15 Best Shows Like Dragon Ball Z That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Dragon Ball Z

Many people are drawn to anime because of Dragon Ball Z, which serves as an excellent introduction to the genre. After you’ve finished the series, these are the logical next steps for you to take.

One of the most well-known anime series is Dragon Ball Z.

Many reasons exist for the worldwide adoration of this classic series, whose hero Son Goku is widely regarded as the face of shonen anime. An entire generation of anime fans have attempted Kamehameha attacks because of the amazing fight scenes, and the rich and diverse cast of characters makes for an entertaining and engrossing viewing experience.

A long-running franchise like Dragon Ball Z will have plenty of episodes to draw from, but since no one has yet collected the entire set of seven Dragon Ball figures, there will be no new episodes created unless someone collects them all. The good news is that the show’s fans will enjoy a wide range of other fantastic anime!

Theo Kogod has updated the date on the 6th of November, 2020. Many people were introduced to anime through Dragon Ball Z. There’s something special about watching an anime series for the first time rather than rewatching one that you enjoy. Now that it’s been a year since this article was first published, it’s a good time to add new titles to the list so that you can all discover even more wonderful anime to fall in love with.. For the time being, here are some worthwhile shows to watch while you wait to rewatch Dragon Ball Z.

1. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Dragon Ball Z got its name from the series’ quest to find the fabled Dragon Balls. The magical dragon Shinra appears when all seven Dragon Balls are collected, and it grants one wish to the person who makes the wish.

Fairy Tail follows a group of adventurers as they search for the legendary dragon Igneel in the world of Earth-land. Along with this resemblance, the characters in this series exhibit many of the same old-school shonen fighting styles and humor from Dragon Ball Z, as well as a unique way of dealing with power creep as the characters’ strength increases.

2. My Hero Academia

Dragon Ball Z is all about heroes who fight evil with martial arts prowess and ki power. The Z Fighters are no different from the bad guys in that they each have their own distinctive outfits. Since both heroes and villains in Dragon Ball Z use superpowers, the show can be considered one giant superhero drama.

My Hero Academia is by far the most watched superhero anime series. With their outrageous villains and spectacular fight scenes, they’ve made sure the hair on the cast has plenty of spiky tips. MHA will appeal to most Dragon Ball Z fans despite its uniqueness and unconventional take on superpowers.

3. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Because Sword Art Online is set in a virtual reality game world, the characters in a fantasy action series would have all the powers that their avatars have in the game. Due to the fact that every player is sucked into the game’s world, they spend their days acting like the superhuman avatars they created for themselves.

There is a greater struggle for survival in this series than in Dragon Ball Z, making it more intense, but both anime place an emphasis on building teams of skilled fighters to deal with threats. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will recognize a lot of the SOAs from the series.

 4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Whatever else can be said about it, the middle word in the title of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is most definitely deserved. However, this is one of the reasons why it is so successful. The story, characters, action sequences, and visuals are all top-notch, and it manages to stay true to its originality throughout.

Dragon Ball Z set the bar high for anime use of martial arts ki attacks, so Jojo’s takes a different approach. To keep things fresh for new fans, it uses psychic and spiritual manifestations in battle to deliver the same high-octane action fans have come to expect.

5. Hunter x Hunter

Aside from Gon Freecss’ suspiciously Saiyan-looking hair, there’s a lot to love about Hunter x Hunter. It’s a must-see movie. Although his father is a thief who uses the Nen to manipulate his abilities, Gon’s father is a Hunter who uses the Nen to track down wild beasts and hidden treasure (which is basically just Ki). With the goal of becoming a Hunter, Gon begins his training in preparation for the annual exam.

Individual episodes are a lot of fun, but the real fun is watching Gon grow and meet new people while also overcoming challenges along the way.

6. Naruto


In Naruto, the titular ninja hero has the spirit of the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox sealed away within him, making him a special kind of ninja. Both Dragon Ball Z and Naruto share a number of common elements such as epic action sequences, visually stunning energy attacks and spiky-haired protagonists who dress in orange and don’t stop eating, despite their apparent differences.

Along with his mastery of the martial arts, Naruto shares many traits with Son Goku: he’s sincere, somewhat naive, and steadfast in his pursuit of greatness.

7. Outlaw Star

This late 90s space western tells the story of the outlaw Gene Starwind and his crew as they travel through space fighting pirates, aliens, and murderous cyborgs. Gene Starwind: Outlaw of the Galaxy This is a fantastic series for Dragon Ball fans because of the perfect mix of laugh-out-loud humor and high-octane action.

