Top 6 Shows Like Trigun That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Trigun

Trigun is one of my all-time favorite anime series because of Vash The Stampede, the show’s iconic cowboy. As with most anime, there are gunfights mixed in with the action. It’s in the future, but the setting looks and feels like the American West, with our protagonists wandering around a desolate wasteland.

While his long red coat, spiky blonde hair, and round sunglasses proclaim him to be “a bad boy,” our hero is actually kind, funny, and slightly silly. Vash is one of the show’s most memorable characters. Did we forget to mention that he carried a.45-caliber silver revolver and is wanted for $60 billion? Because of his reputation as “stampede” or “The Humanoid Typhoon,” Vash incites deadly gun battles that devastate the towns he visits. Anime is great because the plot revolves around the morality and dangerous lifestyle of the main character, which is in direct conflict with Vash’s no-killing rule.

If you’ve already seen and enjoyed Trigun, but you’re itching for more of the same, what should you watch? You can thank us later because the following list is spot on.

Set your sights on the prize and get ready to shoot!

1. Space Dandy

Space Dandy

There are thirteen episodes in this season.

aired from January 5 to March 27 of this year

Aliens and a crazy bounty hunter meet in outer space. Exactly! For Dandy, going big is all about finding previously unknown alien species before anyone else. To get those juicy bounty hunts, he must find them first. His slacker nature and boobie obsession cause him to drift off course as he travels through space, but he is frequently redirected by a friendly robot named QT and an alien with the nickname Meow, who has a cat-like appearance.

Space Dandy will appeal to anyone who enjoys science fiction, comedy, robots, or hot females. Dandy and his pals visit various planets, where they meet a wide variety of alien species and solve any problems they run into in a swanky, hip way. Come for the stunning visuals; stay for the entertaining story and hilarity that ensues afterwards.

Similarly to Trigun, Space Dandy has a memorable and iconic main character, a lot of silly comedy, and a lot of gags. It involves bounty hunting, women who complicate the life of the main character, and strange things that happen to the carefree hunter after he completes his mission.

2. Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

There are 94 episodes available for viewing.

From 10 January 1996 to 8 September 1998, the show was on the air.

Rurouni Kenshin is without a doubt one of the most well-known and beloved anime series of all time. The story takes place in Japan during the Edo and Meiji periods, making this a historical action anime with samurai elements. During the early Meiji period, swords were banned from the streets of Japan. As a result, Kenshin Himura is constantly harassed by police and townspeople because he has a sword. In addition, Kenshin Himura has a dreadful past that has earned him the moniker of Hitokiri Battousai, and many men want him dead.

Kenshin is no longer known as Battousai, and he longs to fight without claiming the lives of others in the process. During his travels to Tokyo, he meets Kaoru Kamiya, the owner of a Dojo that adheres to his philosophy of “fight but not kill.” Despite his best efforts to continue his journey alone and avoid any human contact, he always ends up back at Kamiya’s dojo, where he is met by fighters who look up to him and his ways, no matter how many times he tries. With a story this gripping and satisfying, you’ll never forget this anime’s depiction of old Japan and the people’s ways of life.

There are more parallels between Rurouni Kenshin and Trigun than you might expect. Both Vash and Kenshin fight with guns and swords, but they live by the same set of rules: no killing and seeing the good in others. Both men have a violent past that earns them their infamous nicknames as wanted men. Legendary hunters, they’re both sought after by those determined to see their “true power” of inhuman strength killing.

3. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

There are 26 episodes available for viewing.

aired between the dates of 3 April 1998 and 24 April 1999

The list continues to grow with the addition of another cult favorite from the world of anime. A far-off future is depicted in Cowboy Bebop, where people live in space and many of them work as bounty hunters. The story revolves around the main character, Spike Spiegel, and his attempt to locate someone. This is more than just a collection of random bounties. A loner by nature, he is almost always joined by other characters who, like him, live aboard the Bebop; each one has a distinct personality that adds depth and meaning to the story.

Cowboy Bebop has a good balance of action and drama, with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure. The plot revolves around Spike, but the other characters aren’t ignored; they all have their moments of brilliance. Every character in this series contributes to the comic relief and surprising plot twists.

