10 Best Movies About German Shepherds That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About German Shepherds

German Shepherds are the most adaptable dogs in the world. Many of their talents include being a police dog, an army dog, a show dog, and an actress. We should all enjoy a film on these great and intelligent family pets, so why not do so?

The following is a list of the best German Shepherd-starring films. All kinds of movies are included, from classics to comedies. The odds are stacked in your favor.

1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

As many of these canines are voiced by Hollywood A-listers, this family-friendly comedy is sure to please. In this film, Delgado plays a German Shepherd that rescues and protects a princessy Chihuahua after she gets lost in Mexico. The German Shepherd is voiced by Andy Garcia. George Lopez and Drew Barrymore make cameo cameos in this action-packed thriller.

2. Megan Leavey

A teenage soldier’s relationship with her dog is explored in this Iraq-set movie. They save and rescue many people during their deployment as a team. German Shepherds are featured in this film, which explores the power of love to transform both humans and animals.

3. I am Legend

I am Legend

Science fiction thriller about an uneasy link between human and canine. This post-apocalyptic film stars Will Smith. To help him cope with all the difficulties that come with being alone on this planet is his faithful canine buddy. Every scene is made better by Will Smith’s co-star.

4. Where the North Begins

To clear his identity in this action-adventure drama film, Rin Tin Tin, the well-known German Shepherd actor, stars. Despite the fact that this is a silent picture, Rin Tin Tin is one of the most recognizable German Shepherd actors of all time. This is a fantastic place to begin if you’re interested in learning more about German Shepherds’ contributions to film history.

5. A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose

Dog travels through several lives and numerous owners in this thought-provoking film for the whole family. The German Shepherd Hercules stars in a heartwarming movie that will make you fall in love with your pets all over again. Make sure you watch the movie, then read the book it was based on.

6. Finding Rin Tin Tin

After viewing Where the North Begins, in which Rin Tin Tin appears as a real-life German Shepherd, this film is a wonderful way to understand more more about Rin Tin Tin. Rin Tin Tin’s life is chronicled in this moving documentary, which begins with his discovery in the rubble of World War One and ends with his adoption and ascent to Hollywood renown.

7. Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts

Daniel Harding, the K-9 unit’s human closest buddy, stars in this film about a police canine and his partner in crime. Daniel Harding had to intervene when Ace the dog is suspected of attacking someone and prevent him from being put down. We can all learn a lot from this heartwarming tale about how much our dogs mean to us and the importance of friendship.

8. My Dog Tulip

There are many well-known actors in this film, but Queenie, a German Shepherd, is the star of the show. Adapted from a heartwarming memoir about a man’s relationship with his dog. A dog’s unconditional love for humans and what it can teach us about love are timeless themes in this film, which is not intended for children.

9. We Think the World of You

We Think the World of You

Postwar London is the setting for this comedy featuring Gary Oldman and a German Shepherd. To keep the dog safe while Gary Oldman’s character is in prison, he asks pals to keep an eye on her. His friends must step in to save his beloved puppy from an abusive home as emotions build. An examination of human connections and those between humans and their canine companions is the focus of this film.

10. K-9

‘K-9’ is a light-hearted comedy about a detective and a police dog (played by Jim Belushi) (played by Rondo the Dog). The dog steals every scene by being a “unusually brilliant smart alec,” and the two must work together to solve a crime.