10 Best Shows Like Violet Evergarden That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Violet Evergarden

There’s nothing better than an anime that manages to make you feel a range of strong emotions while also keeping you cool under pressure. Many people have been drawn to Violet Evergarden because of its portrayal of innocence and peace that only a story can provide. Anime like Violet Evergarden are few and far between; those that can pull it off do so are even fewer. The show is a masterpiece of Kyoto Animation and deserves to be celebrated as such. Funimation acquired the rights to Violet Evergarden and released it in the winter of 2018. Everyone was stunned by the show’s stunning aesthetics, which were embodied by one of the most adored female protagonists on the show.

Violet Evergarden, a veteran of World War I who has returned to civilian life as an Auto Memory Doll, is the protagonist of the anime. It tells a story of self-discovery while also bringing its audience closer to that discovery. But the plot isn’t everything in Violet Evergarden. Stunning concept art abounds in the show’s production values. Its main draw is the area’s natural beauty. Kyoto Animation goes above and beyond expectations by putting in so much effort to make each scene memorable for the rest of one’s life.

Were you also captivated by Violet Evergarden’s enchantment? Anime similar to Violet Evergarden to watch this year include the following titles:

1. Silent Voice

Silent Voice

Silent Voice is definitely an anime like Violet Garden in terms of the mood it creates, even if the plot isn’t. The experience of reading Silent Voice is comparable to riding a roller coaster. It’s because the movie gradually plays with the tiniest corner of your heart. The main selling point of Kyoto Animation is the high quality of its work. Glittering eyes, a cutesy-moe seifuku character, a stunning backdrop, and many more are all included.

Silent Voice is now more relatable than ever thanks to the highest level of animation. Those who enjoy romantic comedies will delight in this heartwarming tale that depicts love in all its vibrant splendor. Even if you’re not a romantic, Silent Voice is a welcome change of pace that won’t let you down. If you want something enjoyable to binge on, this is it. It has been dubbed the second best movie of all time, right behind Haruhi. Violet Evergarden fans will love it, and if you want to get a jump on the story, read the manga from cover to cover.

2. Death Parade

Death Parade is an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind performance event. Violet Evergarden, an anime that explores deep thoughts without violence or profanity, makes it easy to see why it’s so popular. Serious themes like death are explored in great depth in anime, and the story is told in a video game format. But it’s not just limited to that, either. As a result, we learn about the characters and their personalities. It’s a lot like pretending to be the difference between life and death, if you think about it that way.

The best part is that the show uses it in a way that is distinct from other kinds of survival games. Also, the show’s characters are already dead, which adds to the appeal. Death Parade, a wonderful one-hour show by Madhouse, is produced. Interesting fact: this show’s a longer version of another half-hour short called “Death Billiards,” which was already enough to turn this show into a hit television series in its own right. The anime series Death Parade was always going to be a hit.

3. Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn

At first glance, Yona of the Dawn appears to be your typical shoujo reverse harem. There’s a lot more in store for the show, particularly at the end of the first episode, and the tension increases as the story progresses. A lot of emphasis is placed on strong themes like betrayal and vengeance in the storyline. The show also pays close attention to the characters, who grow and change throughout the course of the season. Many parallels can be drawn to Violet Evergarden because of the anime’s strong female protagonist.

Yona, the show’s protagonist, has long been a favorite of viewers. While her character starts out as someone weak, fragile, and helpless (similar to a kitten), she grows into a fierce, wild, and powerful being as the show goes on. In this way, you can see how this self-reliant character meticulously watches for prey and ensures she never becomes a victim. Hak, her guardian and confidant since childhood, plays an important role in the story. Hassan is a ruthless badass who will stop at nothing to keep Yona safe. He’s even capable of using himself to keep her safe. The backstories of some of the dragons who play interesting characters are well worth exploring.

4. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The plot of The Ancient Magus’s Bride appears straightforward at first, but it gradually introduces more complex elements. Violet Evergarden-style anime, but with magical creatures and supernatural themes. Chise Hatori, the show’s lead character, has been able to see enigmatic creatures since she was a child. When she is a young girl, she loses her mother and is thrown between a variety of relatives because no one wanted to keep her because they thought she had a problem.

Chise is a recluse as an adult due to the events of her childhood. She signs a contract with a stranger she meets one day. After that, she’ll be auctioned off. All she had ever wanted was a place she could return to and call her own. A tall man with a skull on his head appears at the auction, fully clothed in black from head to toe. Elias is the name of the mage who has taken Chise as his future wife and an apprentice at the same time. You’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

5. Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

What appeals to you most about Vivy? What you’ll probably notice right away is that this AI exists solely to bring joy to others through her singing. Her voice isn’t all that distinctive from that of the rest of us. Her mission, however, takes a darker turn after she has observed humanity for 100 years. To begin with, Vivy’s core was infected with a malicious AI named Matsumoto that even the genius archive, Arayashiki, couldn’t remove. Second, Vivy receives assistance from Matsumoto in her search for a new goal that has been going on between artificial intelligences and humans for the past 100 years. Matsumoto devised the Singularity Project, a plan to alter key events in AI history that had led to the conflict in the first place.

