20 Best TV Shows Like Imposters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

TV Shows Like Imposters

1. Deception (2018)

Deception (2018)

The finest illusionist in the world is Cameron Black. People used to refer to him as such before his greatest secret was revealed and he was forced to retire. Cameron, on the other hand, has a strong belief that this was no accident.

2. Lie to Me (2009)

By studying facial expression, body language, and tone of voice of a person, Dr. Cal Lightman can tell when someone is lying and why, which aids law enforcement and governmental agencies in their investigations. He can fool others with his abilities, but he can also deceive others with ease.

3. The Mentalist (2008)

Patrick Jane, a former celebrity psychic medium, now works with the California Bureau of Investigation, where he puts his keen eye for detail and uncanny ability to “read” people to good use solving murders.

4. Marvel’s The Punisher (2017)

Marvel's The Punisher (2017)

After his family was murdered, a former Marine is on a mission to bring those guilty to justice.

5. City on a Hill (2019

During the early 1990s, an African-American District Attorney from Brooklyn arrives in Boston and establishes an odd alliance with a corrupt but revered FBI veteran who is committed in keeping the existing quo in place. Both of them work together to take on a Charlestown family of armored vehicle robbers who have expanded their operations to include the entire city of Boston.

6. White Collar (2009)

During a three-year game of cat and mouse with the FBI, conman Neal Caffrey was finally brought to justice. As his four-year prison sentence nears its end, he breaks out to search for his girlfriend, Kate. Caffrey is recaptured by FBI agent Peter Burke and returned to prison. Caffrey proposes a deal with the FBI as part of a work-release program this time around. After some trepidation, Burke accepts Caffrey’s help in apprehending white-collar crooks, and thus begins this odd collaboration.

7. Lupin (2021)

Lupin (2021)

In the vein of Arsène Lupin’s adventures, Assane Diop, a gentleman burglar, goes out to punish his father for an injustice perpetrated by a rich family.

8. Bones (2005)

To aid Special Agent Seeley Booth in homicide investigations, Dr. Temperance Brennan and her colleagues at the Jeffersonian’s Medico-Legal Lab use cutting-edge forensic techniques such as x-rays, fingerprints, and dna analysis.

9. Perpetual Grace LTD (2019)

Rejected firefighter turned grifter James takes advantage of a chance, illegal opportunity to reverse his life’s spiraling downward trajectory as he targets the Pastor Byron Brown.

10. The Blacklist (2013)

The Blacklist (2013)

The FBI’s most wanted fugitive, Raymond “Red” Reddington, surrendered in person at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. today. FBI and he are both devoted to hunting down dangerous offenders, he said. In the last two decades, he has compiled a list of criminals and terrorists that the FBI is unable to locate since it is unaware of their existence. “The Blacklist” is what Reddington refers to this. Elizabeth Keen, a rookie FBI profiler, is the only person who can speak to Reddington.

11. Castle (2009)

Successful mystery novelist Richard “Rick” Castle is given permission by the Mayor of NYC to accompany an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes after the serial killer mimics the plots of his novels.

12. Inspector Morse (1987)

Based on the Colin Dexter series of Chief Inspector Morse novels, Inspector Morse is a detective drama Actors such as John Thaw and Kevin Whately appeared in the series, which also featured a vast cast of other renowned actors and actresses.

13. Pushing Daisies (2007)

Pushing Daisies (2007)

A pie-maker with the ability to bring dead people back to life, along with his resurrected childhood sweetheart, a cynical private detective, and a love-struck waitress, solves murder mysteries with the help of these characters.

14. Miami Vice (1984)

Miami’s vice squad is depicted through the unexpected alliance between Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, who first meet while Tubbs is working as an undercover drug dealer.

15. Terriers (2010)

Britt Pollack and Hank Dolworth, both ex-cops and recovering alcoholics, start an unauthorized private detective firm. Even though Dolworth was a member of a fictional Ocean Beach Police Department, the series takes place in Ocean Beach in San Diego, California, which is depicted as a unique community.

16. Moonlighting (1985)

Moonlighting (1985)

David convinces Maddie to join him in a detective business after she was tricked and went bankrupt. They work together to solve a variety of situations, while getting to know each other on a personal level.

17. FBI (2018)

A special team of the FBI in New York City is devoted to solving the most difficult crimes and keeping New York and the rest of the country safe.

18. CSI: Cyber (2015)

Special Agent Avery Ryan heads up the FBI’s squad of Cyber Crime Investigators, which focuses on cases involving the dark net. As a Special Agent in Charge, Avery heads up a team of investigators, including Elijah Mundo, who are tasked with solving murders and cyber-crimes like hacking, sex offences and blackmail.

19. The Following (2013)

The Following (2013)

Following his conviction for the murders of 14 female students at the Virginia college where he taught literature, serial killer Joe Carroll escaped from death row. The FBI enlists the help of former agent Ryan Hardy, who was responsible for Carroll’s apprehension in 2003, to assist in the investigation. FBI agents Mike Weston and Debra Parker work closely with Ryan to unravel the ever-expanding web of murders perpetrated by Carroll.

20. Dirty John (2018)

Newell’s love story with John Meehan is featured in this true crime anthology, which follows the podcast of the same name. Meehan is a charming charmer who sweeps Debra off her feet and then lies to keep her in his web of deceit.