Top 10 Shows Like Band Of Brothers That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Band Of Brothers

Some Band of Brothers fans may enjoy films like The Liberator and Catch-22, which range from World War II to Cold War era.

An American regiment (nicknamed ‘Easy Company’) and their wartime experiences are documented in HBO’s Emmy-winning Band of Brothers, an expansive and enthralling World War II drama. With its groundbreaking film, Saving Private Ryan, producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks transformed the war drama genre on screen, so too did Band of Brothers with its groundbreaking television series.

There were numerous miniseries and drama series produced after the ten-episode series, each exploring a different aspect of wartime, including the morality behind it and the trauma it causes.

1. The Liberator (2020)- Netflix

The Liberator (2020)


The Liberator took place in a well-known Second World War era setting, but it did so through the medium of animation. It showcases the 157th Infantry Regiment’s heroic efforts. According to legend, the Regiment under the command of Felix Sparks (dubbed the “liberator”) fought for 500 days to free Italy from the fascist Axis powers.

This Regiment was instrumental in freeing the prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp during these trying times. This action show has only 4 episodes, but it packs a punch with its introspective themes and cel-based animation.

2. Generation Kill (2008)- HBO Max

Generation Kill, a critically acclaimed HBO miniseries, examines the 2003 Iraq invasion. Along with a journalist Evan Wright (Lee Tergesen), who is accompanying a particular Marine Corps battalion, it was also told from the point of view of American military personnel.

As well as addressing the characters’ personal reasons for joining the war, the show also explores American anxieties in the wake of September 11th. Generation Kill is similar to films like Jarhead and The Hurt Locker in that it delves deep into the soldier’s mindset.

3. World War II In Colour (2009)- Netflix

World War II In Colour (2009)


World War II in Color is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the Second World War. The series uses original archival footage (most of which has been colorized and remastered as the series’ title suggests) to cover major events from the War, such as the Pacific War and the North African Campaign.

The 13 episodes cover a wide range of topics, including the personal musings of the participants and the political and diplomatic dynamics of the major players who were involved in the conflict. each of the major players In the end, the history of the War serves as a warning to future generations not to make the same mistakes again.

4. Catch-22 (2019) – Hulu

There’s no denying that reading Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 is enlightening in and of itself, given the book’s enduring relevance as an anti-war literary classic. It pays homage to the novel’s dark comedic elements, which subvert a number of standard war drama tropes. Instead of being portrayed as fearless warriors, the armed soldiers in this case are regular people.

After realizing that the war isn’t theirs, John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) and his fellow aviators try to flee the violence and devastation of World War II. Soldiers are used as pawns because of the animosity between those in power.

There are six different episodes of MASH each season (1972-83)

5. M*A*S*H (1972-83)- Hulu

MASH (1972-83)


M*A*S*H’s iconic status as a work of war satire has not waned over the years. The medical drama takes place during the Korean Conflict. In order to distract themselves from the conflict, the medical staff at an American Army hospital resorts to dark humor.

M*A*S*H spawned several spin-offs and remains one of the highest-rated shows of all time after being based on the novel MASH and a film of the same name.

6. Five Came Back (2017)- Netflix

Frank Capra and John Ford. Huston, John. David McKay. The author’s name was Wyler. These five individuals were not only successful in Hollywood as directors, but they also played various roles in the Second World War. There are several propaganda films from World War II directed by these directors, which have been preserved in archives.

Filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro, narrated by Meryl Streep, examine classic war pictures from a creative and social perspective in Five Came Back. Ultimately, this is a fascinating demonstration of the role propaganda and cinema played in pushing people towards war. All of the propaganda films we’ve discussed are, interestingly enough, all available to watch on Netflix.

7. The Pacific (2010) – HBO Max

The Pacific (2010)


The Pacific, HBO’s second World War II miniseries, serves as a companion piece to Band of Brothers. It was produced and distributed by HBO. The setting shifts from the D-Day landings to the Pacific War, specifically the Asia-Pacific theater of operations, as indicated by the title. There is a lot of reliance on the accounts of three different Marine regiments to convey the magnitude of the War’s horrors and ferocity.

The Pacific is as visually stunning as Band of Brothers, and it spares no expense when it comes to realism and gore. As a result, even those who are sensitive to graphic material will be able to enjoy this modern classic in peace.

8. The Vietnam War (2017)- Hoopla

Even though Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have directed several well-regarded documentaries on American history, The Vietnam War, a ten-part series, may be their crowning achievement.

The series, which runs for over 16 hours, delves into the many facets of the divisive conflict. Burns and Novick’s documentary offers a historical overview from all perspectives, unlike other films that focus on the negative aspects of the Vietnam War (such as Full Metal Jacket and Da 5 Bloods).

9. Chernobyl (2019)-HBO Max

Chernobyl (2019)-HBO Max


To tell the story of the titular Soviet nuclear disaster and the reactions of scientists, civilians, and politicians to save it, Chernobyl sets out to tell an ambitious story. The series portrays chaos in real time as all parties involved race against the clock to lessen the impact of a nuclear power plant explosion.

Director Johan Renck and screenwriter Craig Mazin turn Chernobyl into an outstanding human drama that doesn’t sugarcoat the harrowing nature of its subject matter. In addition, Jared Harris and Stellan Skarsgrd put in some of their best work to date in the film.

10. World On Fire (2019) DirectTV

World On Fire, a British war drama, focuses on civilians rather than soldiers during World War II.

Germany, Britain, Poland, France, and Britain are all represented in World On Fire as people from all walks of life try to hold on in the face of unrelenting destruction.

Despite the fact that it may not be historically accurate, the show does an admirable job of paying tribute to the unsung heroes of the time.

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