The show put on by Vivy is spectacular. It exceeds expectations in every way. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is a show that you will cherish for the rest of your life thanks to its unique combination of action, emotion, and smooth animation sequencing. It also features impressive character growth and a heartwarming soundtrack. Of course, the plot has its share of puzzling or ridiculous moments, but those are more than compensated for by the overall enjoyable experience this film provides.

6. Plastic Memories

It’s set in the future, and that’s where the plot of Plastic Memories takes place. Humanoid Androids are fairly common in society at this point in time. They’ve been dubbed ‘Giftias,’ and they’re sentient androids who help their human owners (or humans in general) whenever they can. However, the life expectancy of these humanoid Androids is severely constrained by the technology’s inherent design. And for this reason, they should be decommissioned as soon as possible. Tsukasa, a young man of 18 years, has just arrived, and he’s been offered the prestigious position at the SAI Corporation. He accepts.

In the SAI, colleagues take care of the Giftias that are no longer needed. Meanwhile, the group scavenges those who have crossed their lifelines by fulfilling their mission. In addition, he has a loyal sidekick by his side at all times. It’s Isla, a charming, endearing, and endearing Giftia. Tsukasa and Isla join forces with their coworkers after their boss orders them to do so. Slowly, as they begin to work together, socialize, and learn more about one another, they begin to fall in love.

7. Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April

Your Lie in April, an anime similar to Violet Evergarden in tone and appearance, is one of the most brilliantly deceptive works of art ever created. It’s hard to tell that this isn’t another romantic comedy because the color schemes are so pastel and cheery. However, as the show’s delusions wear off, things begin to take a more sinister turn, and you soon realize that this is a farce in the making.

What, then, is so tragic about Your April Lie? In reality, it’s a combination of factors that combine to give you that impression. Sadness is a part of the show, but it’s not the focus of the finale. I think it’s more to do with what you learn about yourself during the healing process, the fundamentals of moving on after a heartbreak, and to learn about the parts of ourselves that aren’t so pretty, that we otherwise wish would disappear. The show’s central theme is acceptance of one’s self. There are times when holding on to something is necessary, but there are also times when letting go is necessary.

8. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

If you enjoyed Violet Evergarden’s war themes and yearned for something more intense like it, you should look forward to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood when it comes out.

The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has a lot going for it. However, it has the advantage of not including any pointless filler material, in contrast to shows like Naruto and Inuyasha. As a result, you must maintain your concentration and keep up with the story’s developments at all costs.

In addition, the episodes are short, and you won’t want to miss anything because everything has a purpose. The dialogues are also to the point throughout the film. The FMA Brotherhood’s overall animation is excellent, and it’s clear the experts did the material justice. This FMA is certainly more straightforward, but that also results from the inability to follow a standard that high.

9. A Place Further Than The Universe

A Place Further Than The Universe

Mari Tamaki, a high school student, is the focus of ‘A place further than the universe,’ which is a surprisingly tranquil tale. Tamaki’s goal in life is to make the most of her youth. However, she is still apprehensive about going against her better judgment and following her heart. She meets Shirase Kobuchizawa, a young woman who has been saving money for years in order to go to Antarctica. She’s motivated to do this in order to track down her estranged mother. She’s joined by two of her closest friends, Yuzuki and Hinata, who are also in the group. So the journey of love begins.

This show’s greatest strength is its ability to induce a strong desire for attention. Seriously! While watching this show, you’ll find yourself wishing for a girls’ trip and even acting on your fantasies like Tamaki.

10. Her Blue Sky

Her Blue Sky boasts a bevy of impressive themes. It depicts the closeness of sibling relationships and how love nurtures them. It’s very relatable, particularly in terms of how Akane interacts with her younger brother or sister. She was forced to give up everything she had worked so hard for in order to raise her sister by herself. It’s admirable, but also tragic, how she gave up her free time and energy to raise Aoi and make her happy.

Even the person she fell in love with had to be abandoned. Aoi was remorseful for putting Akane through that ordeal. That Akane had to give up on her potential so that she could live was painful. It’s amazing to see the sisters’ bond come through in their regrets. Similar to Violet Evergarden, Her Blue Sky takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery while showcasing stunning artwork depicting the sky’s deepest blue and rural Japan’s countryside.