10 Best Shows Like Pocoyo That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Pocoyo

1. Pocoyo


When my daughter was a baby, the only show that ever held her interest was Pocoyo, which she still watches now. Despite the show’s simplicity, parents will find it amusing enough to let their minds wander while their children are absorbed in the show.

This is “one of the best positive shows for toddlers,” according to moms from all over the world.

Adult humor and cynicism are becoming increasingly common in children’s programming. Pocoyo is one of the greatest, according to mom Rebecca, who gave it a positive review on Common Sense Media.

The following are eleven shows that are sure to captivate both mommy and her little one:

2. Blippi

If your children only watch Netflix, you’ll be happy to know about Blippi, a famous children’s cartoon that isn’t available on the popular streaming site. The official Blippi channel on YouTube has all of the episodes, so don’t be misled into buying them from Amazon or anywhere else.

Blippi was invented by Stevin John because of this very reason.

A few years ago, when my nephew was just two years old, I started to notice that my sister had started using YouTube because it was free, but I soon realized that there was just no decent quality children’s entertainment on there,” he said in an interview with The Spinoff.

I couldn’t think of anything that my nephew could relate to.” Tractors, diggers, and animals weren’t involved in this endeavor. A show that combines educational content with the kinds of amazing, fun, and exciting things that kids already like was an idea that occurred to me:

3. Ask The Storybots

Ask The Storybots

Why, oh why, why? Every child goes through a phase of asking “why?” at some point, which drives their parents crazy. It’s amusing the first few times, but after that, it becomes a regular occurrence, and you find yourself unable to provide adequate responses.

Ask The Storybots, on the other hand, may temporarily quench the insatiable want for knowledge by providing answers to important questions like, “Why do I have to clean my teeth?”, “How does darkness happen?”, “Where does rain originate from?”, and “How do people develop a cold?”

4. Daniel The Tiger

“It’s really annoying for grownups, but kids love it,” Janelle, the mother of Daniel the Tiger, told us.

And that’s one of the greatest ways to describe this children’s television show, hands down. Parenting requires dealing with this show, even if you never intended to introduce your child to it. The “Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty” video is one of the most frequently recommended by mommy groups everywhere for teaching a child to ultimately shed their diapers.

This is a rather dull show for parents, but it does discuss important concerns such as having a new baby in the house and having to go to the doctor.

5. True And The Rainbow Kingdom

True And The Rainbow Kingdom

True and the Rainbow Kingdom features the main character True as she attempts to solve a new challenge in each episode, as is the case with most children’s shows. Even while these shows might seem easy and dull to parents, they play an important role in teaching children problem-solving abilities.

For the briefest period of time, it’s one of the few shows that may occupy their young children. Of course, the duration varies from child to child.

According to her mother Kendra, “My 6-month-old is very active….. This show is the ONLY show she will sit and watch.

6. Word Party

If you’ve ever watched Word Party, you’re probably familiar with the grating theme tune.

“Wooooord Party!’ The festivities are only getting started. To describe what we’re about to experience, we can only use one word: fun. The “Word Party”

The night of the toddlers

As soon as those four small animal kids begin singing onscreen, everyone around must stop what they’re doing and listen intently. Your age means that you’re now adults. Show us everything you’ve learned. “All systems go! Let’s get this party started!”

A good time for little ones? Absolutely.

Are the parents’ lives made more difficult by this? Yes, but in the meanwhile, you get some serenity.

7. Bo On The Go

Are you up to the challenge? “On the move, Bo, Bo, Bo!”

This little ditty will become ingrained in your mind after only one hearing.

With the song “You Give Me Energy,” Bo sets the tone for each episode’s plot.

The problem with screen time is that too many children remain still, staring aimlessly at the fluttering images without understanding what is happening.

To be fair, with Bo On The Go, kids are encouragd to help Bo find a magical key and open special doors in order to solve a problem. For each episode, there are only minor differences in the issues and solutions that are encountered.

8. Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso irritates me to no end. Every episode is basically the same as the one before it, but my kids are enthralled by it for reasons I don’t understand. At the very least, it’s instructive!

I recommend Special Agent Oso to parents who are searching for something brilliantly colored, with catchy earworm-inducing music, and a way to keep their toddler entertained while they write TV show evaluations.” To put it another way, I characterized it to my spouse as “Winnie the Pooh meets James Bond.” What’s wrong with the fact that the animation style is different?

9. Luna Petunia

At first glance, Luna Petunia appears to be a cartoon for young children whose only purpose is to amuse with its bright graphics. Aside from being extremely eye-catching, the information does have some substance.

There are some valuable skills to be learned here, especially in the area of problem-solving. Despite the fact that parents may be inclined to skip it, it truly does teach valuable lessons, particularly in this area.

To paraphrase Paste Magazine, “the way each episode clings onto the value of taking a breath and calmly thinking of a solution gives an emotional outlet for children, especially those who struggle with anxiety. ”

10. Bubble Guppies

An example of a show that I despise but that my children enjoy is Guppies in a bubble.

Because they constantly have something to teach, as mom Emma put it, “I put Bubble Guppies any time I want a few minutes of alone.” I can’t watch anything else with my 1.5-year-old since he likes it so much.

