10 Best Anime Like Gundam That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Like Gundam

Fans of Mobile Suit Gundam should definitely check out these 10 additional intriguing mecha anime.

To be a true Gundam fan, you must watch at least one of the series. A new one is produced every other year; this year alone, there were two, not including the film. There is never a shortage of them. With their tendency of regularly putting their shows in different universes, anyone can jump right in and enjoy the show.

But what about Gundam fans who have seen everything there is to offer and are ready to move on? If you’re already a fan of Sunrise’s legendary mecha series, then this article is for you, since it explores some of the best series to follow.



To begin with, the main figure is referred to as the “Galactic Pretty Boy.”. Is there anyone who can say no to such an offer? After he washes up on the shores of Southern Cross Isle, Takuto (the Galactic Pretty Boy himself) is immediately drawn into a battle with the Glittering Crux Brigade. Known as Cybodies, giants living beneath the island that can be tamed in the dimension of Zero Time by humans, the Brigade has its sights set on gaining control of them.

Takuto defends humanity from the Crux Brigade’s purpose by utilizing a Cybody. Anyone who enjoys the beautiful animation BONES is known for, as well as those who prefer the more over-the-top characteristics of later Gundam series, would enjoy this series.


As far as anime series go, this is the furthest away from Gundam. As a teenage mecha geek and programmer in the “real” world who crosses over to the world of magic and enormous robots, Ernesti Echevalier wishes to see his dreams come true in this isekai series. There, his unique combination of programming skills and natural magic allows him to create robots unlike anything else in the realm.

The focus on mecha creation in Knights and Magic will resonate with Gundam enthusiasts. With each episode, Eru discovers new ways to improve his designs in order to build better robots. A few lovers of mecha will find the character and show’s rhythm appealing, and will fall in love with the way new designs are introduced.



In the year 2110, humans have developed the technology to create “Evolved Children.” A race of extraterrestrials known as the Wulgaru seeks to augment its genetic makeup by harvesting other races’ genetic material in order to acquire an advantage over other races.

Using the Juria System, which harnesses a pilot’s instincts for survival to make them more adept at piloting a series of specially constructed huge robots, Majestic Prince focuses on six children in particular—the group members of Team Rabbits. This is a solid space opera war series, but a little more lighthearted than other Gundams.


Gundam Build Fighters is based on Chaotic Century Zero. Despite the fact that the conflict shown in the show is based on actual events, the manner it is presented is overtly commercial. Unlike in Build Fighters when the protagonists chat about the “feelings” of their Gunpla models, here the judges appear out of nowhere, and there are precise regulations that must be followed.

The mecha combat alone make this series worth watching for GBF enthusiasts.



The Hideauze, a weird alien race, are at war with humanity in the far future. On the Hideauze home planet, a teenage lad trained since birth to fight named Ledo launches an unsuccessful attempt to wipe out the world. After his plan is thwarted, Ledo ends up landing on Earth, which the human race now believes to be a myth. There, Ledo has to learn how to live in a completely different way.

Gargantia, a well-written series by the famed Gen “Urobutcher” Urobuchi, examines how conflict may impact any society, no matter how advanced.


All people in the future have been confined to tiny settlements beneath the surface of the Earth by the Spiral King, who rules with an iron fist. When Simon and Kamina uncover a Core Drill that enables them to control the Lagann mecha, the Spiral King’s power is challenged.

It’s a long way from most Gundam programs, but fans of a specific martial artist with a scorching red hand will enjoy this anime. It’s as Super Robot as it gets.



VOTOMS, a few years after Mobile Suit Gundam, is another series that explores the intersection of science and huge robots even further. Chirico, a special forces troop who is betrayed by his own military and is left to figure out how to survive on his own in a planet where two galactic nations have been at war for a century.

What follows is a long-running plot spanning more than fifty episodes. As another series produced by Sunrise’s Gundam division, VOTOMS boasts the expertise of famed Gundam mobile suit designer Kunio Okawara, who worked on everything from the original series to Gundam 00’s mobile suits.


Patlabor is essentially if the characters of the 08th MS Team were taken away from the guerilla combat of the One Year War and made police officers in the near-future Tokyo. It’s just a bunch of people going through the motions of daily life, who also happen to be pilots of enormous robots. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Vehicle Section 2, Division 2, handles cases involving “Labors” robots, which were originally designed for construction labor.

One of the most attractive and genuine casts in anime is the result of Patlabor’s eschewing the standard tactics like fantasy character designs.


Neon Genesis Evangelion

The original Mobile Suit Gundam explored what it would be like for a youngster to suddenly be thrown into the role of piloting a gigantic robot and fighting for his life every day. While it’s not shown in the films, there are scenes in which Amuro is seen locking himself in his room and curled up like a baby. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a must-see for everyone who enjoys sequences like this.

Evangelion lays greater emphasis on the psychological pain that comes with being expected to pilot a massive death machine, despite the fact that it has become a meme.


Mecha anime’s “Real Robot” subgenre was pioneered by Gundam, while Macross elevated it to new heights. Gundam claimed that the military had mostly abandoned traditional vehicles in “real” warfare, but Macross featured a force that mixed fighter jets with enormous robots as part of its arsenal. Macross, in contrast to Real Robot, features an extraterrestrial race that turns out to have more in common with humans than we first suspected.

Any big difference between Macross and Gundam is that Macross has a lot more upbeat finish than any of the Universal Century television shows, but Gundam has a much darker finale. All the space idols, to be precise.