20 Best Shows Like Apple Tree Yard That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Apple Tree Yard

1. Room 104 (2017)

Room 104 (2017)

Using a single room in a typical American motel, each episode tells the narrative of the people that stay there.

2. Carter (2018)

After a public outburst, an actor comes home. He tries to put his acting skills to good use by teaming up with a police detective pal.

3. Gypsy (2017)

Gypsy (2017)

As Jean Holloway embarks on her trip, we follow her as she develops risky and intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives.

4. Evil (2019)

To find out if supernatural events can be explained scientifically, skeptical female clinical psychologist Kristen Benoist teams up with a young priest and a blue-collar contractor. They look into claims of miracles, possessed by demons, and other bizarre phenomena.

5. Howards End (2017)

Social and socioeconomic differences in early 20th century England are shown through the interplay of three families: the rich Wilcoxes, the kind and idealistic Schlegels, and the middle-class Basts.

6. Clique (2017)

Clique (2017)

Holly and Georgia, childhood best friends, form an elitist clique in their first year at university. Holly will do anything to safeguard her love when she begins to fear there is evil lurking beneath the glitz.

7. Utopia (2013)

Legendary comic book The Utopia Experiments is shrouded in mystery. The lives of a bunch of strangers unexpectedly and violently disintegrate when they discover an original book.

8. Modus (2015)

To make matters worse, her autistic daughter is also dragged into the investigation, which introduces her to detective Ingvar Nyman of “Rikskrim,” Sweden’s national police department. The investigation leads them to meet.

9. Hidden (2018)

Hidden (2018)

A young woman named Mali Pryce was found dead in a forest stream by detectives DI Cadi John and DC Owen Vaughan.

10. The Fall (2013)

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson of the Metropolitan Police Service is called in when the Police Service of Northern Ireland are unable to close a case after 28 days. Police in Belfast must find and stop a serial killer who is terrorizing the city under her new leadership.

11. Tales of the City (2019)

Twenty years after she left them behind to pursue her career, Mary Ann returns to present-day San Francisco to see her daughter and ex-husband. Mary Ann returns to 28 Barbary Lane, where she lives with Anna Madrigal, her chosen family, and a new generation of LGBT young residents, escaping the midlife crisis that her picture-perfect Connecticut existence generated.

12. The Divide (2014)

The Divide (2014)

WE tv aired The Divide, a courtroom thriller that premiered in 2014. The first season had eight episodes that lasted an hour and a half each. In 2014, it premiered. WE-tv announced on October 30th, 2014 that the show would be cancelled.

13. Complications (2015)

Dr. John Ellis, a disillusioned suburban ER doctor, who saves the life of a small kid and kills one of his attackers when he intervenes in a drive-by shooting His life and outlook on medicine are forever changed when he hears the boy is still slated for death and he feels motivated to save him at any costs.

14. Tin Star (2017)

Little Big Bear is the story of Jim Worth, an ex-British police officer who moved to the picturesque village with his family and became the town’s police chief. A tsunami of narcotics, prostitution, and organized crime follows migrant workers from a vast new oil refinery into his town, threatening to obliterate everything in its path.

15. Man in an Orange Shirt (2017)

Man in an Orange Shirt (2017)

When it comes to finding happiness, Michael and Thomas face a drastically different set of obstacles in the wake of World War II, compared to today’s Adam and Steve.

16. Intruders (2014)

Members of a secret club seek out the bodies of others as a means of extending their lives.

17. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015)

Lizzie’s life after her disputed acquittal of the tragic double murder of her father and stepmother in 1892 is depicted in a vivid and romanticized depiction of the actual events and persons involved.

18. You (2018)

You (2018)

To get close to an aspiring author, the manager of an excellent bookstore gathers all of her personal information online and on social media. As he discreetly and methodically removes every obstacle – and person – in his path, he quickly becomes obsessed.

19. Fearless (2017)

Lawyer Emma Banville, famed for taking on the most hopeless cases, takes on the task of clearing Kevin Russell’s name of the death of a little girl 14 years prior.

20. The Escape Artist (2013)

The Escape Artist (2013)


The fine line between law and justice is blurred in this bloodcurdling legal thriller. As a junior barrister, Will Burton excels at rescuing people from legal predicaments with his unparalleled brilliance and captivating charisma. Having never lost a case, he’s in high demand. But when he acquits a notorious lead suspect in a horrible murder trial, that genius comes back to get him with unexpected and horrifying repercussions, as well as a stunning twist.