10 Best Shows Like Man vs Wild That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Man vs Wild

The survival narrative is widely used in mainstream media, including television and film. Here are some of the best survival reality shows on television right now.

The survival narrative is widely used in mainstream media, including television and film. Films like The Revenant, The Martian, and 127 Hours, which tell harrowing survival stories, instantly connect with audiences. Reality television, on the other hand, amplifies the narrative and makes it even more engrossing.

Viewers’ desire to connect with nature is satisfied when they see real people strip away the complexities of modern lifestyles in order to meet their basic needs. The narrative of a rite of passage for its contestants is common in survival reality television, which rarely relies on over-the-top melodrama to keep viewers interested. The survival reality TV genre has spawned a slew of different shows, some of which are harrowing but beautiful, and others which are less well-received.

1. Naked and Afraid (6.7)

Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid takes place in some of the world’s most dangerous locales, and follows a number of couples who are left with nothing but their wits to fight off the elements. Despite the fact that the show’s “stranded in the wild” conceit isn’t particularly original, the no-clothings rule gives the show a distinctive feel.

As well as that, the series consistently conveys a documentary-like feel by demonstrating that the individuals featured in it face real dangers in the wild. Exec producers have suffered snake bites while filming in the Costa Rican rain forest, such as executive producerSteve Rankin.

2. Survivor (7.2)

Survivor has aired 40 seasons since its debut in the mid-aughts, making it a seasoned veteran among reality shows. This film follows a group of scavengers who must survive on a remote island on their own.

While they’re at it, they’ll have to take part in various challenges to earn points and stay in the game. The “Sole Survivor” who emerges victorious takes home a cool $1 million. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Survivor when it comes to critical acclaim. The show’s exhilarating challenges, twists, and diverse cast have earned it a devoted fan base.

3. The Island with Bear Grylls (7.4)

The Island with Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls drops off a group of amateur survivalists on a remote Pacific island at the beginning of each episode of this show’s run. However, there’s a catch: a GBP 1,000,000 grand prize is stashed away on the same island. Those who find it first have the option of sharing it with others or keeping it all for themselves. Those who don’t make it off the island, however, get nothing.

The show received a lot of criticism after the first season because of the appearance of a professional cast of contestants. A great deal of them had previously worked with Bear Grylls and had survival knowledge, according to the investigation. By featuring contestants from vastly different backgrounds, the show compensated for its flaws in the later seasons by providing an engaging viewing experience.

4. The Colony (7.8)

The Colony, a new show on Discovery Channel, introduces a fascinating concept. This show’s contestants aren’t placed on an island or in a rainforest full of exotic animals. Instead, they’re stranded in a computer-generated post-apocalyptic world where finding food, water, and shelter isn’t the only challenge.

As a result, the show creates an immersive environment for its participants as well as for its audience at large. The show’s role-playing elements could get it voted down by viewers, as they have in the past with other reality shows. However, it has an original appeal thanks to its rich post-society narrative and well-cast contestants.

5. Ultimate Survival Alaska (7.9)

Ultimate Survival Alaska

The Alaskan region is well-known for accommodating some of the most unforgiving environments, in addition to its breath-taking snow-covered mountains and idyllic dense forests. The Ultimate Survival Alaska contestants are putting their lives in jeopardy by taking on this treacherous terrain.

The contestants are divided into four groups: woodsmen, mountaineers, military veterans, and endurance athletes. Instead, the sheer satisfaction of conquering Alaska’s mountains, glaciers, forests, deep valleys, and wildlife pushes them to persevere in the face of adversity.

6. Life Below Zero (8.0)

More like a documentary than a reality show, Life Below Zero unfolds like a documentary. Throughout the film’s runtime, it depicts the difficulties faced by those who choose to live off the grid in Alaska’s frigid climate.

Life Below Zero, in contrast to most other Alaskan reality shows, avoids devolving into melodrama or comedy. The people on the show aren’t actors playing characters; they’re real residents of the Arctic state, and they face daily hardships and triumphs in the face of those hardships.”

7. Man Vs. Wild (8.1)

Man Vs. Wild

Man vs. Wild is a hugely popular reality show that not only provides viewers with an exciting survival experience, but also inspires and educates them as well. Bear Grylls navigates some of the world’s most hostile environments with aplomb and panache.

While he’s at it, he doesn’t hold back on portraying an unflinching look at survival for viewers to get their money’s worth. There’s a lot to look forward to in this one, whether you want to learn more about survival or just enjoy watching Grylls perform nail-biting acts of bravery.

8. Survivorman (8.2)

Survival expert Les Stroud, like Bear Grylls, spends a week intentionally stranded in dangerous locations. There aren’t any food or fancy equipment, so the outdoorsman must rely on his survival skills to get him through the ordeal.

To keep most viewers interested, Stroud’s affability in the face of any challenge is more than enough of a draw. In addition, the show provides useful information on survival tactics that can be applied in various situations.

9. Alone (8.4)


As the show’s name implies, the contestants are left to their own devices, with no assistance from the producers or the media. The show’s content is entirely self-produced. Each season of the reality show takes place in a new location, which is well-stocked with food and water to ensure the participants’ well-being. However, it’s up to the players to scavenge the harsh terrain and gather the supplies they’ll need to make it out alive.

The transparent and unobstructed approach to survival gives Alone an advantage over most similar shows. It’s a do-it-yourself challenge that puts the competitors through their paces and challenges their primal instincts to the limit.

10. Frontier House (8.5)

Frontier House is less of a reality show and more of a historical education. The series, which aired on PBS in 2001, allowed three families to relive the frontier experience of 1883 in rural Montana. There are some interesting community interactions between its participants from various backgrounds and cultures aside from its period setup and well-done set designs.

There are no Herculean tasks or challenges in the show, which adds a layer of realism. Instead, the families are placed in a situation where they must figure out everything on their own. These elements inspire not only the participants’ families, but also viewers, to relish in simple but meaningful lives, similar to those of those who actually lived on the frontier.