15 Best Anime Eyes That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Anime Eyes

The eyes are often the source of some of anime’s most impressive powers. We all wish we possessed these 15 ocular powers.

Real-life and fictional thinkers alike believe that our eyes are our soul’s window. It’s possible to take that phrase literally, depending on where you are in the multiverse. It’s a common cliche in anime that characters’ powers and talents are linked to their eyeballs. Heroes and villains in Japanese manga and anime are frequently endowed with magical eyes, especially in Shonen series. Over the years, several anime eyes have proven to be lethal weapons.

A character’s eye in an anime typically does much more than merely sees things. Even if ocular powers have their drawbacks, they can also provide the kind of entertainment that audiences can’t stop watching.

In anime, a character’s acuity with their eyes is never lacking. In light of the release of programs like Jujutsu Kaisen, which provided an unforgettable eye ability to viewers, this list felt incomplete. In an effort to make this list as complete as possible, we’ve added five more eye talents.

1. Ciel’s Eye Is A Mark Of A Faustian Contract (Black Butler)

Ciel's Eye (Black Butler)

While Ciel of Black Butler’s marked eye isn’t powerful in and of itself, it is a powerful symbol. Ciel’s contract with Sebastian, a powerful demon that Ciel uses to avenge his family’s death, is evidenced by Ciel’s marked eye. This deal and Ciel’s genuine intentions are kept secret because he hides his eye.

2. Shinigami Eyes Can See People’s Lifespans And Real Names (Death Note)

Since 2006, Death Note has been inspiring young minds and challenging fans to rethink justice. Even though several components of the series haven’t aged well, Death Note remains relevant today.

Light Yagami pays half of his life expectancy for access to the shinigami eyes midway through the series. These eyeballs are solely used to identify people by their names and lifespans. The Shinigami Eyes can’t do much damage on their own, but when combined with the Death Note, things become interesting. Now, Light’s capacity to annihilate anything in its path is far more complete.

3. Giro Giro no Mi Enabled The User To Attack Enemies Directly (One Piece)

Giro Giro no Mi (One Piece)

Over the years, Oda’s Devil Fruit system has given innumerable One Piece characters their own special talents.

One of One Piece’s most overlooked devil fruits, Giro Giro no Mi deserves more recognition. Eye-related talents are among the many that the fruit bestows upon its users.

Because of this Devil Fruit, Viola was able to see distant objects, develop certain telepathic abilities, and even use her eyes alone to attack an attacker. Oda’s imagination appears to be the only limit to her abilities.

4. Stone Eyes Can Petrify People (Fairy Tail)

It’s little wonder that Fairy Tail is so frequently panned because its power structure is so boring. Fairy Tail’s magic, on the other hand, is adaptable and can be employed without fear of repercussion for its protagonists.

Stone Eyes is the magic of Evergreen. As the name implies, Medusa’s petrifying power was likely an inspiration for her eyes. An opponent’s fears about the petrification effects, on the other hand, are overblown. After all, safety glasses are all that’s needed to get around them.

5. The Scarlet Eyes Enhance The User’s Strength (Hunter x Hunter)

The Scarlet Eyes (Hunter x Hunter)

Kurta Clan’s Kurta Clan has undergone years of torture through Kurapika’s eyes. While Kurapika’s angered scarlet eyes help him gain power and concentrate, his family’s eyeballs were originally collected as specimens for scientific study.

In order to capture the Scarlet Eyes, the Phantom Troupe killed the Kurta Clan, which had long been sought after by vicious treasure seekers. His eyes are fiery and rageful as he continues to seek justice for his dead family members.

6. The Ginko of the Tokoyami Will Summon Monsters Whether The User Wants Them Or Not (Mushishi)

Having a moniker that is derived from his childhood toxin may be more of a hindrance than an advantage for Ginko of Mushishi. He lost sight in one eye due to the illness, but he was able to see mushi for the rest of his life.

As a result, Ginko now has to live a nomadic life or risk causing trouble if he stays in one spot for too long.

What’s most important is that these eyes offer the story a clear direction, give the protagonist a clear goal, and provide the audience with a wonderful treasure.

7. The Ultimate Eye Can Forsee Opponents’ Movements And Act Accordingly (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Arakawa appears to be making a deliberate effort to make King “Wrath” Bradley one of the most powerful characters in the series. Fans love to despise Bradley, but they also have a soft spot for him at times. One of the most memorable scenes in modern anime is when he fights an entire army with nothing but a sword.

