Top 11 Movies And TV Shows Like The Chi Update 04/2024

shows like the chi

Emmett, Brandon, Ronnie, and Kevin are the four main characters of the show ‘The Chi,’ which is named after Chicago. This group is based out of Chicago’s South Side, where a recent murder has changed the lives of many people while also bringing them closer than they had ever been before.

The Chi is a microcosm of the people who live in that region of the country on a daily basis. The show’s depictions of shootings, beefs, feuds, and gang wars are all true to life in this Chicago neighborhood. However, the show doesn’t just focus on homicides and gang violence; it also manages to show the city’s more positive sides. Even those who live in the area may not be aware of these facets. This is a rare find in terms of TV shows, which is why it’s such a treasure.

To be great, a show doesn’t have to pull any punches. Shows with a wide range of themes and perspectives are often the best. One such show is ‘The Chi,’ but it is far from unique. Other shows, like ‘The Chi,’ mix realism with well-executed dramatic elements. We’ve compiled a list of them for you below. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all have popular shows like The Chi that you can watch.

1. Soul Food (2000)

Soul Food (2000)

Few shows focus on the lives of African-Americans without including any violence or drug dealing. ‘Soul Food’ falls into this category. An African-American family in Chicago, Illinois deals with the problems they face as a family and as individuals in the show “Chicago P.D.”

Other general issues discussed include sexism, homosexuality, marriage, affairs, and the deaths of loved ones. The show does not just focus on the problems that African-Americans face on a daily basis. This one, in particular, is a shining example of how simplicity, when done well, can win people over.

2. Chicago Fire (2012)

Every day, Chicago firefighters and paramedics risk their lives to protect their city’s residents in “Chicago Fire,” an NBC original series. There are times when they have to deal with serious personal issues, but they must put these to the side so that they can concentrate on their careers and only deal with their personal issues when the time is right.

It’s not uncommon for new shows to have a strong start, but fade away as the season progresses. While the pilot episode is a definite letdown, things pick up steam by the third episode. Do not make hasty judgments based on the first episode, and give the show some time to grow on you.

3. The Red Line (2019)

The Red Line (2019)

A white police officer shoots an unarmed African-American doctor without cause. This tragic occurrence has a profound effect on the people who knew him and their families. As a result of these incidents, they come to understand how deeply racial bias affects their daily lives, and they set out to overcome it as a group.

Tragic events can sometimes bring people together, allowing them to discover something they’ve been searching for for a long time. Once again, ‘The Red Line’ is a straightforward production that captures the raw emotions of those who have endured loss in a way that will warm your heart.

4. Barbershop (2005)

It continues the story of a Chicago barber named Calvin, his odd staff, and the customers from the South Side of Chicago that he serves in ‘Barbershop.’ Calvin has to find a way to maintain his sanity while juggling the needs of his family, his coworkers, and his regular clients. This is the kind of show you want to watch when you get home from work after a long day. This show’s combination of goofiness, intelligence, and sexiness is sure to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

5. The Wire (2002)

The Wire (2002)

This genre of show, ‘The Wire,’ is one of the best ever made. Baltimore’s inner drug scene revolves around the lives of everyone who is even remotely involved, including the cops trying to control the city’s drug problem, the city’s everyday citizens who are affected by the rise in drug-related crimes, the gang members and drug addicts determined to keep this mayhem going, and media and politicians who talk about it and replay it every day without contributing.

When you start watching it for the first time, this show will blow your mind away with its clever plot and wonderful characters.

6. Treme (2010)

People’s lives and homes are destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, but the human spirit is tested when these people refuse to give up on rebuilding themselves. Despite the tragedy that has befallen them, they find inspiration in their distinctive culture, which serves as a solid foundation on which to build their aspirations for the future.

This gripping production takes you on a journey through New Orleans, which is depicted in realistic detail. It demonstrates how the people of the town were unaffected by the disaster and how their warmth and friendliness kept them going even during the most trying times.

7. The Corner (2000)

The Corner (2000)

‘The Corner,’ a heartwarming drama set in West Baltimore during the drug wars, centers on the lives of a poor family trying to make ends meet. Families begin to spiral out of control when one or more members become involved in the drug trade, whether they are users or dealers. Only if DeAndre can stay out of trouble and resist the temptation to become a drug dealer will he have a chance of escaping this hell hole and finding a better life.

Throughout the series, it’s fascinating to see how even the tiniest of decisions made by characters early on have a lasting impact on their futures.

8. Show Me a Hero (2015)

In the year 1987, during Yonkers’ worst crisis, a newly appointed mayor named Mick Wasicsko took over the office and fueled the city. When the federal courts order him to build public housing for whites in the town’s middle class, the city becomes divided. Frustrated by this decision, half the town’s residents feel neglected, and the town sinks deeper into the shadows of crime, murder, racism, paranoia, and politics.

An entire town can be brought to its knees due to corruption in the political system, which can occur at any level, even at the local level.

9. The Deuce (2017)

The Deuce (2017)

As seen in The Deuce, which stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco, prostitution is big business in 1970s New York, where no one is questioning it. After all of these neighborhoods are targeted by the police, the people running the business will be forced to operate in the city’s shadows while coming up with novel ways to make it safer and more discrete.

This show will take you back in time to when New York City was the world’s most famous prostitution hotspot, and you’ll be amazed at how much has changed since that time.

10. Snowfall (2017)

As seen by a drug-dealing family and a cop who tries to keep things under control, “Snowfall” depicts the early stages of the crack epidemic on the streets of Los Angeles. There are numerous shows that deal with the same subject matter, but this one stands out from the crowd not because it is superior to the competition, but rather because of the authentic feel that you can almost smell in the streets of Los Angeles as depicted in the show.

Even though it’s a fantastic show, Game of Thrones and Ballers, which aired at the same time, failed to garner much attention for it.

11. Atlanta (2016)

An on-and-off girlfriend who is also the mother of his child plays the lead role in this film directed by Donald Glover. When Earn’s cousin Alfred Marks suddenly becomes a rap star, he decides to join him as his manager. It takes a team of three to make it big in Atlanta’s rap scene. Alfred’s visionary and right-hand man, Darius, joins the fray. Donald Glover demonstrates the potential of his innovative and awkwardly funny show. An absolute must-see for comedy-drama fans everywhere.