Top 15 Shows Like The Arrow That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like The Arrow

Superhero television shows have seen an unusual and very welcome increase in the last few years. Marvel and DC have been battling it out, allowing some of their lesser-known characters to have their own stories while still developing their main characters’ arcs with fervor and precision. On all three counts, the television shows produced by Marvel and DC are far superior to the feature films they were originally intended to be.
Arrow, the story of Green Arrow, is a DC character about a rich kid who loses both of his parents and ends up on an island by himself. Oliver Queen learns archery and combat and returns to his old life, but he discovers that he has a greater calling: he joins forces with the Green Arrow to fight crime. Here’s a selection of our picks for shows to watch if you like Arrow. Some of these shows, such as Arrow, are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

15. Misfits


This is the only show on the list that isn’t affiliated with either DC or Marvel. Despite the fact that it starts out as a cliche (a thunderstorm grants superpowers), it quickly develops into an engrossing battle between snarky and unsympathetic characters who are grounded and realistic, and who do not immediately run off to save the world after discovering their powers but instead focus on surviving their community service without accidentally killing someone. Because it’s a British show, there are no restraints on foul language, vile behavior, or sexual tension, highlighting the show’s punk sensibility even further. The actors savor their meaty roles, giving full justice to the dialogue’s crisp wit and biting wit. It’s hard to imagine a more irreverent group of superhumans than this one without even a hint of campiness.

14. Legion

Taking a look inside the mind of one of the X-Men who are a little off the beaten path, The distorted ‘Legion’ might make Deadpool appear sane in comparison to the rest of society. Instead of treading on familiar ground, the show dives right in to explore a narrative as jumbled as the protagonist’s muddled mind. Getting used to it may take some time, but the journey that follows is filled with pure imaginative, surreal and visually arresting elements. Seeing as Haller is the narrator, we can never be sure whether or not what we see is real. There is an interesting mix of 1960s retro and modern elements in the visuals and production design, which fits David’s distorted view of time and reality perfectly. To keep you guessing and allured, David’s helpless meanderings will attempt to clear his mind.

13. Preacher


In terms of the superhero genre, this is unlike anything you’ve seen on TV or in the movies. ‘Preacher’s’ pulp elements and run-down western feel, which are otherwise alien to the superhero genre, set it apart from the usual swill. As a result, despite many changes from the DC Comics, it still succeeds as a faithful adaptation despite the changes.
There are a lot of iconic film adaptations of superheroes, and this one is no exception. It’s a nuanced and restrained performance from a rugged Dominic Cooper as the titular preacher who battles his own demons while also dealing with everything else. the second season of this show has hit its stride, continuing the gory madness while sharpening the storytelling. Take a drink of alternative comic whiskey instead of your usual cup of superhero tea.

12. Birds of Prey

It only lasted one season, with a total of thirteen episodes. Oracle and Huntress are the two most important members of the group. Nevertheless, if the series had gone further, the team would have included Black Canary, who comic book readers will recognize as Green Arrow’s fling. For a true Green Arrow fan, it makes sense to tune in to a show about his romantic interest’s squad. New Gotham City is the setting for the show, and Harley Quinn and Alfred Pennyworth both appear frequently. Yes, the beloved characters from the Batman arc are here as well, so don’t just sit around and do nothing; tune in to this show.

11. Supernatural

Oliver Queen is a handsome man who fights crime, and that’s why so many people enjoy watching the show Arrow. Who else has a good-looking physique? Winchester brothers Sam and Dean are on the case. True to their monstrous reputations, these two brothers have made it their life’s work to track down and kill demons. These two brothers have been traveling for quite some time now, leading a dangerous lifestyle. Despite the fact that the series has lasted for eleven seasons, I still find the first five seasons to be spectacular. If you enjoy watching hot men battle evil, these brothers will not disappoint.

10. Smallville


Back when Superman wasn’t the godly flying creature we’ve come to know him as, but rather Clark Kent, there was Superman. Smallville delves into Clark Kent’s transformation into the Man of Steel and his acceptance of the superhuman abilities that were always a part of the Kryptonian refugee. Smallville is a highly regarded program that we enthusiastically recommend to anyone with a passion for the DC Comics universe.

9. Supergirl

The logical progression from Kal-El and Superman on Smallville to Kara-Zor-El and Supergirl, Kal’s cousin, is to watch them. A young Kara Zor-El is thrust into the role of National City’s protector because of her Kryptonian heritage. In addition, the Martian Manhunter has appeared on this show, as well as crossovers with The Flash, Arrow, and Legends. This show could be DC’s way of preparing for a Defenders-like event.

8. Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow

Many of the characters in this DC show will be familiar to comic book readers or animated show viewers. In the Justice League animated series, Rip Hunter brings together his time-traveling team, which includes characters such as Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Together with the rest of the team, they set out to find and defeat Vandal Savage, an immortal evil genius who is a frequent foe of the Justice League. A lot of the characters in this show may never appear on the big screen, but they are absolutely necessary to understand the DC-universe properly.

7. Constantine

Hellblazers, like John Constantine, are superheroes who battle evil on a daily basis. A young, chain-smoking Keanu Reeves using sorcery to send demons back to hell will likely be remembered by the majority of people. Regardless of how good he was, the film strayed too far from the source material. Even though Constantine only had one season, it was a fan favorite, and fans petitioned to have it renewed. Constantine, a recluse who leads an unhealthy lifestyle, is both likable and powerful. With his appearance on Arrow, he’s given the die-hard fans hope that he’ll return to his role in the solo show.

6. Daredevil

Isn’t it true that DC shows are typically dark and gritty? As opposed to Marvel, this is what makes it unique. When it comes to the Marvel television shows, they take a page out of DC’s book and do it better than their counterparts at the studio. When it comes to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Marvel uses all of Matt Murdock’s ugliness. Daredevil is a highly recommended show for fans of the DC Comics universe, as well as those who aren’t. The show explores moral dilemmas, disabilities, and ethical dilemmas while also serving up generous helpings of well-executed action sequences.

5. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

The second-best Marvel show on television right now, though it’s debatable whether or not this is the best Marvel show of all time. Dark neo noir detective story Jessica Jones cleverly combines feminism with consent. In addition, Jessica is shown as a woman first and as a superhero later, which makes her performance all the more impressive because of the setting. In addition to the humanization of Marvel characters, which DC fans will appreciate since the studio is known for painting heroic figures larger than life, Jessica Jones is noteworthy for the ideology it espouses and transcends a simple television series into a guide on how not to be a misogynist jerk.

4. Justice League Unlimited

What was there prior to big-budget television shows and films? The cartoon series is here! Comic book fans will adore them, and the show itself is entertaining. Interested in learning about some of DC’s most notable entertainment projects? Take a look at their animation—they’re way ahead of Marvel, you know! There is a direct sequel to the Justice League animated series featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, the Green Lantern, Flash and Martian Manhunter called Justice League Unlimited or JLU. The JLU showcases the League’s breadth of heroes while also demonstrating its full might. Oliver Queen, a man of extraordinary courage, is one of the heroes, and fans will enjoy seeing their favorite hero go up against the league’s more popular and powerful members.

3. Flash

The Flash is a well-known superhero in the DC universe. Barry Allen, dubbed “The Fastest Man Alive,” fights crime in the city of Central City. This series, which is an offshoot of Arrow, is just as popular, and there are often crossovers between the two. As a result, anyone interested in learning more about these two superheroes should watch this show as well. It’s unclear if our favorite speedster will stay on television for much longer after recent ratings indicate that he’s not doing as well as he used to on the small screen, even after DC officially introduced him in the new Justice League movie with the Flashpoint Paradox being discussed as a possible DC venture

2. Gotham


To be honest, billionaire Bruce Wayne is the inspiration for the rich kid turned crime fighter typecast. But in the movies and comics, Bruce is always depicted as an adult, someone who is still trying to come to terms with the murder of his parents, but who has aged and gained experience in the years since the traumatic event. With his youth and inexperience, Gotham City casts Bruce Wayne as a helpless young man.
The show delves into Batman’s past and rise to power, as well as a slew of villains and well-known figures from the Batman story arc. Since we’ve already seen an Alfred who is unapologetic, we can assume that he’s an ex-special ops soldier, which was hinted at in the movies. There’s a young Gordon navigating office politics and battling crime, as well as a young Lucius Fox taking on Wayne Enterprises’ criminal underworld. This trio serves as a lifeline for young Bruce, helping him thrive and mature. As well as these heroes, the show has hinted at a slew of villains over the course of the series’ run. Gotham is a Batman fan’s dream come true because it delves into the backstories of many of Batman’s characters, including the notorious Arkham Asylum.

1. Iron Fist

Danny Rand, a Marvel superhero, is similar to Oliver Queen in many ways. Neither of their parents owns a small business, but they’re both extremely well-off. Both of them have lost their parents and are now alone in the world. Both Danny Rand and Oliver Queen, the immortal Iron Fist and Green Arrow, return to their old lives changed and aware that they have a higher calling. Afflicted with a mysterious ninja organization with evil intentions, Iron Fist is, to put it mildly, an unreliable character among The Defenders. With mixed reviews, Iron Fist was the final character we saw, and as such has an important place in our memories as a sign of the beginning of the Defenders of the Galaxy.