10 Best Movies About Overpopulation That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Movies About Overpopulation

All Time’s Greatest Population-Based Films

Dave Gardner published this on July 10th, 2013 Written about it in the blog

Here are a few films about human population growth, or at least films with strong population themes, in honor of World Population Day, which is celebrated on July 11.

For World Population Day 2013, I released a list of the films I was considering and requested you to vote for your favorite (or recommend others) so that I could rank them by popularity. So, in the order in which you ranked them, here they are. I’m going to leave the voting open on this page, so if the results change considerably, I’ll come back and modify this list.

If you’re looking for more great films and information on population growth, visit www.worldpopulationday.org.

#1: GrowthBusters


Growth has me hooked (2011) To dispel the illusions about growth and wealth, I directed this documentary. How our assumptions about economic, demographic and consumer expansion inhibit sensible responses to evidence that we’ve outgrown the globe are examined in this article Because of its openness concerning overpopulation and delving into a sensitive subject, in my opinion, this film deserves to be included. Paul Ehrlich, William Rees, and Herman Daly are just a few of the luminaries interviewed for GrowthBusters. “My aim is to make it okay to be against growth,” I write in the book, “as I face off against the giants of the growth industry.” Direct from the producer, Pivotshare, and Amazon.

#2: Mother

Caring for 7 Billion People (2011) Christophe Fauchere’s eloquent documentary on overpopulation is a must-see for anybody interested in the subject. In terms of its accuracy, sensitivity, and quality of production, GrowthBusters is slightly more PC than this. That’s good in some ways, but not so good in others. The creator’s website currently has it for free.

3: Soylent Green (1973)

Soylent Green (1973)

Character actors Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young, and Chuck Connors; actors Joseph Cotten, Edward G. Robinson, and Dick Van Patten An overcrowded planet and Charlton Heston as a police detective were the stars of this cult movie. This film’s depiction of a suffocating environment is vivid. An pricey, highly sought-after black-market treat, meat. Food is rationed, and it doesn’t appear to be very appetizing at first glance. There are garbage trucks that pick up the deceased every day and take them to… well, let’s not give away the ending. The slightly goofy sci-fi romp that I just mentioned is really worth watching if you haven’t already. I think the scenario depicted in Soylent Green is becoming less and less far-fetched with each passing day. On the market at Amazon

#4: Idiocracy (2006)

Wilson, Luke (subject) Depressing comedy presents a society in which those who don’t take responsibility for their actions outnumber those who do. As a result, a dark dystopia has been created after many centuries of this type of thing. On the market at Amazon

#5: Critical Mass (2012)

Critical Mass (2012)

Between 1958 and 1983, Dr. John B. Calhoun worked at the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States, and this documentary by Mike Freedman examines his life and career. Calhoun used rats to study how their behavior changed when they were given unlimited access to food and water but not to a physical environment. As a result, the issue of human population expansion will be examined further. Streaming video and YouTube videos are available.

#6: Wall-E (2008) Reader-Nominated.

A garbage collecting robot called WALL-E has been left to clean up the mess in a distant, but not so implausible, future where mankind has abandoned Earth because it has become covered in junk from things sold by the powerful multi-national Buy N Large conglomerate. WALL-E is the only person on the planet except for a rambunctious pet cockroach who is engrossed in a museum of Earth’s history and show tunes. To locate evidence that life on Earth is once again viable, a sleek (and hazardous) reconnaissance robot named EVE will be despatched to the planet. EVE is WALL-true E’s love. In this animated robot love story, there is a lot of truth about the human race. There’s a version on Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix (DVD only)

#7: Children of Men (2006) Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Michael Caine

In the year 2027, a widespread infertility problem has thrown the globe into disarray. Humanity is on the verge of extinction with the death of the world’s youngest citizen at the age of 18. A disillusioned ex-activist turned bureaucrat tries to rescue a woman who has miraculously become pregnant in the midst of London’s unrest and warring nationalistic sects. Available through Vudu and Amazon

#8: Logan’s Run (1976)

Logan’s Run (1976)

In addition to Michael York and Jenny Agutter, there is also In 2274, a utopian society found a way to minimize overpopulation. Everyone must be fired at the age of 30. In any case, as you could have guessed, Michael York looks into alternative possibilities. Amazon has the trailer for this film.

#9: Should We Stop Worrying and Love the (Population) Bomb? (2013)

To complete our top 10, I tacked on this little film at the last minute. This GrowthBusters original has only been out for a few hours, yet it’s already charting well. YouTube has the video. Use this film in the classroom, during presentations, or on television or in theaters as you see fit! It can be utilized at will.

#10: ZPG (1972)

ZPG (1972)

Geraldine Chaplin and Oliver Reed are the stars of this film. The Earth’s government has outlawed the birth of children for 30 years in the future, when the planet is extremely polluted and overcrowded. Replacement robot kids are meant to alleviate a person’s desire to have children. She succumbed to maternal instincts and gave birth, attempting to hide the news from her friends as well as the inhabitants of their town. A PR disaster for Zero Population Growth, a well-known environmental organisation at the time (years later ZPG changed its name to Population Connection). Amazon and Netflix are both selling the film (DVD only)