10 Best Shows Like Siesta Key That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Siesta Key

1. Siesta Key (2017 – )

Siesta Key (2017 - )

MTV’s reality show Siesta Key follows the lives of young adults who reside on the Gulf Coast island of Siesta Key. In contrast to Too Hot To Handle, this show is more of a dramatic reality show that follows many different people and their relationships, as well as all the drama that goes along with it.

Fans of classic MTV shows like Laguna Beach will enjoy this one, which is both nostalgic and highly dramatic for fans of reality TV.

2. Love Island (2015 – )

Love Islandis an American adaptation of a British dating reality show that first aired in the United Kingdom. the same basic idea: singles are flown to a tropical island where they meet and form relationships with one another over the course of a few weeks. Those who don’t form a couple are thrown off the island and will have no chance of winning because they’ll be “dumped” and left with nothing.

With a similar beautiful tropical setting and all the intense romantic drama as each contestant tries to pair up with another, this show is ideal for fans of Too Hot To Handle. Fans of Too Hot To Handle will enjoy both the British and American versions of this reality TV drama.

3. Are You The One? (2014 – )

Are You The One (2014 - )

It’s a dating game show where 20 singles are thrown together in a house to see who can win. The producers pair up the singles into couples based on how compatible their lifestyles, interests, and personalities seem to be before they are put into the house together.

After that, it’s up to the singles to find their “perfect matches” for each other. To win the most money, they must divide up and get everyone seated with their game by the end of the season.

4. Back With The Ex (2018)

There was a 2018 episode of the reality show Back with the Ex in Australia. Those who were once in a relationship with someone are the subjects of this show, which explores why they ended the relationship. Despite the fact that they are no longer together, they can’t help but fantasize about what might have been.

To find out if they made a mistake in ending their relationship, this show brings the ex-couples back together.

5. Dating Around (2019 – )

Dating Around (2019 - )

“Dating Around” examines how difficult dating can be for many people in an original Netflix reality series produced by Netflix. Dating Around has people go on five first dates with five different people in order to deal with this and see who they get along with most. People reflect on their first dates afterward and decide who they’d like to go out on a second date with.

While the format of this show differs from that of Too Hot To Handle, the central theme of trying to build a genuine connection with and get to know someone is the same. After watching Too Hot To Handle on Netflix, if you enjoy romantic reality shows, you should check out this one.

6. Love Is Blind (2020 – )

To the point of being unbearable to handle

Love Is Blind, which debuted on Netflix in 2020, is a dating show with a distinctive format. An island or house full of strangers where they can get to know one another and develop personal and romantic ties is replaced by a show where people meet and form connections virtually.

There are strangers in the show, who communicate with one another by talking on the phone, and they only meet in person after they’ve already established a connection by talking on the phone.

7. Terrace House (2015 – )

Terrace House (2015 - )

Terrace House is a series of Japanese reality shows that debuted in 2007. The show brings together a diverse group of people from various backgrounds and walks of life in one house for a set period of time to get to know one another and share their lives. In addition, a group of commentators follow the show in real time and offer their insights into what’s going on inside the house.

Even though it is in Japanese, this Netflix original series has English subtitles. It’s a fun, fresh take on reality television for those looking to shake things up in the genre.

8. Married At First Site (2014 – )

Married at First Sightis a show about a group of people who are fed up with dating and having failed relationships. Instead of putting everyone in a house together to get to know each other, this show approaches love from a completely different angle.

An expert team gets to know each of the actors and then pairs them up according to how compatible they are with their personalities, interests and way of life in order to find the best match. Once they have met for the first time at their wedding, Married at First Sight follows the development of their relationship.

9. Summer House (2017 – 2020)

Summer House (2017 - 2020)

In the years between 2017 and 2020, the Bravo network aired Summer House, a reality show about a family in a summer house. The show revolves around a group of New York socialites who get together to go to their summer home in Montauk, a beach town where the rich and famous from the city go to relax and unwind.

Following the drama that comes with a life of affluence on the east coast, this show does just that.

10. Labor Of Love (2020 – )

A reality TV series called Labor of Love premiered in 2020 and follows a woman who has decided she’s ready to become a mother. However, she’s still single because she hasn’t found the right man for her yet

For her future child, she decides to put all the candidates through a series of tests to see who is the most suitable candidate for the role of father.