10 Best Anime Like Gakuen Babysitters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Gakuen Babysitters

Are you a baby person? That was a close call, wasn’t it? Gakuen Babysitters is a well-known name in the world of charming, family-friendly animation that also features a few heartwarming moments. Sweet high school romance is present in Gakuen Babysitters! It’s got a tsundere, too! The protagonists are excellent! The babies, on the other hand, are really gorgeous!

Comedy Slice of Life animation Gakuen Babysitters was produced by Brain’s Base. It debuted in the winter of 2018 with a total of 12 episodes. Ryuuichi Kashima and his younger brother Kotarou are the focus of the story. Before his parents died in an aircraft disaster, Ryuuichi joined a babysitter club in exchange for a free place to live and an unpaid place to attend school at Morinomya Academy. There are no babies in this show; instead, it tells the narrative of two brothers who must learn to live without their parents and gradually come to terms with the fact that they will never be alone.

You’re reading this because you can’t get enough of Gakuen Babysitters, and I’m sure you know it. Because of this, I’ve put up a list of 10 anime that share some similarities with Gakuen Babysitters. I’d want to offer you, my fellow anime fan, a ride!

10. Chibi☆Devi!


We’re expecting our first set of children soon! Well, they’re devil babies, to put it mildly.

ChibiDevi!, like Gakuen Babysitters, is a series that deals with the difficulties of being a babysitter, but with a “devilish” twist. It includes Gakuen Babysitters activities like nap-time and story-time. As a result, the show doesn’t have as much heart and soul as Gakuen Babysitters, but it does have a lot of laughs for young viewers, unlike its predecessor.

A devil baby named Mao was thrown into Honoka’s room while she was sleeping, and she’s now asking the help of Shin Sugisaki to deal with the peculiar situation she’s found herself in.

9. My Roommate is a Cat

Cats to demon babies to a talking bird and return. At first glance, it may appear as though this is a step backwards from Gakuen Babysitters.

In the case of Ryuuichi and Kotarou, who were left alone after their parents were killed in an accident, the scene is spot on. When Haru, a grey cat, comes to live with him in My Roommate is a Cat, the protagonist finds himself alone in the world. He’s like Ryuuichi in that he’s put in a predicament where he has to take care of someone or something else. While Ryuuichi is a responsible person, Subaru can’t seem to care for himself at all. While the parallels end there, Subaru is now making friends and escaping his solitary existence after his fateful encounter with Haru.

This is a series that takes the “stray from the streets” cliche and crafts a tale around it, and it’s awe-inspiring. It’s both heartwarming and lighthearted. While there is a backstory to Haru, the show makes it a point to let you come to know and care about each of the characters.

8. Poco’s Udon World

Poco’s Udon World

As you can see from the picture, Poco’s Udon World and Gakuen Babysitters are starting to seem comparable in terms of art style. However, not only are they visually similar, but they also have a lot in common in terms of plot and concept.

Udon World by Poco and Gakuen Babysitter by Gakuen are two very different stories. In Poco’s Udon World, a Tanuki can change form. Both of the main protagonists in these two shows have experienced the loss of a parent. Souta Tawara’s history is explored in Poco’s Udon World, which has a similar wholesome tone. The supporting characters’ behavior and primary characteristics are likewise comparable. As with Gakuen Babysitter, the series doesn’t have a clear plot and instead follows the lives of its protagonists on a day-to-day basis. You may prefer Poco, a shapeshifting Tanuki who can change his appearance at will, rather than birds or cats.

7. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

If Usaida and Ryuuichi had changed their ways, this anime would be it. I think this is what Usaida’s nighttime fantasies revolve on.

English title Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. The story revolves around the main character Tanaka, a slacker who doesn’t like to exert himself, and his trusty sidekick Oota (blonde Usaida). It’s a comedic animation about a young man’s desire to live a calm and serene life. In addition, the artwork is quite distinctive.

The core notion of Tanaka’s everyday existence is comparable to that of Gakuen Babysitters. For both shows, characters’ day-to-day lives and the odd events that occur in them are central to their narratives, despite their disparate personalities. Gakuen Babysitters’ style of comedy and cast of characters are very comparable to this show.

6. Sweetness & Lightning

Sweetness & Lightning

It’s finally here! The search for an anime where the main character has to take care of a real baby is over.

