10 Best Anime About Bullying That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime About Bullying

It’s no wonder that anime has a disproportionate number of stories about school bullies, given the prevalence of school storylines in the genre.

Anime is often seen as a way to escape from the stresses of everyday life. These characters, on the other hand, can have flaws that reflect those in the real world, even if viewers don’t pay attention to them. Bullying is a common problem in the media, and it’s not uncommon to see bullies accompany it.

It’s no wonder that anime has a disproportionate number of stories about school bullies, given the prevalence of school storylines in the genre. However, who are the worst of the bullies in this group? That’s the question we’ll be addressing in this list.



Honnoji Academy’s administration and governance are handled by the School Council from Kill La Kill. They are led by Satsuki Kiryuin and her minions who wear two and three-star Goku uniforms, giving them greater power than the average Honnoji student.

This group of hyper-powerful kids is well-known for their ability to inflict harm on others and for enforcing their bizarre rules on the rest of the students.


One of the worst bullies in anime history is Aki Honda. Compared to the other students in this list, this middle-schooler is in a league of his own. In the anime and manga seriesNarutaru/Shadow Star, she is a major antagonist. Aki Honda is the leader of a middle school bully gang that enjoys harassing Hiroko Kaizuka, the show’s central character.

They tortured this poor girl because they were envious of her good marks. They made her eat worms and other disgusting things she’d rather not talk about. Just know that this bully will get more than she bargained for because of her heinous actions.



As a minor antagonist in Mazinger Z, Onimaru has a relatively low profile. There are worse bullies in the series, but he’s still a bothersome annoyance. Mitsuo is the primary victim of his bullying at Shiro Kabuto’s school. Because of his lack of self-confidence and fear, he acts like a normal bully, continually picking on others who are weaker than him.

It is only until he gets into the Stronger T4 and is taken on the ride of his life by Mitsuo that Onimaru begins to change his habits. When Onimaru finished the ride, he stopped abusing Mitsuo because he realized that Mitsuo is far stronger than he ever will be.


Koe no Katachi/A Silent Voice anime series character Shouya Ishida. In the beginning, he bullies the female protagonist, Shouko Nishimiya, who is the female protagonist of the series. Shouko Nishimiya, the new student, was bullied mercilessly by Ishida when they were in elementary school.

Shouya strives to move on from his faults and extends a hand of friendship to Shouko despite the bullying that persisted for a long time. To hide his actual affections for her, he bullied her mercilessly.



Sangatsu no Lion/March stars Kyouko Kouda as a character. Arrives with a vengeance. She’s a conceited beauty with some serious anger issues, which she frequently expresses to Rei in her monologues. When she and Rei begin to care for each other, a terrible relationship develops between the two of them.

One of the factors that makes her a bully is her relationship with Rei. One of anime’s most toxic relationships is between these two characters, even if the connection is laced with some subtext.


Elfen-Lied is blessed to have one of the most obnoxious bullies in anime as a resident. Kaede’s orphanage is also home to Tomoo, a young boy who heads a gang of bullies in the institution. Tomoo’s relentless tormenting is a major factor in Kaede’s decision to go off the rails.

That’s when you know you’ve gone too far with your bullying when it makes someone detest the entire human species. Kaede was subjected to some very appalling treatment by his gang, which included the death via beating of a beloved pet companion. With her immense might, she annihilates them all.


Devilman Crybaby

The bullies from the originalDevilman series, while not as nasty as they were inDevilman Crybaby, were nevertheless terrible. In addition to attempting to harm an innocent rabbit, they repeatedly irritated Miki and beat up on Akira Fudou, who was unarmed, several times.

Despite the fact that these bullies were some of the worst kids in the series, they at least come to Miki’s help at the end of the series when the entire world is thrown into disarray owing to the announcement that demons are among us.


In the anime series GTO/Great Teacher Onizuka, Miyabi Aizawa is a student in Onizuka’s homeroom class. She is a member of a bully gang attempting to have their new teacher expelled from school, and she plays a major role in the plot throughout the novel. She was the stereotypical vain popular girl and a model student.

Her anti-social behavior is a direct result of the sadness she developed while filming the series. Then, with the help of Onizuka, she returns to her former glory as a wonderful person and student.



Beck’s three bullies are some of the most despicable characters in anime history. When one of the main characters cannot play the guitar, the rest of the students are afraid to speak to him, and so they pick on him and ridicule his dreams.

The primary bully is shown to have an inferiority problem, and happily he receives the punishment he so desperately craves.


Everybody knows what My Hero Academia is. Katsuki Bakugou, the protagonist of this series, is one of the greatest bullies in anime history.

Bakugou is a tyrant who berates Deku, the protagonist, on a regular basis. Irately tells him to commit suicide in the series. That’s right. He’s just another bully who gets what he deserves.