5 Best Anime Like God Of Highschool That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like God Of Highschool

Manhwa are popular Korean webcomics that have a worldwide following. Some manhwas have even inspired anime adaptations in recent years. The God of High School, by Yongje Park and MAPPA, is one of these adaptations. Jin Mori, a high school student, and his friends compete in an epic tournament in the action-packed anime series The God of High School.

In short, Jin Mori is a high school student and a seventeen-year-old martial artist. Invited to participate in a Martial Arts competition called The God of High School, Jin and his friends are challenged to a competition. Participants use a variety of fighting techniques in the competition. Borrowed Power, a mystical power that is borrowed directly from the gods, can also be used by the fighter. The organization that hosts the tournament grants the winner’s wish, so the winner can get whatever they want.

In The God of High School, the fight scenes are spectacular. Action anime fans can look forward to their favorite shonen character tropes in this one. While it has a webcomic-style character art, it can be easily translated into animation. No need to look further than here for anime with a battle or martial arts theme. List of anime based on The God of High School.

Anime Similar To The God of High School

01. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z

In the woods, a young boy named Son Goku lives all by himself. Bulma, a young woman on a quest to locate the legendary Dragon Balls, appears one day. Those who collect all seven of these balls are said to be granted a single wish. In order to get a boyfriend, Bulma wants to collect all seven dragon balls.

Goku decides to join the search for the Dragon Balls with Bulma. As a result, the two embarked on a journey they’ll never forget. The plot revolves around Goku and a slew of characters, both allies and foes, as they set out to find the legendary Dragon Balls that will grant their every wish.

A good blend of superpowers and martial arts battling may be seen in Dragon Ball. In the anime, there is a scenario in which achieving a specific goal leads to the realization of one’s desire or wish. The protagonist is upbeat and a fan of the martial arts.

02. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Hunters hold a special license that allows them to do a wide range of tasks. People of this class enjoy numerous advantages not enjoyed by others in the general population. However, this unique opportunity is only available to those who successfully complete an incredibly difficult and deadly exam.

As a 12-year-old child, Gon Freecss dreams of becoming a great hunter like his father. Hunter Exam is the only way he may fulfill his dream. He encounters Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua Zoldyck along the way, and they all join him on his voyage.

There are several similarities between the first two arcs of Hunter x Hunter. An aggressive fighting technique is used by the protagonist, who subsequently learns to employ extraordinary powers.

03. Megalo Box


Boxing is a popular sport in an underground arena in the grimy slums of a futuristic city. Megalo Boxing takes place there. Their attacks are far more lethal since they are equipped with mechanical limbs known as Gear. Known as Gearless Joe, Junk Dog is a young fighter from the underground.

Gansaku Nanbu, Junk Dog’s deceitful manager, forces the talented fighter to forfeit contests in order to make money. When Junk Dog meets Megalo Box champion Yuri, everything changes.

There are many similarities between the main character, who is a great fighter, and the other characters in the story. In the anime, the fights take place in a circular ring. The characters in Megalbox, on the other hand, battle with mechanical gears rather than magical ones.

04. Ikki Tousen

Shimei Ryomou (Ikkitousen)

For centuries, magatama have been worn by the ghosts of the Three Kingdoms heroes who attempted but failed to unite China. From generation to generation, these precious gems have been passed down. Magatama’s heirs, the Toushis, are endowed with the ability to unleash his entire powers.

Seven high schools in Japan’s Kanto area compete for supremacy in a turf war. The Magatama jewels are held by the Toushi of each institution. Hakufu Sonsaku, a recent transfer to Nanyo Academy, is a Toushi. Nanyo Academy has a fate that could eternally alter the trajectory of human history.

High school students with godlike powers are the focus of the anime. It’s packed with fight sequences. Some of the historical events in the anime are reimagined for a contemporary audience.

05. Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura

Since the Edo period in Japan, gladiator arenas have existed. Companies and merchants have employed gladiators to engage in lethal combat in these stadiums known as Kengan bouts for quite some time now. As a means of resolving conflicts between affluent corporations, gladiators engage in combat. The victors of these contests walk away with the entire stake.

Tokita Ohma is a talented and enthusiastic fighter. The Nogi group chooses him as their new ambassador after he defeats a fighter representing the Nogi Group for the Kengan Association. CEO of Nogi Group Hideki plans to pit Tokita in the Kengan Zetsumei Tournament in order to obtain the strong Kengan Organization chairmanship.

Similarities include the employment of martial arts by the characters and the usage of an arena-like setting. Every match’s winner receives something in return. There are no limits to what these characters can do.

06. Tower of God

People climb a tower in order to reach the summit. There is nothing that Tower can’t provide you if you make it all the way up. Everything in this world can be found on top of the Tower. He is a little child who wants nothing more than to stay at Rachel’s side, twenty-fifth Bam.

There is one thing Rachel wants to do, however, and that is make it to the top of Tower. Bam enters the Tower after following Rachel. Everybody has to fight their way up the Tower once they’re inside. The only thing keeping him going these days is his desire to see Rachel again.

Several character clashes occur in a competition-like atmosphere, and the prize is the fulfillment of a wish for the winner. It’s not long until the protagonist finds he’s far more powerful than he’d previously thought. WEBTOON and Crunchyroll collaborated on the show as well.