Top 10 Shows Like Octonauts That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Octonauts

1) Word Party (Netflix)

Word Party

The classic Jim Henson show Word Party features four baby animals learning new words in an interactive setting. They throw a party and everyone gets together when they’re successful.

With the help of catchy songs, Word Party piques the interest of their young audience by posing hypothetical questions to their “big kid” audience members. The program aids in the development of vocabulary in children at a young age, while also fostering emotional awareness and strong peer relationships.

Warning: The theme song will be stuck in your child’s head for days after hearing it once.

2) Nina’s World (Hulu)

Because of its cast, Nina’s World will be instantly recognizable. Like Dora before her, the show’s exuberant lead character has a sense of adventure and imagination. In contrast to the original story, this one includes Mami, Papi, and Abuelita in addition to her.

Toy Star comes to life when Nina is alone and leads her on adventures to learn about the world around her. A subliminal but potent message is being conveyed to young viewers, many of whom are already using their imaginations and playing pretend.

As well as providing an entertaining look at growing up, the show also celebrates the Latino community in an admirable way. As with Dora the Explorer, the dialogue in Nina’s World is available in a variety of languages.

3) Wild Kratts (Various)

Wild Kratts

Interaction and engagement have always been the Kratt brothers’ way of connecting with their young viewers — the whimsical lemur creatures were just cherries on the cake. Even though their initial Zoboomafoo has officially shut down, the new animated series Wild Kratts takes things a step further.

The series focuses on bringing together diverse disciplines like biology, zoology, and ecology. There’s usually a “bad guy,” and the Kratt brothers fight to save the world from them. The Kratt brothers also try and show viewers that negative stereotypes about creatures like sharks and bees are misplaced.

4) Fetch! (PBS Kids)

This version of Fetch! is more commonly referred to as Fetch and Ruff Ruffman. For many years after it ended, it was still a hit with parents and children alike. Another factor is that Fetch! is a children’s reality show with an incredible amount of creativity.

Ruff Ruffman is an anthropomorphic cartoon dog that kids get to interact with on a game show. The progress was full of twists and turns for a game-show format, like prizes that are rigged to be a joke, for instance.

As a result of Fetch!, students were forced to learn about a wide range of subjects in order to complete their assignments.

5) Sid The Science Kid (Netflix)

Sid The Science Kid

For children, the scientific method is a reliable way to ask and answer real-world questions about the world we live in. Instead of waiting for grade school lessons, they were exposed to it at a young age.

Sid Throughout his comedy routines, The Science Kid applies the scientific method to lay out a problem and then answers his original question slowly and methodically. The show has an online component that extends challenges in a fun and engaging way for kids to learn through digital games and videos.

6) Dora The Explorer (CBS & Nick Jr.)

Dora the Explorer may be a classic, but it hasn’t aged well. It features Dora, a young Spanish-speaking explorer who travels the world with her monkey friend Boots and a slew of other amusing individuals.

Dora The Explorer paved the way for future children’s programming to be truly interactive and engaging. As opposed to Sesame Street’s focus on addressing its young audience, Dora The Explorer uses games, challenges, and riddles to pique their interest and keep them watching.

7) Baby Einstein (YouTube)

Baby Einstein

The Baby Einstein YouTube channel is aimed at parents and children who prefer to get their entertainment from the internet instead of television. Short 10- and 12-minute compilations are common; longer shows can run for 30 minutes or even more!

Baby Einstein will appeal to parents who allow their children to use a tablet or who are themselves digital natives. The channel is constantly adding new videos and experimenting with different formats, so be sure to check back often. However, it’s not just the channel’s diversity that makes parents and kids alike swoon.

The Baby Einstein channel features a wide range of original programming, including everything from animated cartoons to Mozart music festivals. All of these topics are covered in the educational videos that have been selected for the channel’s playlists for young viewers.

Music that stimulates the senses is ideal for children in the early stages of development, as well as those entering toddlerhood.

8) Odd Squad (PBS & TVOKids)

With a “kid” squad of government agents, the show The Odd Squad targets older children, ranging in age from six to nine. Using real-world math, language, and logic, this “squad” of agents investigates cases assigned by their superiors.

Furthermore, young viewers can take advantage of the show’s problem-solving process to take on additional cases and gain access to previously unavailable content by going online.

9) Peg + Cat (Various)

Peg + Cat

Peg and “Cat” are math-loving detectives who use logic and deduction to crack codes and solve crimes. Peg and her sidekick Cat solve their “REALLY BIG PROBLEM” with some good, old-fashioned problem-solving, using whimsical songs, guiding questions, and creative storytelling.

Peg + Cat, like Dora, speaks directly to the young audience and engages them in the crisis they are facing. It’s all done with the help of strategies and skills learned in basic math, demonstrating how much numbers and operations rule our lives.

10) The Octonauts

The Octonauts, a critically acclaimed film with a mind-blowing amount of originality, is all about sea life. The “Octonauts,” who operate a ship and look a lot like the Star Trek crew, are constantly confronted with strange new worlds, imaginative creatures, and issues as they travel through the ocean.

While the show focuses on aquatic creatures and their enigmatic environments, children become attached to the animal crew and learn about friendship, sharing, problem-solving, and even leadership from the show’s animal crew.