10 Best Shows Like Shimoneta That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Shimoneta

It’s not uncommon for the characters in Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai to find themselves in filthy or repulsive situations. Translating Shimoneta: A Boring World Without Dirty Jokes, its full name is a mouthful. These are the people who enjoy a darker sense of humor and find that normal comedy doesn’t fit their fancy as well. Shimoneta is a show about the freedom of speech in a country where it is illegal to spread lewd material. These other anime, while not quite as explicit as Shimoneta, will satisfy your need for innuendo, sexual humor, and lewd imagery.

1. World Conquest Zvezda Plot

World Conquest Zvezda Plot

This anime’s central theme is global dominance. Up until Lady Venera, Kate Hoshimiya, no one had been able to successfully complete conquests. She’s a young woman leading Zvezda, an organization dedicated solely to global dominance. They are joined by Lady Plamya, Professor Um, and the robot Roboko on their quest to conquer.

Asuta Jimon, a young boy who has run away from home, meets Kate. After an altercation with his father, he decides to leave the family home. No money, no place to stay, and he’s running low on food. As a result of his financial predicament, he is forced to join Zvezda. In their path to world dominance stands the White Light, a group formed solely for the purpose of destroying Zvezda. At first, Asuta believes the young woman is merely acting out a fantasy or a prank for the benefit of the group. In any case, he soon comes to terms with the fact that Zvezda is real and will one day take over Japan. This is the beginning of an unusual journey involving a young boy and a strange, strong-willed girl determined to conquer the globe.

2. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking are two angelic sisters who have been expelled from heaven as punishment for their misbehavior. They’ve been exiled to Daten City, a place that sits on the precipice of both heaven and hell. To use the Japanese term for fallen angel, Daten is a play on the word. There are ghosts and demons roaming the streets of Daten City, making it a dangerous place to live. As a result of their ordeal, Panty and Stocking flee to the Reverend Garterbelt for protection and instruction on how to effectively turn their underwear and lingerie into weapons. When the demons or ghosts are destroyed with these weapons, the sisters receive heaven coins. The sisters hope to return to heaven one day after saving up enough heaven coins.

While the sisters have a strategy in place, their desire for sweets and men keeps them from achieving their goals. Unlike her sister, Panty, who has dark brown hair and fair skin, Panty enjoys looking for men to spend the night with. Stocking is a goth angel with purple and pink hair. She enjoys sweets and never gains weight despite this. She has a short fuse and can be abrasive, but she is the more sensible one.

3. Prison School

Prison School

A little outside of Tokyo, you’ll find Hachimitsu Private Academy. All-girls prep school with a stellar reputation for producing obedient, well-mannered young ladies. Before the school changes its policies and starts accepting male students, that is. There will be one boy for every 200 girls under the new rule as it is implemented. Despite their best efforts, none of the five boys have been able to form close relationships with any of the girls. They are arrested by the U.S.C. and sent to the school’s prison for a month before their mission is successful. This is the beginning of their harrowing journey through school prison, during which their friendship and perverse sense of humor will be put to the test. For a month, they’ll be cooped up together and will have to fend for themselves.

4. B Gata H Kei

This is an odd one, to say the least. Yamada, a freshman at Takizawa High School, is a 15-year-old girl. Despite the fact that most people find her attractive, she disagrees. Because she believes her private parts are strange-looking, she hides them to avoid drawing attention to them. She had a goal of sleeping with 100 men by the time she graduated from high school, but she’s afraid that if any experienced lovers see her naked, they’ll tease her about her strange-looking body parts or the fact that she’s a virgin, so she’s holding back.

She believes that a virgin named Kosuda Takashi can ease her sexual transition, so she turns to him for help. She now has to figure out how she’s going to seduce Kosuda into sleeping with her, but Yamada has no experience with sex or the art of seduction. The humor in the show is a mix of lightheartedness and a darker undertone. Two virgins are on the lookout for a way to get their first taste of sex, but they’re both too shy to initiate contact.

5. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Takatoshi Tsuda enrolls at Ousai Private Academy, which was previously all-girls. His untidy uniform gets him in trouble on his first day, when Student Council President Shino Amakusa calls him out on it. She offers him the position of vice president of the student council as a way of making amends for running late for his final class and because she believes the council could use a new male perspective. Takatoshi is now in an awkward position, as he holds this prestigious title despite having yet to attend his first class at the school.

It doesn’t take him long to figure out that Shino isn’t just the obedient president; she’s also a total pervert who’s fascinated by all things erotic and constantly makes lewd jokes about it. But the council secretary is just as scandalous as the president, and far from being the well-to-do girl she appears to be. Suzu Hagimura, the treasurer, is embarrassed by the way she looks like she just got out of kindergarten. Now that Takatoshi has joined the school, he must navigate this new environment with the help of lewd and perverted classmates who all share a sexual sense of humor.

