10 Best National Lampoon Movies That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best National Lampoon Movies

Over the years, National Lampoon has produced a slew of memorable comedies. On IMDb, these are the best films made by this company.

One of the most recognizable comic brands is National Lampoon’s, which has been around since the 1930s.

This once-weird and often-risqué humor magazine for college students in the 1970s and 1980s evolved into a well-known comedy film brand. Though they’ve done some work in radio, live theater, and print items, they’re best known for their music.

While Animal House and the Vacation films made National Lampoon famous, the magazine’s name has been attached to a variety of slapstick comedy over the years.

There have been plenty of flops at the original publication, which was renamed National Lampoon Inc. in 2002. While this is a well-known fact, the term has become synonymous with teen comedies in general, inspiring films like Porky’s and American Pie. “TOGA!” is still chanted by teenagers and adults today because of its lasting impact.

The following is a rundown of the ten highest-rated films in Imdb.com’s history.

1. Repli-Kate (5.7)


There are a lot of the typical sex-comedy cliches and childish humor that you’d expect to see in a National Lampoon film, especially one from the makers of American Pie.

The story revolves around Max Fleming, a brilliant graduate student who has devised a method of cloning human beings. It appears that a magazine writer by the name of Kate is all that is required for a clone of her to be developed following a minor cut. Fleming takes care of Kate’s clone to make her into his ideal “perfect woman,” only to discover he is in love with the real Kate.

However, despite the title, this romp hardly goes beyond a “guilty pleasurecomedy,” despite the odd appearance of college-bro humor.

2. Senior Trip (5.7)

Despite the fact that National Lampoon was still a popular choice for many viewers in the 1980s, their popularity began to wane by the 1990s.

Senior Trip from ’95 is a good example of a film that only infrequently delivers a laugh-out-loud scene.

Typical National Lampoon teen comedy fare, there are a host of weird gags and crazy mishaps, coupled with slapstick and sex-jokes that are over-the-top. There are few positive aspects to this film, other from Tommy Chong’s role as the bus driver and a few memorable lines.

3. Vegas Vacation (6.0)

Vegas Vacation

“National Lampoon’s Vacation” was the first Vacation picture that was renamed without the “National Lampoon” title attached. There is still the trademarkVacationhumor, even though some have argued that the ’97 sequel is too over the top.

Clark Griswold’s (Chevy Chase) habitual blunders and stupidity are on full display as he takes his family on a trip to Las Vegas. In addition, there’s Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid), who’s already gone cartoon-level insane.

A delightful plot and funny escapades may be found in the Vegas environment, even if many considerVegas Vacation less memorable or clever than previous films.

4. Hard Four (6.1)

By a single point, this less-known comic frolic from 2007 beats out its Vegas-themed predecessor.

Golden Hands Segal’s grandson, Freddy, and his best friend, Spencer, must travel across the country in less than a day to fetch his grandfather’s body and bury it.

Slapstick, booze-related humor, and shock laughs are all in abundance in this National Lampoon-esque comedy. Samuel Gould and Charles Dennis, the film’s director and writer, both turn in entertaining performances. Bryan Cranston, who plays Lt. Bryce Baxter, makes an appearance. This bizarre road trip film’s bizarre premise and clash of aesthetics are the primary reasons it fails so miserably.

5. Loaded Weapon 1 (6.2)

Loaded Weapon 1

Loaded Weapon 1 is a spoof of Lethal Weapon by the same people that made some of the funniest radio and high school yearbook parodies of all time.

Even so, this satirical action comedy features a strong cast led by Samuel L. Jackson and Emilio Estevez that provides lots of laughs. An odd LA police team investigates the presence of cocaine in Girl Scout cookies, which makes for an entertaining idea. Additionally, this under-appreciated satire typically delivers with its parodies of everything from Basic Instinct to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ad to the 80’s advertising.

6. European Vacation (6.2)

Because of the comparison to the first Vacation, this ’85 sequel has the unenviable task of measuring up. According to several reviewers, this sequel has a tendency to be formulaic and unnecessarily stupid at times. There are moments of lightheartedness despite the over-the-top goofyness and lack of original Griswold family members.

Clark and his family travel to Europe after winning a ridiculous game show. Just like in the original, everything that may go wrong does because of the European culture shock. It’s true that these exotic locales lend themselves to a slew of hilarious situations and make for a fun viewing experience.

7. Van Wilder (6.4)

Van Wilder

Even the notion of graduating from college can be daunting at times, as the college experience can offer some great moments.

Van Wilder, from the pages of National Lampoon, exemplifies this idea in a typically crazy and exaggerated manner. Instead of feeling desperate or immature like some of their previous efforts, this 2002 comedy has some touching moments.

Even yet, the comedy, sex humor, and one-liners are all here in spades. In addition to the aforementioned actors – Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid, and Kal Penn – the picture relies on a cast of comic relief. This is not Animal House, but it’s still a delightful college comedy for a younger audience.

8. Vacation (7.4)

Filmmaker John Hughes wrote the short story “Vacation ’58” during the 1979 Chicago Blizzard and sent it to National Lampoon magazine, where it was published soon after. Once they had the idea for a film idea, they optioned it, which finally led to this iconic Chevy Chase laugher.

Clark and his family take a road trip across the country in this 1983 Harold Ramis-directed comedy, which has a plethora of disasters. Many viewers found this quirky, but somewhat realistic, premise to be just what they were looking for.

It’s still recognized as one of the best comedies of the 1980s thanks to its combination of hilarious gags and slapstick, clever zingers, and a diverse cast.

9. Animal House (7.5)

Animal House

“Icon” status has been bestowed on Animal House because of its groundbreaking mix of comedy, original themes, and appealing ensemble.

To put National Lampoon on the map as a film company, this 1978 classic immediately followed its magazine and radio success. Comedic performances from SNL and Chicago’s Second City are among the highlights of this frat-boy comedy.

In addition to John Belushi, Stephen Furst, and a whole slew of other hilarious characters,Animal House has become the benchmark for teen comedies, inspiring classics like American Pie and Old School.

10. Christmas Vacation (7.6)

This ’89 masterpiece is widely considered to be both the pinnacle of theVacationseries and a top-tier Christmas film. There are a lot of funny and likable on-screen family members to help Chevy Chase out with his foolish antics and angry outbursts.

Using the tried-and-trueVacationformula of family disasters, the film also injects a special festive flair.

As easy as it seems, Christmas Vacation is packed with humorous jokes and memorable events, all of which revolve around a man’s attempt to make his family’s Christmas the best ever. There’s no shortage of amusing incidents involving everything from massive Christmas trees to pesky squirrels and exploding sewage gas.