10 Best Shows Like Arrow On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Arrow On Netflix

Alvin Lau provided the most recent update on December 20th, 2019.

Nowadays, people are never bored, thanks in part to the abundance of television programs available to them. In addition, there are a slew of web sites where viewers can stream a wide range of shows for free.

If you’re looking for something to watch in a specific genre, you might want to check out one of Netflix’s best and most popular shows, Arrow.

You’re in luck if you’re an ardent fan of Arrow. In fact, it turns out that you can now watch a number of similar shows to Arrow whenever and wherever you want. As you can imagine, these shows are all superhero-themed and will keep you on the edge of your seat with their intense action sequences.

They also have intriguing plots, as well as fantastic actors and other members of the production team. Take a look at them below:

1. The Flash

The Flash

The Flash (season 1, episode 1)

If you’re into superheroes, you’ve probably heard of or read about The Flash. Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Keisberg conceived the idea for this American TV series, which was inspired by the DC Comics superhero Barry Allen, also known as the Flash.

Actually, it’s an offshoot of the popular Arrow television show, set in a similar fictional universe. Grant Gustin plays Allen, better known as Flash. He was a normal person who was a crime scene investigator before he developed superhuman speed and agility. The majority of the criminals he confronted had superhuman characteristics, which he used to his advantage in combat.

2. Daredevil

As long as you’ve seen Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie, you’ll know who the main character is in this superhero web series. It is based on Marvel Comics hero Daredevil and was created by Netflix’s Drew Goddard.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe serves as the backdrop for this series, as it does for many others. Crossover miniseries with another show called The Defenders were inspired by this series. The show was created by Marvel Television, which collaborated with a variety of studios and showrunners over the course of the series’ seasons.

Charlie Cox portrayed Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, in the Netflix series Daredevil. During the day, he is a blind lawyer, but at night, he transforms into a masked superhero who protects the city from criminals. However, Netflix decided to cancel the series three seasons later after creating a spin-off series that introduced another superhero known as The Punisher. The first season was well received by critics.

3. Black Lightning

Black Lightning

The unique superhero character on Black Lightning makes it a fascinating show to watch. An earlier version of this character was based on another DC Comics star by the name of Jonathan Hickman. Jefferson Pierce was a schoolteacher with electrical superpowers, as depicted in the comics. In order to fire electrical bolts and create a powerful force field, he had to put on a special belt.

Meanwhile, Cress Williams plays Black Lightning in Salim Akil’s TV series. Compared to other superheroes, he’s much older and has a family. However, somehow he came back to being a hero.

4. Luke Cage

Marvel Comics’ Luke Cage, also known as hero for hire, is another superhero they’ve created. His appearance in a comic book made him the first black hero and protagonist of the genre to be recognized. Luke Cage, the man behind the mask? A former prisoner who was imprisoned for an offense he didn’t commit, he is now out on bail.

During his time in prison, he took part in an experiment that would later grant him his superpowers. He developed superhuman strength and unbreakable skin.

A hero for hire, he joined forces with the Marvel Comics superhero Iron Fist after his release. They teamed up and became Power Man and Iron Fist, two formidable superheroes. He married Jessica Jones, a private eye turned superhero, in the end.

Luke Cage is portrayed on screen by Mike Colter. Jessica Jones introduced us to him in season one. As time went on, he was featured in his own miniseries as well as another with the Marvel Comics superhero team, The Defenders.

5. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

This American superhero TV show is unlike anything else most people have ever seen. Some of the characters are based on those from DC Comics, while others are from other TV shows, such as Arrow and The Flash. New characters have also been introduced to the show, which is set in the same science fiction universe as the Arrowverse.

So, what’s the premise of this film? The world needs legends from time to time because heroes aren’t enough. Rogue time traveler Rip Hunter gathered a group of legends made up of heroes and villains to stop a global catastrophe from wiping out the entire timeline. Hunter has seen into the future, and he’ll do anything, including traveling through time, to prevent certain events from occurring.

One of the people he enlisted was Ray Palmer’s Atom, and Sara Lance was White Canary. Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson both play Firestorm in this iteration.

Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall, who portray Hawkgirl and Hawkman, are also in attendance, as are Leonard Snart, who portrays Captain Gold, and Mick Roy, who portrays Heat Wave.

6. Iron Fist

This Netflix original series about an American superhero is the brainchild of Scott Buck. It’s based on the Iron Fist superhero from Marvel Comics. It takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just like most other Marvel series. The character Danny Rand, better known as Iron Fist, was portrayed by Finn Jones.

Rand’s wealthy parents perished in a mysterious plane crash when he was ten years old, but he miraculously survived. Warrior monks came to his aid and taught him the ways of the warrior. After he plunged his iron fist right into a dragon’s molten heart, he was infused with superhuman “iron fist” that can strike extremely hard and believed to be protected from pain and injury.

When his father’s former business partner took over the family business, he returned to New York to take over. Many people posed a threat to the business, and he was prepared to do whatever it took to stop them.

7. Titans


These superheroes work together to keep the bad guys from destroying the entire universe in this comic book series. It’s based on the Teen Titans team from DC Comics. Brenton Thwaites portrays the role of Dicky Grayson, the team’s leader, also known as Robin.

Anna Diop and Teagan Croft star as Starfire and Raven, respectively. Ryan Potter plays Beast Boy, a charming and endearing character. These superheroes banded together to take on the world’s most heinous criminals.

8. The Defenders

Superheroes in greater numbers are unquestionably preferable to fewer. A second Netflix-exclusive superhero series, Marvel’s The Defenders, was developed by Marco Ramirez and Douglas Petrie for the streaming service. Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones are the members of the Defenders. They’re all working toward the same thing: rescuing New York City.

Daredevil is portrayed by Charlie Cox, Iron Fist is portrayed by Finn Jones, and Jessica Jones is portrayed by Krysten Ritter. Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, is currently airing on Netflix. These four individuals are all dealing with their own personal issues, but they come together to form a superhero team that is unstoppable and ready to defend their city.

9. Gotham


Bruno Heller, who drew inspiration from DC Comics for this show, created the superhero crime drama. Bruce Wayne’s screams echoed through the streets of Gotham City as he watched as his parents were gunned down right in front of him. Ben McKenzie’s character, detective James Gordon, promised young Bruce Wayne the justice he deserved despite Gotham City’s broken and corrupt justice system when they met during his mourning period.

A series of deaths occurred in tandem with Gordon’s quest for justice as troubling facts emerged. As Gordon continues to delve deeper into the dangerous city’s underbelly, the underworld was rattled and villains moved to strike back. The city was flooded with blood as he made the perilous journey. Relationships against his own comrades were compromised.

While this was going on, young Bruce, still reeling from the loss of his parents, sat quietly and watched the mayhem unfold. Eventually, his hunger for justice led him to don the cowl of The Batman, the antidote to Gotham’s depravity.

10. Best shows like Arrow?

It’s no secret that Arrow’s talented cast and crew have made it a worldwide phenomenon. Stunning cinematography and an engaging story in each episode helped make this a hit show. There are, however, a slew of other excellent superhero series to choose from.

The Flash, Daredevil, Black Lightning, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Gotham are popular choices for superhero fans who prefer shows with a narrow focus on a single main character.

If, on the other hand, you want to see a team of superheroes work together to fight evil, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Titans, and The Defenders are all excellent choices.

Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find a great show like Arrow, no matter what you’re into.