Bradley’s combat prowess is due in large part to his unmatched vision. Bradley is able to anticipate the moves of his opponents thanks to this. A seemingly innocuous advantage can be catastrophic to anyone who has to face Bradley on the field of war.

8. The All-Seeing Eyes of God Can Allow The User To See The Truth Behind Anything (Kekkai Sensen)

The All-Seeing Eyes (Kekkai Sensen)

In Kekkai Sensen, there is no fear of being unconventional. Even while this show, about a group of vigilantes who keep the peace in an alternate version of New York City, has its share of shonen cliches, it establishes its own distinct character from the get-go. It’s a New York where aliens and monsters have taken up residence, and the characters are anything but ordinary. Leo is one of them, and he has a set of eyes that make him a desirable prey item.

It is because of this that Leo has access to the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods that he is able to see the hidden realities and even glimpses of the past and future. External observers can be subjected to damaging hallucinations and false sights projected by the All-Seeing Eyes.

9. Erasure Can Cancel An Opponent’s Abilities Temporarily (My Hero Academia)

One of the eye-correlated quirks of pro hero Aizawa is the ability to momentarily erase a target’s quirk from his field of view. In most cases, the consequences are tremendous and nearly godlike, even if the victim cannot be physically damaged.

Aizawa enhances the effectiveness of his Quirk by combining it with highly developed martial arts techniques. Aizawa developed this Quirk after a lot of trial and error to become one of the series’ most formidable heroes and a great instructor as well.

10. Byakugan Enabled The User To See Through Anything (Naruto)

Byakugan is a special eye trick used only by Hyuga Clan members. Translating to “all-seeing eye,” Byakugan is a name for the all-seeing eye. In light of Byakugan’s unique abilities, this is an appropriate moniker. In order to flourish in the field of vision, the eye focuses solely on one feature.

A member of the Hyuga Clan has the ability to see across large distances, and can even see through walls and objects at times. When paired with the clan’s fighting technique, the Gentle Fist, the Byakugan can perform magic.

11. Geass Can Control People’s Minds Once Specific Conditions Are Met (Code Geass)

Geass (Code Geass)

Love it or hate it, Code Geassis is a series that borrows many of its story aspects from other, better shows.

It’s not unexpected that Lelouch shares a lot of similarities with Light Yagami, given this background.

Lelouch’s tranquil life is radically changed when he acquires this notorious eye.

Only if certain conditions are satisfied may Geass offer Lelouch dominion over people’s minds. By using this power, Lelouch becomes the absolute ruler over all of his foes. That doesn’t make him a better character for fans.

12. Sharingan Can Become Different Forms Based On The User’s Experiences (From Naruto)

Sharingan is the eye of the Uchiha clan. The Sharingancan, in contrast to the Byakugan, can take on a multitude of shapes according on the experiences of the user. There will be differences between Sasuke and his brother’s relationship with the Sharingan.

The Mangekyo Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan are extremely rare and only appear a handful of times in the book, despite the fact that the basic Sharingan can be awakened by the majority of Uchiha clan members.

13. Foresight Allowed One To See The Future Like A Film (My Hero Academia)

Eraser isn’t the only My Hero Academia hero with a vision-based Quirk. The Quirk Foresight, for example, is possessed by Sir Nighteye and is a very potent skill. Sir Nighteye can see the future via the eyes of a target he has made physical and eye contact with, as if he were watching reels of film.

Despite the fact that Nighteye can only utilize his power once per day, the visions he sees are always correct. In other words, he needs to contend with the idea that the future is a dreadful, immovable object before the end.

14. Rinnegan Is Extremely Godlike And Overpowered (Naruto)

Rinnegan (Naruto)

An eye that holds the power of the gods could be compared to the Rinnegan. An overpowering eye, even in a series when many villains feel stacked against them, this one seems unjust. Even the resurrection of the dead is nothing more than a stumbling block for the Rinnegan.

The Rinnegan is the strongest and most rare weapon in the universe created by Naruto. Pain, a renowned villain, is the only one that can bring out the best in the Rinnegan to its full potential.

15. Six Eyes Can Distort And Reshape Reality (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Exorcist and heir of the Six Eyes Gojo Satoru appeared in Jujutsu Kaisen. Having the Six Eyes enabled Gojo to maximize his Limitless method. The fact that he is able to do this, despite the fact that it may sound like gibberish to those who haven’t seen the program, is very astounding.

It is through Gojo’s eyes that he can twist time and space in a tiny universe. It’s impossible to envision Gojo ever facing an opponent who can outwit the power of those omniscient eyes after the way he used this godlike power.