16 Best Anime Games On Steam That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Anime Games On Steam

It’s not only delightful to play these anime games on Steam, but they’re also completely free of charge.

With Steam, you may connect with other gamers all over the world. Steam provides gamers with a variety of options for the games they want to play and the means to do it in one convenient location. The network has more than 21 million active users and offers a way for gamers to connect and share their collective online experience.

Steam has a wide variety of games, from classics like Age of Empires and Grand Theft Auto to award-winning franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto V. Free-to-play anime games abound as well, and many of them are adorable and engaging in nature.

It was updated by Chetan Shekar on January 6, 2022: Anime has long been a well-liked category on Steam. Anime games have captivated a worldwide audience with their stunning visuals and vividly detailed characters. In the last few years, anime games have grown in popularity and are now a prominent subcategory on Steam, thanks in part to their compelling narratives and action-packed combat systems.

Even casual gamers have come to appreciate anime games for their fast-paced action, spectacular cutscenes, and unique stories. These free-to-play anime games on Steam are perfect for anyone who want to try out the genre for the first time.

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a free trading card game based on the enormously popular anime series. The controls are simple enough for newcomers to learn, but deep enough to satisfy longtime Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. Anime-inspired monsters like the Dark Magician and the Blue-Eyed White Dragon can be used to build decks.

While completing the various Stage Missions and purchasing new cards and decks from the Shop, you can earn a number of different kinds of bonuses. Dueling in real time with friends and other Duelists from around the world is possible in the Online PvP mode.

2. TheDawn

This free-to-play third-person shooter has a fearsome hero in the form of TheDawn. Fighting futuristic robots and machines is made possible by the employment of time-bending skills and weapons. Be the last ray of light for humanity in a crumbling earth. Make use of skills that allow players to change the speed of time, slow it down, or even go backwards in time.

To defeat the game’s final boss, Blender, you must explore post-apocalyptic cities and use destructive weaponry against artificial intelligence. Stop time in a given location and prepare attacks to annihilate adversaries and save humanity from extinction..

3. Action Taimanin

Action Taimanin

It’s possible to play Action Taimanin for free. Ninjas in Tokyo, Japan, are given the responsibility of driving away demons from the dark lands in a hack-and-slash anime game. Play as Igawa Asagi, the Almighty Taimanin, who possesses the magnificent ultimate power Ninpo Satsujinka and wields a ninja katana in the game.

In Action Taimanin, additional Taimanin characters can be unlocked as playable characters. Unlock abilities that can mutilate adversaries in battle by completing quests. Leveling up their characters unlocks clothes that make their characters appear fashionable while still allowing them to do fantastic skills with just a few button presses.

4. Bleach Brave Souls

It is a 3D action game called Bleach Brave Souls. To become a valuable member of the Soul Society, Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student, must be selected from among the members. Bleach Brave Souls is a hack-and-slash game based on the hugely popular manga and anime series that allows you go through the original tale.

Rukia, Aizen, and Ulquiorra are among the characters included in the anime game. Single-player mode allows players to go through the tale alone, or they can team up with their favorite characters to do so. People can also play with their pals in PvP and online Co-op.

5. Honkai Impact 3rd

Action and adventure game Honkai Impact 3rd is fantastic. Players can take on the role of Captain of the Valkyries, powerful warriors who can devastate the world around them. Take command of the Valkyries and lead them in a battle against the evil Honkai.

Using moves to create impossible combos, players may aid Valkyries attain their full potential throughout the game. Open-world adventure game Honkai Impact 3rd provides players with a variety of puzzles, bosses, and mini-games to solve.

6. Project Kat – Paper Lily Prologue

Project Kat – Paper Lily Prologue

Free-to-play RPG Project Kat was launched on October 16, 2021. Every problem in this story-based game can be done in a number of different ways, each with its own set of possible consequences. As Kat, a young woman on a quest to learn the meaning of a mysterious golden letter, sets out into the night, the game follows her progress.

There are various mini-games and multiple endings in Project Kat, an atypical horror game. The game may be completed in less than an hour, and the characters are well-liked in an ominous setting. Paper Lily, a new video game from Leef 6010, will be released soon.

7. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is the series’ most recent installment. Players can defend Halpha’s planet in this free-to-play MMORPG. As ARKS, you must take on the mechanical foes known as DOLLS, which have appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Different classes, including Hunter, Ranger, Gunner, Techter, and Hero, are available. Two new abilities have been added to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis: Photon Dash and Glide. Dolls are a threat to the migrant planet, and players can form groups of up to 32 to combat them.

8. Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions, a free-to-play action shooter game, will be available on March 25, 2021. Playing in Alpha City, the massively multiplayer video game pits players against each other in mecha warfare that utilizes a wide variety of high-explosion weapons such as aircraft cannons and high-explosion rockets.

Customize your mechs in Super Mecha Champions by applying different skins and spraying on graffiti. Fight with your buddies and organize battles quickly in this fast-paced atmosphere. PvP, 10-player arena, and 100-player shootouts are just a few of the game modes available in the game.

9. Soul Dossier

Soul Dossier
Soul Dossier, a multiplayer game themed on Chinese culture, is scheduled to be released in March of 2021. Psychic Detectives can be summoned in the Classic mode to battle Resentful Spirits that have spread over the landscape. If they want to play as a Resentful Spirit, they can kill the Psychic Detective and take their souls as a reward for their sacrifice.

The game allows players to compete in a 1v5 arena and includes a variety of props and abilities to keep things interesting at all times. The game’s skill system mixes the five aspects to create a distinct play style for each character. Talismans such as Paper Doves and Talismans of Soul Calming are among the many goods and spells in the game.

10. Closers

As a role-playing game (RPG), Closers features stunning battles and complex stories. The Closers are a group of twelve people equipped with psychic powers that allow them to face up against creatures from other dimensions. Every character in Closer has a distinct personality and storyline. In order to overcome the interdimensional enemies, each of the Closers characters has a different combat style.

In order to defeat the dimensional creatures, players can team up in the RPG’s co-op mode. PvP arenas are also available for players to show off their combat prowess.

11. Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom

For those who enjoy anime-themed MMOs, Aura Kingdom is an excellent choice. Play as one of fifteen different classes to become an Envoy of Gaia. All these classes, as well as a number of other subclasses such as the Sorcerer and the Brawler can be found in the class list.

Become a stronger warrior by completing tasks in the land of Azuria. An interactive companion known as an Eidolon can be befriended by gamers in the Aura Kingdom. Eidolons may be useful friends in battle, and their deadly combos can help players defeat their opponents.

12. Digimon Masters Online

This is a massively multi-player game called Digimon Masters Online. Improved graphics and real-time combat are included in the RPG. Tamers can raise more than 100 Digimon, such as Agumon, Gaomon, and Lalamon, after becoming a Tamer. There are a plethora of items and consumables available in the game to help Tamers replenish their HP and level up their abilities.

In the game, players can form groups to take on dungeons and bosses together. It is via these battles that Digimon can grow from Rookie to Champion, Ultimate, and Mega form. There are more than 50 maps and locales to discover in Digimon Masters Online.

13. NosTale


Anime action MMORPG NosTale is developed and published by Gameforge 4D Gmbh. Adventure across NosTale’s beautiful realms as a Swordsman, Archer, or Mage in this epic RPG. Flame Druid, Sunchaser, Berserker, Assassin, and Magician are just some of the 28 specialty classes available to players.

Many pets can be tamed in the game. To make the journey easier, these creatures can aid in battle and take down monsters. PvP mode allows players to practice their combat abilities against opponents from across the globe.

14. UNBEATABLE [White Label]

The plot in UNBEATABLE is lovely and the music is fantastic. Learn to play an instrument in a country where it’s unlawful to do so. Unique and unusual notions like staging an illegal concert and participating in eating competitions are included throughout the novel’s plot. Tracks that can be made with a band can be found all throughout the city.

The action-adventure game allows players to battle off enemies to the music in the game. Arcade mode allows players to battle their way through each episode’s unique storyline and beatmaps. [White Label] is a spinoff of D-CELL GAMES’ upcoming crowdfunded title UNBEATABLE.

15. Trick & Treat

Trick & Treat

Rabbiton published this book. Trick & Treat is a free-to-play, lighthearted indie RPG. It depicts the tale of two children, Charlotte and Amelia, who go trick-or-treating at a cursed mansion on Halloween. Pumpkin maid Amelia’s spooky adventure is filled with jump scares, haunted houses, and ghoulish creatures.

Attempt to save Charlotte from the cursed home by collecting things and solving riddles. Trick & Treat has several endings, including dead ends and a true conclusion, for players to choose from.

16. Find Love Or Die Trying

You have two options: Either find love or die. It was released in September of 2021, and it’s a dating sim called Trying. Getting a date and making it out of the island with a friend is the goal of the game, as the title suggests. In the game, players have seven days to attract women with their charm and complete the game with seven possible endings that are based on the decisions they make.

With more than four hours of gameplay and a cast of characters including Allie, Scarlett, Violet, Terra, and Yui, this visual novel is a must-have for any fan of action-packed visual novels. Kat, the show’s hostess, is absolutely stunning.