When compared to other Saiyans, Gene Starwind is a squishy underdog who relies on wits and sheer grit to defeat his foes (even Yamcha could take him on). A significant amount of time in the show is devoted to the cast’s pursuit of the Galactic Leyline, a hub of immense power and wealth that can grant any wish.

8. Tenchi Muro!

Tenchi Muro!

It’s been a while since the original Tenchi Muyo! series, which featured the human boy Tenchi Masaki and drunken demonic scientist space pirate Ryoko Hakubi as main characters, aired on TV.

There’s a lot of classic anime goodness here, with aliens, ancient mystical powers, and oddball characters clashing. The series’ complex character dynamics set it apart from similar ones. This drama is notable for its emotional complexity, which can be found in everything from Tenchi’s relationship with his father to the various interactions between the female characters. Shinyenergy effects light up the screen, which is a must-have for any great anime.

9. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

This anime is based on the Arabian tale of 1001 Nights and features the young Aladdin and the fugitive prince Alibaba. Aladdin can use magic by calling on the Rukhs’ powers because he is a Magi. Alibaba, on the other hand, has returned to his kingdom and is waging war against his corrupt brother and a horde of bandits for the benefit of his people.

The series, which draws inspiration from Middle Eastern folktales, reinterprets classic anime themes with stunning visual effects and fresh cultural perspectives. Dragon Ball fans will enjoy the movie’s good-natured optimism and high-stakes action scenes.

10. Bleach


After meeting the Shinigami woman Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki gains the power of the Soul Reaper, and Bleach follows him as he learns how to use it. The two characters are constantly on the prowl for nefarious entities known as Hollows. This series has a lot in common with the last one on the list, as you’ll see shortly.

Bleach has a maturity to it that doesn’t feel the need to dwell in grimdark misery, allowing it to be simultaneously fun and serious in its narrative with supernatural monsters and characters who gain the fantastic powers necessary to defeat them. Rarely in anime with plots centered on fighting spirits with magic weapons do you see such reverence for the dead.

11. Inuyasha

Only a handful of series manage to tell stories from both a contemporary perspective and a historical perspective, but shonenanimedoes it brilliantly! The story takes place during Japan’s Warring States Period and follows high school student Kagome Higurashi as she travels back in time and meets the half-demon Inuyasha for the first time. There are several episodes that follow the two as they travel through feudal Japan in search of pieces of a broken mystic gemstone.

There’s something for everyone in this mix of action, fantasy, horror, and romance. For anime fans, the quest for seven Dragon Balls will be more familiar than the search for shards of a mystic artifact.

12. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

It was Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon that ruled the 90s as far as anime was concerned. It’s been suggested that one series is aimed at boys while the other is aimed at girls. While this may be true on the surface, a closer look reveals that both shows are excellent and have a universal appeal.

Sailor Moonis historically significant because it is the most well-known magical girl anime of all time (and one of the first to feature a large cast of LGBTQ+ characters). Fans of Dragon Ball Z will enjoy the show’s story, action, and humor, but that’s not the most important factor.

13. One Piece

A group of pirates is on the hunt for the fabled “One Piece” treasure, and the show’s protagonist, Monkey Luffy, can stretch his body out like Reed Richards from Marvel. Fantasy adventures on the high seas have never been so much fun, with some of the most imaginative characters in anime, evoking the creativity of older shows that didn’t feel compelled to limit the magic of their stories by imposing realism on them.”

Luffy, along with the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, is on a mission to become the first Pirate King in history. Fans will keep returning to this series, which is based on a classic quest plot but features larger-than-life action and a fantastical setting.

14. One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man

Dragon Ball Z’s spiritual successor and polar opposite, One-Punch Man is the antithesis of Dragon Ball Z. Saitama, the main character, is the world’s strongest human. As a result, he’s frustrated by the dearth of interesting opponents with whom he can spar. As much as it draws inspiration from classic anime, the series’ characters are stymied by a mix of pathos and a deep sense of dread.

One-Punch Man makes fun of Dragon Ball Z in a few memorable scenes, alluding to its spiritual successor. The series is action-packed to the hilt, but the most important battles are fought within the minds of the characters.

15. Yu Yu Hakusho

The final title on this list, Yu Yu Hakusho, is very similar to Bleach in many ways. After saving a child from an oncoming car and being run over, a high school delinquent named Yusuke Urameshi sacrifices his life for the sake of the story’s protagonist, who is given one last chance at life by a woman claiming to be the Grim Reaper.

A demon hunter, Yusuke takes on the role of an underworld detective. Dragon Ball Z fans will enjoy this anime’s martial arts competitions, mystical power attacks, and the transformation of former enemies into close allies. Yu Yu Hakusho, on the other hand, hits all the right notes to be a great anime series.

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