7 Best Anime Like Free That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Free

For sports fans, “Free!” is a must-see documentary that follows a group of energetic young guys as they band together to start a swimming club. The want tobe swimmers are preparing for upcoming tournaments by practicing their swimming techniques. ‘Free!’ is a treat to see because of its fantastic art and animation. Our picks for the best anime that are similar to “Free” are presented below. Numerous anime, such as ‘Free!’ can be found on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu.

  1. Haikyuu!! (2014)

Haikyuu!! (2014)

An extremely popular sports anime series, ‘Haikyuu!!’ has been airing for the past few years. Fun and laughter are sprinkled throughout this Shounen sports drama. In spite of the fact that ‘Haikyuu!!’ is not about sports, it is nonetheless a fun series to watch. Due to its similarity to “Free!,” it has been included on this list. A common theme in both shows is the presence of high school athletes. In the middle of all the rivalry and competition, we learn the importance of having a strong sense of community and friendship. She gets her inspiration from the volleyball pro and decides to restore the school’s volleyball team, Shouyou Hinata, in the anime. To get to a tournament, he and his friends start practicing together.

That changes when Tobio Kageyama of an opposing squad defeats them in their first match. Shouyou chooses to work hard on the court and outperform Kageyama, who is still recovering from his injuries. Upon completing middle school, he makes the decision to attend Karasuno High School and join the school’s volleyball team. While applying for the same team, Kageyama also applied, and they will be teammates. Due of his diminutive height, Shouyou has difficulty calming down. It becomes clear to Shouyou that Kageyama suffers from the same conditions as he does. The young guys must choose between putting aside their differences and working together to better themselves or engaging in a courtroom brawl.

  1. Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu (2018)

The animation and story of ‘Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu’ are first-rate. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll enjoy this one. Certain aspects of the show remind me of ‘Free!’ When we think about sports, we immediately think of high-energy, sweaty, and powerful fields and courts. Other than that, they seem to agree on a few things. Both of them place a high priority on friendships and getting to know other people. Also, they emphasize the importance of tenacity and dedication.

Japanese Kyudo is the subject of “Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu,” a documentary about the sport. Using a longbow and arrow, participants compete in the martial art of kyudo (). It’s a very new martial art form, and every year there are a number of competitions. Tsurune is the sound made by the arrow as it exits the bow. Minato Narumiya, the protagonist, is enthralled by it and decides to take up Kyudo as a hobby. When he was in middle school, though, something happened that caused him to stop participating in sports. However, he has returned and has joined the newly formed Kyudo club. It’s about five friends who are obsessively dedicated to their favorite sport. It shows the importance of friendship and the bonds formed between people via participation in a common activity such as sports.

  1. Prince of Stride: Alternative (2016)

Prince of Stride Alternative (2016)

‘Prince of Stride: Alternative,’ billed as a free-running and parkour anime, sounds fantastic on paper. Is there a place where I can put my signature, by the way? I mean, I’m looking forward to seeing some fantastic parkour animation. However, the truth is somewhat different. Take nothing away from the show’s entertainment value; if you enjoy sports anime, it will be right up your alley. The way it was put into action left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Free and Prince of Stride: Alternate both emphasize the significance of hard labor, team spirit, and a group of friends who connect over the sport as the key characters in their respective stories.

There is a lot of free running, parkour, and other extreme sports in the anime. Nana Sakurai is a huge fan of the sport who is mesmerized by the success of the Honan Academy Stride team. In the academy, he encounters another enthusiast of the sport, prompting him to sign up for the course. But after joining the team, they discover that the club is no longer independent and operates under the Shogi club due to a dramatic decrease in membership. In order to rebuild the club, Nana and Takeru decide to try their best and bring the team back to its former glories.

  1. Tsuritama (2012)

“Tsuritama” is a sweet, lighthearted slice-of-life story. A multitude of water-related activities are featured in the show, which is why it’s on this list. Tsuritama’s and Freeresemblance !’s extends much deeper. In other words, you get a taste of one while seeing the other. The male characters in both anime series are presented in a seductive and colorful manner, thanks to the work of the respective artists. Also, it appears that the anime hints at some form of same-sex appeal.

Yuki Sanada is the main character in the anime. Because of his grandmother’s job, he needs to move around a lot. Because of his lack of stability, he is unable to form meaningful connections with others. Furthermore, he has an unexplained apprehension about socializing. When called to speak in front of an audience, he is always at a loss for words. Haru is a boy Yuki encounters when he first arrives at Enoshima. He claims to be an alien, according to the new pal. He also makes an attempt to compel Yuki to be his friend, but Yuki turns him down flat. A fellow classmate and fisherman, Natsuki, is also roped in by the group for some crazy adventure and fun.

  1. K-On! (2009)

Yui Hirasawa, K-On! (2009)

Many people may be perplexed by the inclusion of the popular music anime ‘K-On!’ on a list that is supposed to be dominated by sports anime. Quite the mouthful, that! Listen to me, though. When it comes to the premise, the two animes are pretty similar. Competition and achievement are common goals for a group of characters who create a team together. When it comes to “K-On!,” the band, “Free!” is the swimming club. Because both anime are light-hearted and don’t take themselves too seriously, you’ll see a few stereotypes in both.

In the anime, Hirasawa Yui, a girl who plays a major role, joins the school’s Light Music Club. She, on the other hand, is not a musician. It’s not surprising that she applied, given her easygoing attitude. The members of the band feel guilty after learning the truth, but they can’t let her go without getting kicked out of the band. As a result, they’ve decided to teach her how to play the guitar. Yiu puts in a lot of effort, but will she be in time for the school festival despite her efforts?

  1. Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

This sports animation, ‘Yuri!!! on Ice,’ is very stunning. The art design is just so enticing, and the actual performances are fantastically animated. Also, the music in this anime is excellent. Check it out if you’re a fan of that kind of thing. People who enjoy Yaoi art would enjoy this show as well. In many ways, the show resembles ‘Free!’ The rivalry, the camaraderie, and the final performances can all be seen in each of these stories. If you’re not a fan of sports anime, this is a show you can enjoy.

Figure skating is a prominent theme in the show. It used to be that Yuuri Katsuki was one of Japan’s most prominent figure skaters before his decline in recent years. He is 23 years old, and time is running out for him. When a video of him executing a performance inspired by five-time world champion Victor goes viral, Victor shows up at his door and offers to serve as his personal trainer. When Yuuri agrees, his career takes off. Because of this, he’ll have to face with so many hurdles in the figure skating world, especially from Russia, where the competition is notoriously brutal. Yuri is one of those.

  1. Kuroko no Basket (2012)

Kuroko no Basket (2012)

‘Kuroko no Basket’ is a basketball-themed sports anime. When it comes down to it, the show is a lot like ‘Free!’ Both shows feature hot male characters who are dedicated to improving their skills in a certain sport. Basketball and swimming are the two sports included in “Free!” and “Kuroko no Basket.” It’s a fun show that focuses on sports and related topics rather than fan service, whereas ‘Free!’ occasionally dips into it. Both shows have a good sense of humor and are worth watching. You may want to check out “Kuroko no Basket” as well if you enjoyed “Free!”

It follows the five members of the Teikou Junior High School Basketball team, which is well-known. Members of the highly talented squad are true giant killers when it comes to destroying their opponents. They all went their separate ways after graduation, though. Seirin High School’s basketball team is the major focus of the story, which follows their aspirations to be the best. However, there are other difficulties to overcome, including the Teikou Junior High School’s top five players.