10 Best Shows Like Code Geass That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Code Geass

If you enjoyed Code Geass but are looking for something new to watch, here are ten excellent choices: from Death Note to Hunter x Hunter.

The plot of Code Geass revolves around a young prince of Britannia who is humiliated by his father and forced to compete against him. Mega-genius Lelouch VI Britannia lives in a Britannian-colonized Japan with his sister. After his father, the king of Britannia, is said to have murdered his mother, he embarks on a path of vengeance against him.

Among fans of strategy anime, Code Geass is considered a classic. Because of the protagonist’s ability to devise complex strategies to outwit his adversaries and defeat an entire country, anime has captivated audiences around the world. People who watch Code Geass end up wanting more because it’s a good entry point into the world of anime. So, if you enjoyed Code Geass, here are the top ten anime to watch.

1. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi is the creator and artist of the manga series Hunter X Hunter. It’s a shonen manga about a young boy named Gon who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as a hunter. Hunter X Hunter became well-known because of its large cast, innovative Battle System, and singularity.

Hunter X Hunter isn’t your typical shonen where the hero gains magical fighting abilities due to the strength of friendship. Every battle in Hunter X Hunter is more than just a scuffle; it’s a highly strategic use of Nen abilities that the players employ to deceive their opponents and win.

2. Re:Zero

Anime critics consider Re:Zero to be one of the best Isekai series ever made. The plot revolves around Subaru Natsuki, a young man who is accidentally transported to a different dimension. With the exception of the ability to practically always resurrect after he dies, Subaru does not have any special magical abilities.

A strong heart is required to watch this anime due to its mature characteristics. Subaru’s agony after being killed by monsters and friends alike, and then resurrected only to meet the same end again, can make anyone watch the movie feel terrified. Re:Zero is a great choice for fans of Code Geass who appreciate the series’ maturity.

3. Future Diary

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Sakae Esuno wrote and illustrated Future Diary, a psychological thriller anime. To win the title of God Of Time and Space, 12 anonymous players engage in a deadly duel. Each player receives a Future Diary, which has the ability to tell them what will happen in the future if they keep it.

A battle royale anime with long fights and weak plots isn’t Future Diary; it’s an unwieldy jumble of foreseeing ten steps ahead and an assortment of huge plot twists. Future Diary will appeal to fans of Code Geass who enjoyed the game’s strategic elements.

4. The Promised Neverland

There are no typical shounen tropes in The Promised Neverland, which is a psychological horror anime instead. There are three brilliant kids who grew up in an orphanage who are the focus of this tale. The first ten minutes of the anime are light and carefree, but when the children discover that the orphanage is actually a farm and they are the livestock, everything changes.

It quickly turns into a game of pretending to be unaware while trying to keep the truth from their foster mother. Despite their desperation, they learn the hard way that sneaking out of the farm at night isn’t as simple as it seems.

5. Steins;Gate


In Steins;Gate, a self-described Mad Scientist named Okabe Rintarou is the focus of the story. It’s Okabe who meets Makise Kurisu at a time travel lecture, who is later discovered dead. When he tries to send a text message to his friends, he ends up in a different time period.

It is about time travel and its ramifications that Steins;Gate deals with. Many viewers will be left scratching their heads as the story of Steins;Gate unfolds, which is precisely why fans of Code Geass have grown to love it so much.

6. Kaiji Ultimate Survivor

A gambling anime, Kaiji Ultimate Survivor features a situation that’s over the top intense. The series’ hero, Kaiji, isn’t your typical hero. Instead, he serves as the antithesis of a role model by failing miserably. As a result of Kaji’s excessive drinking and gambling habits, he frequently finds himself in legal and financial difficulties.

When people are pushed to the limit and their lives are in jeopardy, they reveal an incredible amount of strength. In Kaiji Ultimate Survivor, this is a common occurrence. When it comes to Kaiji, his unconventional ideas and willingness to take huge risks are what make the anime so gripping that it’s hard to forget.

7. Psycho-Pass


It’s a dystopian future in Psycho-Pass, where crime is almost nonexistent. The story is set in 22nd-century Japan, where the Sibyl System calculates a person’s likelihood of committing a crime known as the Psycho-Pass. The action is taken against those people regardless of whether a crime has been committed based on this measurement.

As the story unfolds, we learn about Shinya Kogami, an enforcement officer who finds himself in a moral quandary after meeting Shogo Makishima, a criminal who’s Psycho-Pass never rises despite his proclivity for crime. If you want to see how characters react to moral dilemmas, this is the anime for you.

8. No Game No Life

Yu Kamiya’s No Game No Life is a brightly colored anime. The plot revolves around a pair of siblings who are accidentally sucked into the God Of Game’s alternate reality. Blank_ is a duo of pro gamers Shiro and Sora who have never lost a game. When they win a chess match against Tet, they are transported to a world where everything revolves around games.

The Ten Pledges prevent any other kind of conflict in such a world, so everything is decided by games and everyone must comply with them. Other races in this world are extremely intelligent and experienced, so the story follows the brothers and sisters as they work their way up the video game ladder.

9. Monster


Naoki Urasawa wrote and illustrated Monster, an anime with a psychological thriller twist. Dr. Kenzo Tenma and the enigmatic villain Johan are central characters in Monster. In spite of his surgical prowess, Kenzo chose to operate on a young boy named Johan rather than the Mayor, and as a result, he suffered socially.

Monster isn’t a tale about a monstrous creature bent on annihilating humanity. Instead, it’s a tale about human psychology and the ways in which an ordinary person can influence others in pursuit of his or her own morals and values.. Dr. Kenzo is constantly on the lookout for a Johan in order to put an end to the life of a monster he revived.

10. Death Note

This series is well-known already. Tsugumi Ohba wrote the manga Death Note, which Takeshi Obata illustrated. It’s widely regarded as the best introduction to anime, and it’s drawn tens of thousands of fans. Great storytelling, eye-catching design, and memorable characters have all contributed to the anime’s success.

When it comes to Death Note, it’s a tale of cat and mouse between two brilliant people: antihero Light Yagami, who owns a notebook that can kill anyone named in it, and L, the mysterious detective who controls the police force and surveillance. The story begins on one side, but as it progresses, it becomes a struggle between the truth and lies. You should watch Death Note if you’re a fan of high-caliber anime.


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