6. Toshokan Sensou (Library War)

Kasahara Iku is the Library Task Force’s first female member. For Toshokan Sensou, the future Japan is where the Enhancement Law has been passed, censoring all literature and media for the general population. We created the Library Defense Force to fight back. A military task force guards all libraries to protect the books and freedom of the media from censorship. All libraries are well-equipped and ready to fight back against censorship.

Iku puts in long hours despite being the only female in a male-dominated organization. While she wants the same respect and power as her fellow members, her primary goal is to help safeguard the libraries that she cherishes. When she grows up, she wants to be like the man who stood up to the Enhancement Law and saved her favorite book from oblivion. War, love, comedy, and lewd jokes are all featured in the show.

7. Katte ni Kaizou

Katte ni Kaizou

In high school, being gullible can have disastrous consequences. Katsu Kaizou, a 17-year-old high school student, is fascinated by science fiction and paranormal phenomena. For him, it seems like everything is part of a grand plan devised by extraterrestrials to take over the world. Eventually, he makes a change of direction and becomes involved in the school’s science club. It’s here that he meets other students who share his passion, but perhaps not to the extent that he thinks. There will be many strange things that happen as a result of this, such as log people, pee blades, lethal sushi, robot invasions, living dolls and ghosts. Umi grows on Kaizo as the series progresses, and he develops feelings for her despite her darker side. They go off the beaten path as a team, and the stories they come up with are just as bizarre and hilarious as the next.

8. My Wife is the Student Council President

As president of the student council, Hayato Izumi embodies everything a leader should be. I like him because he’s responsible, down-to-earth, and focused on his studies. However, he faces a new foe in the form of a woman who easily wins the presidency. A comprehensive sex education program, free condoms, and other initiatives help Ui Wakana win over the students. Hayato is relegated to the position of vice president and is under the direction of Ui the entire time.

It turns out that Hayato and Ui’s parents made a drunken promise years ago that their children would get married one day, but they didn’t tell them. As a result of this, Ui decides to move in with Hayato and the two eventually marry. They now have to learn how to live as a married couple, deal with the stresses of school, and keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the student council. They have a lot to learn. To find out whether or not the two find love together, viewers will have to tune in to find out how hard they try to hide their relationship from the rest of the student council. Ui, who is openly pro-sex, and responsible Hayato are polar opposites who will either hate each other or make the best of partners.

9. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Ryuko Matoi is on the prowl for the assassin who slain her father in order to exact vengeance. She only has one clue: a piece of his Scissor Blade is missing. She ends up at Honnouji Academy, where the student council representative, Satsuki Kiryuuin, rules with the help of four powerful lieutenants she calls the Elite Four. Because of the constant threat of overthrow and fierce competition, school is an unpleasant place to be. As president of the student council, Satsuki has the power to bestow superhuman abilities on selected students in the form of special clothing known as Goku Uniforms.

When Ryuuko goes up against one of the Elite Four, the Goku Uniform prevents her from even coming close to winning. Fortunately, she stumbles upon Senketsu, a rare Kamui as she flees in fear. By ingesting some of Ryuuko’s blood, Senketsu reawakens and seizes hold of his prey. Ryuko has gained tremendous power as a result of Senketsu and plans to use it in conjunction with the Scissor Blade to take on the Elite Four while making her way to Satsuki in an effort to find out who killed her father.

10. Oruchuban Ebichu

Oruchuban Ebichu is a strange anime that doesn’t quite fit in with anything else. Eibichu is a hamster who, on the surface, appears to be the ideal house pet. She does everything from grocery shopping to cooking to cleaning to doing the laundry. To please Office Lady, she does everything she does. As a result of Ebichu’s exuberance and ice cream obsession, Office Lady and her rather unfaithful boyfriend frequently administer harsh and even bloody punishments to her. In contrast, Ebichu appears unconcerned about his punishment. She sees it as merely a means to an end, and as long as her master is content, her mission is complete.

Even though she is treated like a dollar store rat by her master, Ebichu still loves her despite this. The show is loaded with sexual allusions and scenes, as well as graphic violence, and it’s aimed at people over the age of 18. Don’t let Ebichu’s beatings get you down — some of them can be quite sad. If you were expecting a cute hamster anime about house cleaning, this would not be on the list.

If, after watching Shimoneta, you feel as though all happiness has ended, don’t be alarmed. You can indulge in your darker fantasies by watching other disturbing and perverted anime. They’re not only explicit and loaded with sexual innuendo, but they also have compelling plots that make them well worth your time.