As the name implies, this is a very straightforward product. Trigun and Cowboy Bebop will follow a similar plot structure, with a quest, a hunter, and a bounty. There is a classy jazz intro song, and by the end of the first episode, you’re determined to watch it all in two days like Trigun did. You’ll want to see and compare these two old-school hunters and their insane fighting skills for yourself.

4. Sunabouzu (Desert Punk)

Sunabouzu (Desert Punk)

There are a total of 24 episodes.

Published: October 6, 2004 – March 30, 2005 Dates of publication:

Inventive gear, a well-deserved moniker, a scorching desert, armed vandals and bounty hunters, and thrilling fights… do any of these things ring a bell? Well, that’s not entirely correct! Kanta Mizuno is the name of the pervert bounty hunter who is stalking you. Desert Punk’s best features are undoubtedly Ecchi and the comedy, but there’s also a lot of action and gunpowder to be found. A mercenary named Desert Punk, also known as the “demon of the desert,” is our protagonist, and he has no regard for anyone or anything unless it involves sex with attractive women.

He’s not particularly pro-life because he doesn’t give a damn about other people’s well-being; whether they live or die doesn’t matter to him. In the end, all that matters to him is whether or not he gets along with a girl named Junko, or anyone else who wants to have a “good” time with him. For the most part, his exploits are a mix of comedy about his attempts and failures to reclaim his reputation while joining a political position to try and improve life in the desert.

In Desert Punk, the setting is a desert wasteland, and the protagonist, Desert Punk, is a legendary fighter, much like Vash in Trigun.

5. Gungrave


There are 26 episodes available for viewing.

Dates aired: 7/10/2003 – 3/3/2004

Gungrave is all about violence, action, and drama. There are also monsters and guns in the show, of course. Two comrades are at odds in this mafia-style anime: quiet Brandon Heat and ambitious Harry McDowel. Oh! Mika, the young girl who brought Brandon back from the dead, should not be overlooked.

Resurrected Brandon Heat is not pleased with his friend Harry. As he jumps back and forth in time, Brandon tells the story of “Beyond the Grave” using only shards of the characters’ memories. You needn’t worry, though; this doesn’t take away from the story’s appeal; rather, it makes you eagerly anticipate learning why certain events occurred. There are monsters and power-mad controlling freaks in this series, how can anything go right? Hold on to your wits because the anime’s conclusion is a shocker.

Gungrave’s story has nothing to do with Trigun, aside from the art style, but the main characters are reminiscent of Vash and his former sidekick, Nicholas Wolfman. The most striking similarity between these two works of anime is the fact that they were both created by Yasuhiro Nightow.

6. Gun X Sword

Gun X Sword

There are 26 episodes available for viewing.

From July 4 to December 26, 2005, the show was on the air.

In Gun X Sword, a widower named Van seeks vengeance on the person responsible for the death of his wife. The other characters who later join his hunt for the same assailant share his loathing for the clawed killer. In Van’s case, saving the town won him some popularity points, but Wendy Garret, a young girl who suddenly proposes marriage to him over and over again in exchange for his service and skill in hunting down his kidnapper, the clawed man, won him too many points with her. There’s plenty of action, comedy, drama, and mecha in this show.

As with Trigun, Gun X Sword takes place in a desolate western wasteland. Van, the main character, has a personality that is strikingly similar to Vash from the original Trigun series. While being pursued by criminals, Van possesses superhuman fighting prowess and comes across an innocent young lady who has been following him around for some time for no apparent reason. There’s also a Gun X Sword down that aisle if you’re looking for something that looks like Trigun.

Opening Gun vs. Sword battle

That was an interesting journey through the cowboy universe. These six Trigun-inspired anime are just the beginning of the long list of shows that have a lot in common with the acclaimed series Trigun. To ensure that you enjoy them as much as the classic, Trigun, each of these six anime series, both old and new, were hand-picked from the best of the best. Whether you enjoyed Trigun’s characters, art style, humor, or gunfights, this list of anime that are similar to Trigun is sure to satisfy your needs.