7 Best Shows Like The Irregular At Magic High School Update 07/2024

Shows Like The Irregular At Magic High School

‘The Irregular at Magical High School’ has received a lot of mixed reviews due to a few controversial aspects, which make it somewhat controversial. To begin with, the protagonist is utterly unstoppable in battle. He easily beats almost all of his opponents, and the outcome of every battle he engages in is a forgone conclusion. Also, the anime’s incestuous relationship between two of its characters is hinted at, which makes many viewers uncomfortable for obvious reasons.

Despite these apparent flaws, ‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ has a number of profoundly compelling themes with a great deal of cryptic symbolism. All of this is enhanced by the story’s emotional depth, and the world-building is nothing short of amazing. If you enjoyed this anime, and you’re looking for more of the same, we’re here to help. As an alternative to ‘The Irregular at Magic High School,’ the following anime shows are some of our picks. The Irregular at Magic High School, for example, can be found on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu, to name a few of the many options.

7. Code Geass (2006-)

Code Geass (2006-)

In the year 2010, the kingdom of Britannia has seized control of Japan’s capital city of Tokyo, and it has a mysterious weapon. Despite numerous attempts to overthrow the kingdom’s rule, Japan is still not a free country. Area 11 is the new name for the region, and only a small number of rebels are left fighting against Britannia’s rule. A mysterious girl appears and grants the “Power of Kings” to a high school student named Lelouch when he is caught in the crossfire between the two opposing parties. On his quest to bring peace to his nation, he not only uses his newly acquired powers, but he also devises the most effective strategies to do so.

While ‘Code Geass’ is not set in a school, it does have a high school student as its protagonist, unlike most of the other anime on this list. The protagonist of ‘Code Geass’, like the one in ‘The Irregular at Magical High School,’ is both overpowered and an excellent strategist. He also has a strong sense of purpose and is guided by a magical female character when he needs assistance. When it comes to well-written war anime, ‘Code Geass’ should be at the top of your list.

6. The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water (2015)

The Asterisk War The Academy City on the Water (2015)

The prestigious Seidoukan Academy is located in the enigmatic floating city of Asterisk. Many young people with special abilities call themselves the Genestellas and are residents of this Academy. They work hard at the Academy to get ready for a festival where they will face off against one another. Ayato Amagiri, one of the school’s few new recruits, is pitted against Julis, a girl who will change his life forever.

Between ‘The Asterisk War’ and ‘The Irregular at High School,’ a magical high school reappears as a recurring theme. Beyond the action, both series incorporate elements of romance and science fiction. As the protagonists are surrounded by young, attractive women, harem is a recurring theme. If you’re looking for a show that has a good mix of comedy, action, and romance, then ‘The Asterisk War’ is for you.

5. Strike The Blood (2013-2014)

Strike The Blood (2013-2014)

When the world’s strongest known Vampire releases her spirit on him, Kojou Akatsuki becomes the Fourth Progenitor, his life is turned completely upside down. As soon as the government learns about this, it is forced to use a super-strong sword known as Shaman to stop everything from happening. In fact, it turns out to be an apprentice by the name of Himeragi Yukina, not just any sword. Now that Kojou has to face her, things aren’t going to be easy.

The fact that both shows are set in a futuristic world with a lot of magic is the first thing they have in common. Girls are drawn to both of the male protagonists because of their similar personalities. As with the majority of shows on this list, it takes place in a high school. If you enjoyed ‘The Irregular at Magical High School’ for its eerie atmosphere and well-developed characters, then ‘Strike the Blood’ is a must-see.

4. Chivalry of a Failed Knight (2015)

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (2015)

The main character, Ikki Kurogane, is a student at the prestigious Hagun Academy. Here he learns the skills necessary to one day become a great mage Knight. Most of all, he’s a bad Knight and is dubbed the “Worst One” because of it because of his mediocre performance in school. All of this will need to be addressed quickly in order for him to get through the rest of the year. There’s new light at the end of the tunnel for him because a new headmaster named Kurono Singhji has joined the faculty and is willing to give him another shot at graduation. When she tells him that his grades will be ignored if he wins the “Seven Star Sword Festival,” he believes her. With the addition of Stella, a magical princess, Nikki’s chances of winning diminish. However, winning now means much more to him than just graduating, as the victor will have the opportunity to enslave the loser for the rest of their lives.

“Chivalry of the Failed Knight” and “The Irregular at High School” have a lot in common because both are set in a magical boarding school. It should be noted that even the main characters, Ikki and Tatsuya, struggle academically. Both characters are also very cool, and they don’t seem to give a damn that they’re the worst magicians in their schools. Both students are pitted against a peer who is the exact opposite of them and also happens to be the best student in the school.

3. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988-1997)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988-1997)

In the far future, humanity will have left Earth and colonized several other planets. However, there is no peace in the galaxy due to the ongoing conflict between the Galactic Empire, led by the Goldenbaum Dynasty, and the Alliance of Free Planets. The anime is centered on two main characters with opposing personalities who are brought together by their shared political aspirations and conflicts. And in the end, they will both have to deal with the horrors of war.

There is no magical setting in ‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes,’ but it shares with ‘The Irregular at Magical High School’ the futuristic world theme in which a war has been ensured due to discrimination based on economic status. Both shows are interested in politics and how it affects the lives of the main characters. Although the two shows appear to be worlds apart on the surface, they share a solid foundation of well-developed characters and political allusions.

2. The Fruit of Grisaia (2014)

The Fruit of Grisaia (2014)

The story of ‘The Fruit of Grisaia’ revolves around the Mihama Academy, a school where students are isolated from the outside world so that they can concentrate on what they are learning. One day, Yuuji Kazami (the first male in the group) enters their lives and forces them to confront the demons from the past they thought they had left behind.

It has a darker undertone than ‘The Irregular at Magical High School’ because of its setting. In both, the protagonist is a highly skilled man with a cold demeanor and no qualms about getting things done. The subject of harem has been lightly broached in both productions, but Ecchi is conspicuously absent from both. The anime ‘The Fruit of Grisaia’ is ideal for fans of psychological suspense set in a high school setting.

1. A Certain Magical Index (2008-)

A Certain Magical Index (2008-)

This futuristic city has a technological advantage over others because it is home to some of the brightest young minds in the world. Young boys and girls in the city attend a highly regarded academy to hone their psychic abilities. Touma Kamijou, the school’s lowest-ranking psychic, is one of the students featured in the story. However, he has a special ability known as “Imagine Breaker” that allows him to block the magical attacks of everyone else. He has a carefree existence and doesn’t give a damn until he encounters Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Some of the world’s most heinous organizations are after the girl, and it’s up to Touma to keep her safe.

The most striking similarity between the two anime is, once again, that they both take place in special-needs schools. Both stories take place in a futuristic world and feature protagonists who are extremely powerful in their own right, but who struggle mightily in the classroom. Both of them are apathetic and laid back, so when they are compelled to fight for someone else, it gives them a sense of purpose. Magic sci-fi fans will enjoy “A Certain Magical Index,” which is like a lighter version of “The Irregular at Magical High School.”