10 Best Movies About Power That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Movies About Power

Project Power fans looking for more sci-fi action might check out these recommendations.

Project Power is a sci-fi action-adventure film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jamie Foxx that is fueled by superpower-enhancing drugs. This summer, Project Power advertising appeared on a wide range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It quickly became Netflix’s most-watched show after its release.

This big-budget film is a visual feast, thanks to the impressive lineup of A-list actors and cutting-edge CGI. While the action sequences are exhilarating and engrossing, the heroic one-liners are corny but appealing in that action-movie sense. If you’re a fan of Project Power and are seeking for more sci-fi thrills, here are a few recommendations..

1. Chronicle


This action/adventure film featuring superpowers is similar to Project Power but is not based on any comics. Critics and fans alike hailed Chronicle when it was released in 2012.

Andrew (Dane DeHaan), a misunderstood wallflower, leads a group of teenage lads who uncover a meteorite. A material that provides the three teenagers telekinetic and flying abilities is accidently discovered by them as they continue their research of the location.

2. The Island

The Island is a dystopian sci-fi action film directed by Michael Bay, a notorious budget booster and product placer. It is possible that characters from the future will be assembled in a facility that shields them from the pollution and contamination that has ravaged the globe in its current form. They get a trip to “The Island,” an earthy green haven free of waste and constrictions, in exchange for their shining white uniforms. The Island is a reward for their service.

They are forced to depart, however, when a man and a woman discover the reality behind “The Island.” If you’re a fan of Project Power, you’ll love this 2005 action-packed, escape thriller.

3. Looper


Looper pits Joseph Gordon-Levitt against Bruce Willis, playing the ‘future-self’ of Gordon-Levitt. Rian Johnson’s vision of the future features time-traveling hit men and drug addicts who spew their substances directly into their eyes. Despite the film’s dramatic nature, Levitt and Willis do admirably in their joint role as Joe.

There are several twists and turns in this thriller that keep the spectator on their toes. With its CGI drug scenes and cyber-nightmare scenery, the entire appearance of the picture is rather captivating.

4. Midnight Special

Four years after Mud,Jeff Nichols made his foray into science fiction with 2016’s Midnight Special. When his son is given superhuman powers, a father (Michael Shannon) strives to protect him from the government and anybody else who wants to get their hands on him.

Eye-bending action sequences and outstanding writing make this film a perfect blend of style and substance. Shannon puts up another strong performance, as usual. Midnight Special may be a departure from Project Power, but sci-fi lovers should appreciate it.

5. The Signal

The Signal

The Signaltakes you through the Nevada desert in style. This happens when three pals discover the whereabouts of an evil computer hacker. Lawrence Fishburn is sitting across the table from hazmat suit-clad Nic in a darkly lit interrogation chamber in Area 51. Things don’t go as to plan. “When was the first time you made contact?” Fisher’s character makes a statement.

Compared to the tens of millions of dollars spent on a film like Project Power, the budget for The Signal was barely $4 million.

Nonetheless, the film’s stunning visuals and scream-inducing ending make up for any slashed costs.

6. Gamer

Gamer is a dystopian action-adventure that is extreme and unrepentant, but it’s hard to top Project Power’s mayhem. The film’s protagonist and antagonist, respectively, are played by Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall. This crazy, dystopian universe has Butler’s character incarcerated in a computer game in which one does not “respawn” from death.

In Butler’s favor, he is being played by one of the best players in the world. It’s up to the ex-con to save his wife (who’s been trapped in an alternate reality version of The Sims) and take on the millionaire software developer who set it all in motion.

7. Crank


This Jason Statham film is a trip to Disney World for an extreme action junkie. When a hitman chooses to clean up his act, the last job he takes on ends in disaster, and he is then poisoned as a result. Only by keeping his adrenaline pumping will he have any hope of surviving the final days of his life.

Crank was such a big smash in 2006 that a sequel was inevitable. In spite of Statham’s extensive filmography, the Cranks stand out amongst the rest.

8. Push

Push, a 2009 sci-fi action film in which the future Captain America (before he became the future Captain America) stars, is a sci-fi action film. It is Nick Grant (Chris Davis) of Hong-Kong who leads a group of psychics in a battle against a secret Hong Kong government department. Davis gives a polished performance in a film that is jam-packed with thrilling, superhuman action.

This action-adventure film also features Dakota Fanning, who plays Davis’s friend and ally Cassie, who uses her mystical powers to battle the villains in this film.

For those who appreciated the superpowered thrills of Project Power, Push is a solid film.

9. Unbreakable


Split(2016) and Glass(2018) complete the East Rail 177 Trilogy created by writer-director M. Night Shyamalan (2019). After a massive train disaster, David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) somehow escape. As time goes on, they come to know that they are impenetrable.

How Shymalan was able to connect three films that span 19 years is impressive. Glass would not have been a full-circle delight for fans ifSplit had not been such a huge success. In terms of non-comic superhero movies, Unbreakable is a contender for the top spot on the list.

10. Fast Colour

A new Netflix series, Fast Color, revolves around characters with god-like abilities. Unlike Project Power, this film has fewer special effects, but it makes up for it with a heartwarming tale of redemption and family ties. If you’re looking for something more cerebral than a big-budget spectacle, Fast Coloris not for you.

Ruth (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is a brilliant but troubled young woman who is unable to harness her skills and hide from the law. Fast Color, directed and written by Julia Hart, is well worth seeing.