Top 10 Anime Characters Sad That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime Characters Sad

The pain these anime characters have suffered made them stronger versions of themselves, and they are still able to perceive the good that life brings.

Anime definitely understands how to tug on heartstrings. When it comes to backstories, that’s when tears are shed the most. Backstories are a terrific method to discover more about a character. It addresses questions as to why they act the way they do in the present. There are too many examples of characters who are left broken from their horrific pasts.

However, there are a few outliers when characters are still able to demonstrate kindness and hope despite theirunfortunate lot oflife. If anything, the traumathese individuals have endured made them stronger versions of themselves, and they are still able to perceive the good that life brings.

1. Tanjiro Keeps His Humanity Even After Losing Everything (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer

InDemon Slayer’s first episode, Tanjiro’s life was struck with sorrow, as he realized that his entire family had been attacked by a demon. Such an occurrence would be enough to shatter many characters, yet somehow Tanjiro is still able to hold it together, mostly due to his new mission to find a means to transform his sister back into a human.

Tanjiro has so much warmth and humanity in a world of misery and tragedy. His compassion is so amazing, even though he has every reason to loathe the world he lives in due to all the agony that it has given him and the ones he cares about most.

2. Meliodas Remains Carefree Despite His Ongoing Tragedy (Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas is the most powerful character in Seven Deadly Sins, and will not hesitateto fight for the ones he cares about. Although he’s dubbed the Sin of Wrath, Meliodas for the most part has a very laidback personality. He’s a jokester, a flirt, and very nonchalant, yet his backstory is a huge contradiction to his current way of life.

He useda demonuntil he fell in love with a goddess named Elizabeth. Because of their outlandish and outlandish relationship, they were doomed to an even worse fate than death. Every time Elizabeth is reborn, she dies in Meliodas’ arms because he has been granted immortality. Elizabeth has died 106 times for Meliodas.

3. Koro-Sensei’s Past Is Why He Cares About His Students (Assassination Classroom)


Even though he was one of the most lethal assassins in the world, Koro-Sensei appears to have an incredibly generous heart. He became an assassin because he grew up in a country where no one could be trusted. Anti-matter is fused with Koro-own sensei’s cells when he is captured and forced to undergo an experiment. After meeting Aguri Yukimura, he develops a friendship with her.

Aguri’s class was promised protection and care after her death, by him. In order to keep his promise to Aguri, he took a carefree attitude toward life and treated class 1-E with respect.

4. Might Guy Had To Work Hard For Success (Naruto)

He is one of Naruto’s most authentic characters. Positive energy is what he gives out, making him a highly likeable individual. Throughout his childhood, his father was always there for him and pushed him to never give up on his dreams. In order to get into the Ninja Academy as an alternate, Guy worked hard every day and pushed himself to the limit.

Guy recalled his father’s words after his father’s death: “Victory is won when you give your life to protect what’s important. Guy has lived by this attitude his entire life, and the support his father gave him is reflected in the lessons he learned from Rock Lee.

5. Shoko Shows Kindness To Her Bullies (A Silent Voice)

Shoko (A Silent Voice)

Even though Shoko is a sweet and kind girl, her new school has only given her hate and torment, made even worse by the fact that she is deaf. The fact that she was unable to hear what her tormentors were saying about her just made matters worse.

She kept a smile on her face and tried to make friends with everyone she encountered. When she runs into Shoya again in high school, it reopens old wounds and forces her to confront the memories of her youth. Overall, Shoko’s ability to maintain a cheerful attitude in the face of such horrific circumstances is impressive.

6. Eri Finally Smiles After Being Rescued (My Hero Academia)

The fact that Eri is still a child shows just how remarkable it is to witness her grin during a concert. Eri unintentionally went back in time to a time when her father didn’t exist because to her Quirk. Overhaul, who views her as nothing more than a guinea pig in pursuit of his own sick ambition, takes care of her quickly.

Upon being liberated from Overhaul’s control, she is able to relive the joys of being a seven-year-old girl for the first time. After a difficult start to her life, Eri has blossomed into a person who enjoys life and all that it has to offer.

7. Yui Is Full Of Life Even In The Afterlife (Angel Beats)

Yui (Angel Beats)

Because the characters in Angel Beats are in a kind of afterlife, they all have tragic pasts. In the afterlife, Yui’s awful reality hasn’t stopped her from being upbeat. Her vivacious and outgoing demeanor is most likely a result of her life as a quadriplegic following a serious car accident.

Yu spent the majority of her life in bed, and her mother cared for her every whim and whimoy. Being able to appreciate the things she enjoys is a testament to her positive outlook on life, and it’s heartening to see her living the full life she never had the chance to.

8. Naruto Fights For His Dreams During A Childhood Of Loneliness (Naruto)

Naruto’s transformation into a hero is nothing short of a miracle after the ordeals he endured as a child. Everyone in the village viewed Naruto as a threat because of the Nine-Tails inside him, despite the fact that he was innocent. As a result of his parents’ ultimate self-sacrifice to save him, he felt even more alone and afraid.

He was meant to be safeguarded and cared for but in the end, he had no one. Despite this lonely youth, Naruto still had high hopes to one day become the Hokage of the villagethat detested him. This dream is what gave him the strength to keep going and prove everyone wrong by becoming the most powerful person in the world.

9. Kirishima Wants To Be Courageous Due To His Lack Of Confidence Growing Up (My Hero Academia)

Kirishima (My Hero Academia)

It was shocking to learn that Kirishima, one of the most upbeat characters in My Hero Academia, was not always like this. After witnessing classmates being probed by a strange figure,hefroze in place and was unable to intervene. He had high hopes of becoming a professional hero.

He’s angry with himself and says he’ll never be a Pro Hero if he’s afraid to save someone. He wonders why he didn’t just run into the situation. His courage has been inspired by watching a television interview with Crimson Riot. His quest to become a fearless Pro Hero reflects this aspiration.

10. Brook Always Sees The Funny Side Regardless Of His Tragic Past (One Piece)

Brook is a giant with a carefree attitude and a golden heart. However, given his past, this viewpoint may come as a shock. The strange illness that claimed the lives of Brook’s previous captain and half of his crew elevates him to the position of new commander of the remaining members of his crew. Poisoned weapons are used by enemy pirates to attack the remaining crew. All of Brook’s crewmates died one by one until he was the only one left. Brook’s spirit has been restored to his body thanks to the Devil Fruit he ate.

Because the ship’s rudder has been damaged, Brook is stranded at sea all by herself. Amazingly, after all these years alone, he still finds humor in life.