10 Best Shows Like Sex And The City On Netflix Update 04/2024

Shows Like Sex And The City On Netflix

That time, Sex and the City was an avant-garde piece of comedy-drama cinema. SATC fans will appreciate these ten additional television programs.

Fashion, glitz, and sex, as well as strong female characters, all contributed to the show’s success.

As the chemistry between Mr. Big and Carrie developed, viewers were left in splits between laughter and tears. When Charlotte fell in love with Harry, they were overjoyed. And then they had their precious daughters. When Miranda moved to Brooklyn, they were all surprised.

Everyone who watched Sex and the City was enamored with Samantha Jone’s fashion sense and outspoken demeanor. Fans are still enamored with the fashion and relatable lives of all four women after six seasons and two movies. If you’re a fan of Sex and the City and want to see something similar, here are the 10 best shows to watch if you’re a fan.

1. Younger



Younger will appeal to fans of Sex and the City because of the high levels of drama, strong female friendships, stylish clothing, and glitzy events that the characters attend. Liza Miller just got divorced, is broke, and is in need of a new start in her life. She does what she has to in order to land a job at a New York-based publishing house, which includes lying about her age. Things go from bad to worse as the lies come out, the secrets are revealed, and romantic relationships develop only to fall apart again.

Fans will adore the show’s strong female characters like Maggie, Liza’s longtime artist friend, who has just the right amount of sass, and Kelsey, Liza’s new colleague, who is both ambitious and loyal. If you liked Sex and the City, you’re going to love Younger.

2. The Mindy Project

Despite being a successful OB/GYN, Dr. Mindy Lahiri has a rocky love life, and Mindy Kaling portrays her admirably. She has a hard time with both casual dating and long-term relationships. Her outlandish outfits are eye-catching, and her workspace exudes feminine whimsy.

Dr. Lahiri’s clinic is full of colorful characters that fans will adore, such as the stoic Dr. Danny Castellano and the lovable nurse Morgan. Fans of Sex and the City will become fashion-obsessed, and Mindy’s back-and-forth romance with a handsome doctor will remind them of Carrie and Big’s dramatic love story.

3. Mom



The film Mom tells the story of five women who, after years of addiction, decide to try to live a sober life.

Through the ups and downs of losing a job, heartbreak, healing family wounds, and maintaining sobriety, Marjorie and her friends are there for each other. Fans will be reminded of the beautiful connection that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha shared by the loyalty of these five women.

You’ll laugh and cry along with them as they overcome their obstacles together in hilariously heartwarming fashion. Fans will wish they were at the diner with the characters after seeing Mom, just as they do after seeing Sex and the City after watching that film.

4. Dead to Me

When you see Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini on screen together in Dead to Me, you’ll be rushing to the television.

Even though Judy and Jen are unlikely friends, their shared grief and the secrets they keep for the other are what tie them together. Judy is a people-pleaser who lets others push her around, while Jen is a stickler for the truth and will not put up with anyone else’s nonsense.

It will bring back memories for Sex and the City fans when Judy and Jen become a formidable force as the mystery surrounding their relationship unravels. It helps if you watch the show with Linda Cardellini’s bangs because her hairstyle is also impressive.

5. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl’s outfits alone are enough to turn onSex and the City fans, so this one is a given. But they’ll keep coming back for more as long as there are sexy tumultuous relationships to enjoy. Fans never know who the “gossip girl” is going to end up with and who the mysterious “gossip boy” will end up with.

Gossip Girl will appeal to fans of Sex and the City because of its never-ending back and forths and ups and downs.

Nothing is more engrossing than a strong female friendship, and they will fall in love with Blair Woldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen’s bond.

6. Broad City

Two best friends are trying to figure out how to make it in New York City in Broad City, an incredibly funny and relatable story about them. They’re down on their luck but fearless, which makes for an exhilarating combination for an adventure. Whatever the situation, Ilana and Abbi have each other’s backs.

A different perspective on New York life, Broad City shows a more gritty side, but fans of Sex and the City may still enjoy the hilarious honesty and fall in love with the two strong women on the show.

7. Shrill



Originally from Portland, Oregon, Annie is a hardworking curvy woman with aspirations to change the world. At the magazine she works for, Annie fights to be heard. She also fights with her mother, who doesn’t understand her at all.

To top it all off, Annie has a love life that’s anything but smooth, as she’s smitten by deadbeat Ryan. Fran, Annie’s fierce best friend, helps her accept her body, and she stops letting other people walk all over her. Fans of Sex and the City will be inspired by Annie’s courage and determination as she fights for her voice to be heard.

8. Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Although going through a divorce is never an easy or pleasurable experience, it can be made tolerable if you have supportive girlfriends by your side. Abby, a self-help author, gets her strength from her girlfriends, just like the women in Sex and the City did when life gave them a curveball.

It reminds people that even in difficult times of life, if you surround yourself with the right friends, you can make it through anything. Sex and City and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

9. Good Girls

Good Girls


The plot of Good Girls is packed with crime, family strife, and tattooed gangsters, as well as female power and loyalty.

There is no one Beth, Annie, or Ruby can rely on when things get tough, but they may be in over their heads this time. In order to regain control of their lives, three courageous women band together to rob a supermarket. But it doesn’t end there; these three are on a precipice. Viewers of Sex and the City will be inspired by the strength and determination of these women as they face their many challenges together.

10. The Bold Type

The Bold Type, likeSex and the City, is full of glitz, romance, and strong female friendships.

Three strong women are shown to lean on one another while working tirelessly on Scarlet magazine and dealing with the difficulties of finding their own unique voices.

Cosmopolitan editor in chief Joanna Coles is the subject of the book The Bold Type, which was inspired by her life. Having three fabulous friends who work at Vogue would make the story feel more Sex and the City-like.

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