2010)

What’s it like to be a professional fisherman? What is the source of your seafood? What is the source of this seemingly endless supply of fish? If your favorite seafood dish is on the menu, thank the fisherman. To deliver you those well-earned fish, they must put in long hours and weather difficult conditions. ‘Hardliners’ is the best way to see just how hard they work. The story revolves around a crew of Australian tuna fishermen. This show demonstrates the courage needed to be a fisherman through nail-biting scenes. ‘Hardliners’ illustrates that every penny they have is well-earned, and the seafood company brings in a lot of money.