10 Best Anime About Greek Gods That You Need Know Update 05/2024

Anime About Greek Gods

Some of the shows on this list have a similar theme or character, while others have a similar definition of anime.

New Netflix Anime: Blood of Zeus is now available on the famous streaming site. The source material for the new show’s cast of superhuman anime characters comes from Greek mythology. When Western culture is used as inspiration for a story, Medievalfantasy clichés tend to take over. Anime and Greek Mythology fans alike will enjoy Blood of Zeus’s world.

Japan is where the anime genre began. As a result, Japanese culture is often included into the fictitious worlds of anime episodes. To remain relevant to today’s globalized audience, conventional anime is always being challenged by new world locations and cultures. There are a number of shows on this list that are comparable to Netflix’s new original, Blood of Zeus, while others have themes or characters that are similar.

1. Castlevania


Castlevania, one of Netflix’s most well-received original anime shows, is a must-see for Blood of Zeus fans.

Netflix has allowed the anime series to continue for a third season despite only airing four episodes initially.

The plot of the anime is based on the video games from which it takes its title. Like in Blood of Zeus, the characters live in a gloomy, medieval world plagued by mythological monsters and creatures.

2. Dragon’s Dogma

Netflix also has an original anime series called Dragon’s Dogma, which is based on a video game of the same name. In the vein of Castlevania, the anime series Blood of Zeus is a Medieval fantasy series that deals with mature themes.

People who went to Blood of Zeus because they were interested in European mythology will definitely like Dragon’s Dogma. Unlike its Greek-inspired counterparts, this anime series depicts mythological creatures such as the griffin in a stunning 3D animation style.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender

Fans who went toBlood of Zeus in search of a show that combines anime and western culture should definitely check outAvatar: The Last Airbender. Despite the fact that it does not meet the definition of an anime, the style of the show’s artwork is clearly inspired by the Japanese tradition.

If you want to ease your way into more intensive anime series that embrace the conventions of the genre, this is a great show to start with. Blood of Zeus can be used as the first step in bringing Western audiences into the anime fanbase, and Avatar: The Last Airbender can be used as the second step.

4. The Legend of Korra

For anime lovers who have been drawn in by Blood of Zeus and Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korrais serves as the third and last stage in the conversion process.

Avatar: The Legend Continues, the successor to the original Avatar series, is just as good as its predecessor. Anime cliches abound in this program as well, with the protagonist facing up against huge mecha suits and demonic spirits that resemble the design of the underwater giants first presented in Blood of Zeus.

5. Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan

Those who have seen Attack on Titan will recognize Eren Yeager as Hera’s sidekick in the final episode of Blood of Zeus. Many exciting confrontations between monsters and humans locate the youngster at its core. He’s more a protagonist than an enemy.

If the first and last episodes were any indication, the battles between the titans will be just as exciting. In compared to the titans of Attack on Titan, the giants of the deep are each unique and well-designed.

6. Record of Lodoss War

An older anime, Record of Lodoss War. The emperor is about to be overthrown in this Medieval fantasy anime, which first aired back in 1990.

Fans of the courtroom drama in Blood of Zeus will enjoy Record of Lodoss War, which depicted the Greek pantheon arguing the law and its interpretation in the present day.

Anime fans have long debated the issue of hypocritical rulers, and this show is proof of that.

7. Godzilla


The story of Godzilla’s infidelity is as well-known in Japanese mythology as Zeus’ betrayal is in Greek mythology. In the anime version, the story of betrayal is told through a mix of science fiction and monster-horror genres.

Blood of Zeus fans will be delighted byGodzilla’s appearance, especially if they appreciated the epic clashes between the gods and giants in the show’s opening and final episodes.

Viewers may not be able to identify the genuine antagonists in Godzilla merely by looking at them, like the new Netflix Original anime.

8. Death Parade

As Hermes descends into the underworld in Blood of Zeus’ fourth episode, we follow him. Much of Greek mythology is depicted in the realm of Hadest, which is a fascinating look into the afterlife. Death Parade is a must-see for those who leftBlood of Zeus wanting more information about the Greek afterlife.

Blood of Zeus depicts a different kind of afterlife from the one depicted in the 2015 anime, but it plays with viewers’ preconceptions of what happens to humans when they die. Fantastic characters, and Oculus manages to be both more relatable and more frightening than the god of the underworld in Blood Of Zeus.

9. Knights Of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya

Knights Of The Zodiac Saint Seiya

Zeus and his fellow gods of Olympus have been brought into the anime genre with Blood of Zeus, which incorporates the complete Greek art style into its design. It’s hard to tell the characters apart from the typical anime cast, but they all look great in the ancient Greek backdrop. Despite its lack of graphic splendor, Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya presents a hitherto untold tale of the Greek gods.

It’s good news for Athena fans who missed her in Blood of Zeus that there’s a new anime with her as the main character.

Heroes of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya recounts Athena’s rebirth in the modern day. CGI animation sets it apart from other anime series with its dramatic plot and stunning visuals.

10. The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins, like Blood of Zeus, has a strong relationship to the Western literary corpus. Although it is based on European mythology rather than Greek mythology, it provides its viewers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture from which it draws its plot.

Seven Deadly Sins replaces Hera’s edict from Blood of Zeus with the holy law, both of which are as ambiguous and devastating as the Netflix Original.