In addition, if your child enjoys the performance, it will be simpler for you to select a birthday theme and cake. Having no idea what theme to pick because your youngster isn’t interested in popular culture can be a real pain.

11. Super Why

Super Why

Extremely perplexing or vexing? Depending on whether you question the child or the parent, the answer will be a mix of the two! Super Why, on the other hand, isn’t one of those shows that parents like watching with their children. But it is a popular choice among toddlers.

It’s not difficult to grasp the reasoning behind this. The word “Why?” is a toddler’s favorite inquiry to ask repeatedly as they examine everything around them. A need for information, which Super Why taps into, is still a vital part of growth, even when they don’t understand the solution.

12. Masha and The Bear

When she was about 18 months old, Masha and the Bear was her favorite cartoon. When it comes to her two-year-old birthday cake, I won’t tell you anything about it.

Masha and the Bear is a kid’s show that is both entertaining and educational at the same time. As a result, it’s simple for both parents and children to get sucked into Masha’s never-ending adventures with Bear. As a result, each episode is enhanced by the intrigue and intrigue that surrounds her.

Masha’s Tales, the spin-off, isn’t quite as nice, so you may put it off for now.

13. Beat Bugs

Even though Beat Bugs may not be suitable for all parent-child pairs, mom Maya shared with us, “I love Beat Bugs on Netflix!” In this film, all of the music and the plot are Beatles songs. “It’s a relaxing show that offers valuable concepts.”

A positive aspect of the show’s singing is that it’s sure to get the kids up and dancing about the house! For kids, this is always a good thing because too many shows allow them to just zone out, which isn’t good for their brain development.

“Most of all, Beat Bugs is about the music,” wrote dad, William Key, in The Telegraph. I don’t know how anyone who owns all of those famous songs was able to have them licensed for a children’s show, but they work wonderfully,”

15. Sesame Street

Sesame Street

As obvious as Sesame Street may appear, there is a crucial reason why you should watch this one. Researchers found that “kids can learn as much watching ‘Sesame Street’ as from preschool,” the Washington Post reported.

These effects may be attributed to a focus on delivering a high-quality academic program, with a major emphasis on reading and math, that would appear to have prepared children for school.”

However, it’s comforting to know that this one in particular might have such a profound effect on the minds of young people.

16. WordWorld

One of the best shows for getting children off the couch is WordWorld, which is right on the heels of Word Party.

The two applications in this series, “Fun with WordFriends” and “Learn with WordFriends,” can help keep a grumpy toddler occupied as you wait for a pediatrician’s visit for more than an hour, respectively.

“My son is 3 and a half and he’s been watching Word World since he was 2,” mom Dana exclaimed. He’s blown away! It’s especially the duck that makes him chuckle. Using this method helped him a lot in developing his vocabulary, and we sometimes do the same around the house.”

Her two children are now ages 9 and 11, but mom Audrey told us that she still watches the show.

17. Muppet Babies

Some of the most popular shows on Disney Junior are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, PJ Masks, and Sofia the First. Muppet Babies, on the other hand, is an underappreciated show that is likely to keep your child’s interest for a long time.

One of those rare modern reboots that is truly good. ” Aside from providing Gonzo with a superior voice actor, this episode doesn’t do much to detract from the overall quality of the series. A mother’s review on Common Sense Media points out that “there are life lessons like patience, telling the truth, and being a good sport among many other good things,” she adds.

18. Curious George

Curious George

If you were a child in the 1980s, you probably read Curious George or saw the classic cartoons. In any case, Curious George is a beloved children’s book that was given a fresh look in 2006. With improved animations, it’s still the same curious monkey who unwittingly causes a host of problems.

You can watch it with your kids on a Saturday afternoon and the Curious George movie on Netflix is equally as enjoyable. Curious George 2 is actually available to stream on Amazon Prime video, although Netflix does not.

19. Justin Time

if you play an episode of Justin Time, you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching. A lot of exclamation points and intonation making it hard to put down.

We must instill in our children a feeling of adventure and exploration, and this vibrant and feisty show finds a wonderful mix between dealing with everyday social challenges that kids encounter, as well as how they can find inspiration to tackle such problems via creativity,” writes Paste Magazine.

20. My Little Pony

My Little Pony

This is a popular children’s television show, and some parents may be put off by the fact that My Little Pony is so ubiquitous.

Much more advanced vocabulary than you’ll find in most shows means that even a precocious child will be able to speak more fluently after seeing this one. According to Jenna’s observation, “The balance between total word simplicity and the choice selection of rich words always tickles the mind.”

In spite of what some people believe, the majority of people agree that this show is suitable for children as young as 2 years old, as well as those in their teens and beyond. Interestingly, this show’s appeal is fairly wide and actually depends on the preferences of each individual viewer. It’s possible that your child will love it as much as they will scream “no” when they see it.

21. Dinosaur Train

In addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime, there’s PBS’s Dinosaur Train, which is a popular children’s show that’s worth noting.

“The program follows a family of Pteranodons and their adopted T-Rex sister as they board a train to visit a different type of dinosaur each episode, learning about their food, habits, and more,” Yahoo states.