10 Best Castlevania Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Castlevania Anime Characters

If you’re looking for the strongest character in Castlevania, it’s hard to tell because there are so many people.

Identifying a story’s primary characters is a simple task. In terms of screen time, they’re the most heavily influenced by the plot and narrative than other characters. The Netflix adaptation of Castlevania has a lot of great characters, but not all of them carry the story. Characters who appeared prominently in previous seasons have been marginalized in the most current and concluding season. When a character loses or gains power, the story ties together some of these storylines in a way that reveals their strength.

“Survival does not always come to those who are strongest,” one of the series’ main themes is. As it turns out, the strongest people are those who can win without fighting. However, a few characters are made powerless and die as a result of their lack of agency or significance.

1. Lenore Can Cause Devastating Damage


In Season 3, Lenore was a formidable opponent. Forgemasters for each of the other sisters, she had devised an ingenious scheme to seduce and enslave Hector! With Morana and Striga in the field and Lenore in the castle with an increasingly agitated Carmilla, Lenore finds herself defenseless and isolated in Season 4.

She leaves Hector to his own devices, assuming that he is weak, and he allows Isaac and his minions to launch a crushing attack on their stronghold. It’s more out of desperation for being worthless than for losing her power that she takes a final glimpse at the sun in the morning.

2. Hector Has All The Powers Of A Wizard

Hector is a Forgemaster, which means he possesses considerable strength, but he also possessed a fatal flaw in his character. Because of his childish behavior, Lenore treated him as such. Carmilla and her Council of Sisters imprisoned him as a result.

Until the beginning of Season 4, when it is revealed that he has been secretly plotting not just an escape but also the defeat of Carmilla and the resurrection of Dracula, he seems to forget that he is a wizard. He may have gleaned some wisdom and agency from his time in the prison cell..

3. Carmilla Is Able To Stand Up To Dracula


It wasn’t until Season 4 that viewers got to see Carmilla wielding a sword that viewers realized how nasty she was at diplomacy. As a result, we get one of the show’s best action scenes. Carmilla might have anticipated Isaac’s maneuver if she hadn’t been so delirious at this time.

A faithful henchwoman for Drac, although in the Castlevania games she stands up to him…. Even if he’s still alive, say it to his face. One of the Council of Sisters’ most powerful members wasn’t simply a formidable vampire, but she was also driven by righteous indignation and a desire to see justice done.

4. Isaac Is Fearsome And Deadly

Castlevania’s Isaac has one of the most compelling arcs of any of the main protagonists.

Fearsome power is partly due to his past of agony and abuse, which drives him to the forge with an unquenchable thirst for revenge. Nevertheless, it appears that his path to redemption and knowledge began when he killed Godbrand out of fervent loyalty to Dracula.

Isaac’s rage seems to have died down by the time he returns to Wallachia to exact his revenge on Carmilla and Hector in a dramatic manner. Although he might easily rule the globe or resurrect Dracula, he has no desire to do so, which is fortunate for the rest of the world.

5. St. Germain Has Multiple Faces But They Are All Strong

St. Germain

It’s hard to beat St. Germain as an example of power leveling in the series. His debut appearance in Season 3 isn’t all that memorable. It’s only when we learn what he’s seeking for and what he’s learnt since he vanished into Infinite Corridor that he becomes a more terrifying character.

How disturbing it is that St. Germain appears to be able to switch between his former benevolent personality and his twisted evil self with such ease. He can manage the Infinite Corridor and bring the dead back to life, just two of his many terrifying abilities. The fact that his motives weren’t pure prevents him from reaching the pinnacle of the power pyramid.

6. Trevor Belmont May Have His Own Vampiric Powers

Although he isn’t the most prominent member of the Belmont family, he deserves much credit for surviving a family feud and reviving the Belmont dynasty. Additionally, he was the Belmont who befriended Alucard and married into the Belnades family, ensuring that future generations would be endowed with extraordinary magical abilities.

After the Netflix adaption ended, viewers were given a hint as to where the spinoff would take Christopher and Simon, two significant descendants of Trevor. When it comes to Castlevania-based Belmonts, Trevor is among the earliest. He’s Alucard’s son, which means that he has some of Alucard’s vampiric powers.

7. Sypha Belnades Is A Magical Vampire Hunter

Sypha Belnades

Sypha’s abilities grew stronger as the seasons went on, just like those of other well-known characters. When she first arrived, she was unable to defeat the cyclops protecting Alucard’s tomb, at least not all by herself. By the end of Season 4, she had helped free the land from Dracula and his henchmen.

Her abilities aren’t limited to hurling fire or ice at her foes. It is thanks to Sypha’s skills and tenacity that the demons were finally subdued, and her descendants will continue the vampire hunting tradition.

8. Adrian Tepes Is The Son Of Dracula And Incredibly Strong

Known as a damphyr, this monster is a hybrid between a human and vampire. Alucard is the name given to them in anime. In case you missed it, that’s Dracula reversed, and it’s a nod to an earlier Dracula film. Adrian Tepes, the son of Dracula and Lisa, can also be referred to as this character.

Because he’s so powerful, Alucard is underutilized in the Netflix series, and critics will point this out, and it’s true, but Alucard wasn’t powerful enough to defeat Dracula. With an open but happy ending, he receives some closure.

9. Death Is A Deadly Force


Season 4 is the first time Death is truly seen as a character, and even then he disguises himself as Varney the vampire. Despite this, he was involved in the Season 3 narrative, albeit in a hidden manner. For now, the best explanation for his appearance and actions revolves around his status as an elemental that feeds on death.

Because Death knows he can count on Dracula to do the job, he wants him back. The King of the Damned isn’t just alive; he’s locked in the same body as his wife, which Death intends to do in order to increase his propensity for murder.

10. Dracula Is By Far The Most Powerful

It’s possible Death should be at the top, but Dracula tells him what to do. Although he was killed off at the end of season 1, the Prince of Darkness remains the most powerful character in the series.

A typical video game plot revolves around either battling Dracula or those who wish to see him return. Not only is he invincible, but he also permits himself to be slain, and without him, the story would have come to an end.