15 Best Shows Like Dexter On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Dexter On Netflix

As soon as Dexter ends, fans are looking for something else to fill the void. These fantastic productions could be the answer.

Fans of Michael C. Hall’s portrayal of Dexter Morgan, the unconventional hero, know that nothing will come close to it. To be expected in a typical television show, Dexter focuses on how Dexter Morgan processes his “dark passenger,” which includes the information gained through forensic hookups and other creative means of eluding capture by authorities.

A viewer can fall in love with a character and have the rug pulled out from under them by this show. Love-hate relationships with lawbreakers are unusual, but for some characters, it works perfectly. Over the course of eight seasons, viewers were able to follow Dexter as he matured, met new people, fell in love, and committed horrific crimes.

Matthew Wilkinson will be updating this page on November 24th, 2020 with new information. When it was announced that Dexter would be returning, fans were both surprised and excited. Even though the story appeared to be over, interest remains high. There are plenty of other great crime shows out there that provide just as many thrills and tension as Dexter, so fans won’t be bored until he returns.

15. Top Of The Lake

Top Of The Lake

Elizabeth Moss was a New Zealand detective prior to her breakout role in The Handmaid’s Tale as a 12-year-old girl who went missing. As a woman, she has a unique perspective on the world, and this show puts viewers right in her head.

The flawed and human sides of the characters are revealed in this two-season series, just like in Dexter.

14. The Following

An FBI agent and a cult of killers were at the center of the hit show The Following, which ran from 2013 to 2015. A cult is a group of people who, if not for their desire to kill one another, would have no connection at all.

When it comes to law enforcement dramas like Breaking Bad and Dexter, it’s thrilling to see how far behind they are on the trail of the real monster they’re hunting. This film, which features Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, is a must-see.

13. Homeland


Unlike most crime dramas, this one features a lot of action, making it an engaging watch from beginning to end. This one has a lot of tension as it follows a CIA operative as they try to find a prisoner who has allegedly joined Al-Qaeda.

Like Dexter Morgan, this series doesn’t have a standout anti-hero, but it does have a lot of twists and turns and poses a lot of moral questions. Overall, Homeland is a thrilling show that’s a blast to watch on TV.

12. Breaking Bad

It is extremely rare for a viewer to dislikeBreaking Bad. This show has something for everyone, and like Dexter, Walter White’s rise and fall are depicted (Brian Cranston). White is a brilliant scientist with a natural talent for the study of chemistry.

When the lights go out, he’s the good guy. But he’s hiding an evil side to himself. They make a great team when paired with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) on television.

11. Line Of Duty

Line Of Duty

It’s no coincidence that the intense secrecy surrounding Line of Duty has helped it quickly rise to the top of the list of most-watched crime shows on television. While working for the anti-corruption unit, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott is tasked with tracking down the most notorious criminals in the city.

The team’s quest to uncover the identity of ‘H,’ however, is fraught with deception and lies from corrupt police officers who are themselves involved in criminal activity. Like Dexter, nobody can be trusted in this show, and the characters are so relatable that it only adds to the tension.

10. The Killing (2011)

Even though The Killing was a great show with great depth, it only lasted for four seasons before it was canceled. Investigative partners Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder of the Seattle Police Department are the focus of the story as they seek to apprehend serial killers.

Viewers get to see the good and the bad as well as the in-between in both of their lives. The acting is top-notch, and there’s a sense of mystery to it all.

9. The Fall

The Fall

Before he played Christian Gray in Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan was a Belfast serial killer. For the first time, the audience can see a different side of Dornan’s acting abilities in this role.

Like Dexter, Paul Spector’s (Jamie Dornan) life is brought to life for the audience, allowing them to experience the ups and downs, the scary moments, and the love-hate relationships that are certain to develop.

8. You

This is the perfect crime series for people to watch because of the obvious similarities between You and Dexter. Having an anti-hero character who thinks he or she is doing the right thing by murdering innocent people is a common theme in this film.

The story revolves around Joe’s failed love affairs, which frequently end in tragedy and the loss of life. Because of Joe’s constant commentary, which is eerily reminiscent of Dexter’s, and his role as a cold-blooded killer, this is an episode that any Dexter fan would enjoy.

7. True Detective

True Detective

Each season of True Detective had its own unique approach and characters. In order to get to know the detectives, the story delved into their personal lives rather than the case at hand.

Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the series has a stellar cast and a compelling story. However, there are also two other seasons, but this is the most popular and brightest.

6. Mindhunter

Rewinding to a time when we didn’t know the term “serial killer,” Mindhunter immerses its viewers in an alternate reality where FBI agents try to figure out what motivates these heinous acts of violence.

They are also working on other cases at the same time. Slow-burning, but worth it because of the excellent acting and compelling crime storyline.

5. American Crime Story

If you’re a fan of crime shows, there’s usually nothing better than watching a real-life crime on television. Normally, this would be the subject of a documentary, but American Crime Story did an excellent job of turning the world-famous OJ Simpson trial into a compelling story.

This show’s cast is flawless, with each actor delivering their absolute best. However, even though everyone knows how the story ends, the show focuses on every little detail and interaction that took place at the time to tell it in a riveting way that results in many tense moments.

4. Hannibal


Anthony Hopkin’s portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs made him a household name in the horror genre. There’s no better way to honor the classic than to turn it into a TV show. In this episode, Lecter assists a criminal profiler with a case that appears to be unsolvable.

At the same time, however, Dexter Morgan-like in this regard, Lecter’s motivation is to undermine rather than to strengthen the system.

3. Criminal

Dexter fans should definitely check out Netflix’s Criminal, a unique series that’s a lot of fun to watch. Each episode of this series features a different detective team questioning a suspect in connection with a crime, which keeps the show fresh.

The team remains the same, allowing viewers to form their own opinions about whether or not the characters are guilty or innocent. When it comes to interrogation, there is a lot of fine detail that has to go into it, and the show never leaves the interrogation room, it is all about great dialogue and tense scenes.

2. CSI: Miami

CSI Miami

From 2002 to 2012, CSI: Miami entertained viewers with a wide variety of cases while maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere for viewers to enjoy. We know it will be set in Miami because of Dexter and because the main cast is on the hunt for criminals.

A show about criminals, law enforcement, and beautiful, sandy beaches isn’t exactly what you’d call slow-burning or difficult to solve.

1. Mr. Robot

With hints of both drama and thriller, Mr. Robot tells the story of computer genius Elliot Alderson, who moonlights as a hacker in his spare time. Alderson is Rami Malek’s second skin, and each season gets better with character development and the situations in which the characters find themselves.

Alderson, like Dexter, goes about his business undetected, but he is a serial criminal.