Following the death of his wife, Kouhei Inuzaka is left to care for their daughter Tsumugi alone. Food from the convenience shop is usually what he serves them because of their hectic schedules and the fact that he has no culinary skills of his own. Kotori, one of his students, extends an invitation to him and Tsumugi, and the three of them dine and prepare with Kotori.

First and foremost, both Gakuen Babysitters and Gakuen Babysitters adhere to a realistic portrayal of the slice of life genre. He is likewise in the same scenario as Ryuuichi but this time he’s the father. The protagonists’ current predicament adds a tinge of drama to the story. It’s a wholesome anime that incorporates food, family, and emotions. Compared to Gakuen Babysitters, it is more realistic in terms of how it handles the character’s emotions.

5. How to Keep a Mummy

The mummy is very creepy! Who in their right mind wouldn’t find that adorable? And there’s a lot more to be had.

In How to Keep a Mummy, the babies in Gakuen Babysitters were effectively replaced with adorable dogs. It’s all about Sora Kashiwagi, a high school kid who gets weird gifts from his father, who travels the world. A young mummy named Mii-kun surprises him when he receives an Egyptian-themed gift. As they continue along with their lives they come to encounter more people with amazing pets.

Gakuen Babysitters set in Night at the Museum is basically this. Both of these shows are adorable and wholesome in their own unique ways. When you see their antics and their humorous daily routines, you just can’t help but smile. That delightful teacup-sized cuteness overload is sure to please everyone.

4. Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop

Unlike Sweetness & Lightning, Bunny Drop’s protagonist is a 30-year-old bachelor who goes with the flow rather than a single parent.

Daikichi Kawachi was paying his respects to his grandfather when the story began. A quiet girl named Rin Kaga has been ignored by Daickihi’s grandfather’s family since his death because they believe she is a disgrace to the family because she was reportedly his Daikichi grandfather’s unwed daughter. Daikichi, enraged, decides to adopt Rin and begin his road toward fatherhood.

For example, Bunny Drop and Gakuen Babysitters share a common theme of trying to find and regain the love and generosity that comes from a close-knit community. Healthy scenes are shown in Bunny Drop. Because it tackles a subject that’s typically taken seriously, this anime is one of a kind. This lighthearted anime is likely to bring a grin to your face, as well as a few tears to your eyes.

3. Barakamon

It is through the experience of being in close proximity to a child that Barakamon teaches you not just how to care for them, but also about yourself.

Seishu Handa, a skilled calligrapher who was exiled to the Goto Islands after losing his cool when his work was deemed unoriginal, is the protagonist of Barakamon. Naru Kotoishi, a particularly obnoxious youngster, is one of his eccentric neighbors who is often barging into his house. While living in exile, he begins to learn new things that begin to affect his perspective on a wide range of subjects.

It’s not uncommon for Gakuen Babysitters to have both comedic and poignant moments, such as Barakamon’s. In contrast, Barakamon is more concerned with Seishu’s outlook on life than his current predicament. Gakuen Babysitters’ comic sequences and depiction of a slice of life are both reminiscent of this film. Watching this anime may help open your eyes to new ideas about the world.

2. Baby and Me

Baby and Me

If you’re wondering, “What’s an anime that launched in 1996 doing on this page??” Because it’s one of the most eerily comparable to Gakuen Babysitters! Or perhaps he’s a distant relative.

As I previously stated, Takuya Enoki’s mother passed away, and as a 5th grader, he is forced to give up his youth in order to care for his younger brother while his father is at work as a typical Japanese salaryman. Takuya is in a similar position as Ryuuichi in that they are both trying to discover what it means to have a family.

A drama-comedy anime, Baby and Me is a popular choice. A real-life event is depicted in a realistic manner, and the story itself is quite lovely. While the film may be decades old, it’s still worth a viewing.

1. Hanamaru Youchien

Just like Gakuen Babysitters, the closest anime in terms of plot is Hanamaru Youchien or Hanamaru Kindergarten. Both programs have similar storylines, humour, and slice of life themes, even if they don’t share the same familial situation as Ryuuichi.

Nanako Yamamoto, the teacher who supervises the class next door, is in love with Naozumi Tsuchida, who is the protagonist of Hanamaru Youchien. Gakuen Babysitters has a similar event structure. Because it’s one of the few anime where a kindergartener’s affection for Naozumi plays a significant role in the plot, the program is as family-friendly as it gets. It’s a lighthearted, enjoyable, and all-around easygoing series. If you enjoyed Gakuen Babysitters, this is a must-see.