20 Best Shows Like Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell Update 05/2024

Shows Like Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell

1. A Discovery of Witches (2018)

A Discovery of Witches (2018)

Her research leads her to Ashmole 782 where she discovers the mysteries must be solved. The mysterious Matthew Clairmont offers his assistance to her, but she knows better than to put her trust in a vampire.

2. Fate: The Winx Saga (2021)

As five fairies at Alfea’s magical boarding school in the Otherworld learn to master their powers while navigating love, rivalry, and monsters that threaten their very existence they go through a coming of age journey.

3. Robin of Sherwood (1984)

British television show Robin of Sherwood based on the Robin Hood legend aired in the 1990s. Richard Carpenter was the creator of the show, which was produced by HTV in partnership with Goldcrest and aired on the ITV network from 1984 to 1986. When it premiered in the United States, it was retitled Robin Hood and aired on Showtime, a premium cable channel, and PBS. Michael Praed and Jason Connery portrayed the title character in two separate episodes of the show. For the first time, a Robin Hood film, Robin of Sherwood combined historical accuracy with elements from modern fiction and pagan mythology. Clannad’s haunting title theme from the show won a BAFTA for best use of music in a television series.

4. Camelot (2011)

Camelot 2011

It’s based on the Arthurian legend, and was made by Graham King, Morgan O’Sullivan, and Michael Hirst as a historical-fantasy drama.

5. Olympus (2015)

The tale of how a small group of valiant individuals succeeded in banishing the Gods to the realm of the unconscious, which they dubbed the Underworld or Hades’ Kingdom. As the series progresses, we learn more about the protagonist’s quest to discover the truth about his past, which may be connected to Gods themselves.

6. Just Add Magic (2015)

Kelly Quinn and her two best friends, Darbie and Hannah, discover a strange cookbook in their grandmother’s attic that contains some unusual recipes. When Kelly’s annoying little brother is silenced by the Shut’em Up Shortcake and Darbie’s ankle is healed by the Healing Hazelnut Tart, the girls discover they have magic power. Based on the best-selling novel, this is a live-action single-camera pilot.

7. Good Witch (2015)

Good Witch (2015)

When Dr. Sam Radford and his young son arrive in Middleton, they are greeted by Cassie Nightingale, Middleton’s favorite enchantress, and her teenage daughter Grace. They are immediately enchanted by the mother-daughter team next door when the New Yorkers move in, but Sam and Cassie soon discover they may not agree. To ensure that everyone in Middleton is in for new changes, big surprises and of course a little magic, Cassie uses her signature charm to bring everyone together. The character Cassie, the raven-haired enchantress from Hallmark Channel’s longest-running and highest-rated original movie franchise, is the inspiration for “Good Witch.”

8. HIM (2016)

HIM, a 17-year-old boy stuck between childhood and adulthood, is also stuck between his divorced parents’ two homes, each of which has remarried and started new families. His inability to process his emotions makes him a “act out” boy like most others. But there’s something else driving his behavior: his primal struggle to keep a supernatural power he inherited from his grandfather under control. It’s a power only his elderly grandmother understands, and she constantly begs him to use it for ‘good,’ warning him that otherwise things could turn out badly.

9. The Nevers (2021)

The “Touched” plague London in the final years of Queen Victoria’s reign: women in particular who suddenly manifest unusual abilities, some charming, some disturbing. Amalia True, a mysterious widow with cunning ways, and Penance Adair, a brilliant young inventor, are two of the characters they encounter. And they’re fighting to make room for those for whom history as we know it doesn’t have a place while also providing a safe place for those who have been Touched.

10. Motherland: Fort Salem (2020)

Motherland Fort Salem (2020)

Following three young women from basic training in combat magic to early deployment in an alternate America where witches ended their persecution over 300 years ago by cutting a deal with the government to fight for their country, the series is set.

11. Switch (2012)

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12. Jordskott (2015)

Seven years after her daughter Josefine went missing near a lake in the woods, Detective Inspector Eva Thörnblad returns to Silver Height. Unfortunately, the girl’s corpse was never discovered, and her death was ruled as a suicide by drowning. Thörnblad is now investigating the disappearance of a young boy to see if there’s any connection. Meanwhile, she’ll look after her father’s business legacy, the great Johan Thörnblad, who turned his family’s vast forest into an empire of timber and timber processing. It starts out as a police procedural, but things quickly turn sinister as more children are kidnapped as the story progresses.

13. Mayday (2013)

Mayday (2013)

During the month of May, a small town steeped in pagan customs holds a festival to crown its May Queen, who goes missing moments after she is crowned.

14. His Dark Materials (2019)

As an orphan in a world where science, theology, and magic are all intertwined, Lyra must learn to survive on her own. Instead of finding her kidnapped friend, she stumbles upon a sinister plan to steal children and learns about a strange phenomenon known as Dust in the process. Will, a young man with a knife that can cut through worlds, joins her on her quest later. Upon discovering the truth about her parents and the prophecy she was given, Lyra becomes embroiled in a celestial power struggle that takes them both to a new world.

15. NOS4A2 (2019)

Victoria “Vic” McQueen, a young woman, discovers she has the ability to open portals, which aid her in locating misplaced items. Along the way, she meets a variety of “inscape travelers,” some of whom are good and some of whom are evil due to the power they have attained. Vic becomes a sworn enemy of Charlie Manx after meeting him and learning that he is immortal because he feeds on the souls of children.

16. Truth Seekers (2020)

Truth Seekers (2020)

A ghost-hunting duo joins forces to uncover and film paranormal sightings across the United Kingdom and to share their experiences on an online channel of adventures. As the two dig deeper into a conspiracy that could endanger the entire human race, their encounters with the supernatural become more frequent, terrifying, and even lethal.

17. The Letter for the King (2020)

This epic fantasy series follows a young boy as he sets out to deliver a secret message that could determine the fate of the kingdom.

18. Every Witch Way (2014)

After moving to Miami at the age of 14, Emma Alonso’s life takes a drastic turn. Not only does she learn she’s a witch, but she also develops feelings for Daniel, the cute boy next door. Maddie, Daniel’s ex-girlfriend and leader of the school clique known as the ‘Panthers,’ is still ready to fight for the boy she loves despite her reputation as a ‘evil witch.’

19. Creeped Out (2017)

Creeped Out (2017)

This children’s anthology series features tales of dark magic, otherworldly encounters, and bizarre technology collected by “The Curious,” a masked figure.

20. The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015)

A scientist trying to reanimate the dead may have committed a string of crimes in 19th-century London, according to Inspector John Marlott.