Top 24 Movies Like Monster In Law That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 04/2024

Movies Like Monster In Law

If you enjoyed Monster-In-Law, you’ll enjoy these even more. Pictures like Monster-In-Law have been compiled below.

1. The Back-Up Plan 2010

The Back-Up Plan 2010

When Zoe has had enough of looking for Mr. Right, she decides to start a family on her own without his help or involvement. After a long search, she finally meets Stan on the day of her IVF procedure, and he appears to be the perfect match. Now Zoe must figure out how to combine her two most cherished goals in life.

2. Made Of Honor 2008

For the past ten years, Tom and Hannah have been friends on the platonic level. He’s a casual dater, whereas she’s been looking for Mr. Right her entire life and still hasn’t found him. At the exact moment Tom begins to doubt his single status, Hannah gets engaged. As a’maid of honor,’ she asks Tom to stop the wedding and woo her. He reluctantly agrees.

3. Failure To Launch 2006

Failure To Launch 2006

Tripp, a handsome thirty-year-old man, is still living with his parents, Al and Sue, in the same apartment building. Demo and Ace, two of Tripp’s closest friends, are also still living at home with their parents, and they seem content with that. When friends whose adult son recently moved away from home reveal they hired an expert to arrange the matter and couldn’t be more pleased, Al and Sue are fascinated. Al and Sue are, however, not happy.

4. 27 Dresses 2008

Altruistic In the wake of Jane’s younger sister’s engagement announcement to the man she secretly adores, Jane is forced to confront her worst nightmare.

5. Guess Who 2005

Guess Who 2005

He’s the fiancé of an African-American woman, but when she introduces him to her family, her father is skeptical and suspicious. As the wedding date draws nearer, Dad must face up to his upcoming son-in-law.

6. Bride Wars 2009

Inadvertently booking the same date for both of two best friends’ weddings makes them enemies.

7. Over Her Dead Body 2008

Over Her Dead Body 2008

Henry, a veterinarian, becomes depressed after his fiancée Kate dies tragically on the day of their wedding. His sister enlists the help of medium Ashley to help him get over Kate’s death, and she gives her diary to her as a gift. Ashley uses the journal’s details to convincingly deliver a fake message that Kate wants Henry to move on with his relationship. Ashley and Henry, on the other hand, are being watched over by Kate’s phantom. She is enraged when they begin to fall in love and makes a vow to thwart their relationship.

8. The Nanny Diaries 2007

As a recent college grad, you’ll be working for a wealthy New York family as their nanny. Once she’s settled in, she’ll have to deal with the dysfunction of her new family, a new romance, and a spoiled brat.

9. Raising Helen 2004

In New York, Helen Harris works as a model for one of the most prestigious agencies in the city. However, her carefree existence is turned upside down when she is forced to choose between the life she’s always loved and the new loves of her life!

10. The Wedding Planner 2001

The Wedding Planner 2001

After being rescued from an accident by the man of her dreams, paediatrician Steve Edison, wedding planner Mary Fiore discovers that he is also her latest client’s future fiancé. During the course of finalizing the wedding plans, Mary and Steve are thrust into a series of awkward situations that force them to confront their growing attraction.

11. Maid In Manhattan 2002

When Marisa Ventura works at a posh Manhattan hotel to make ends meet, she dreams of a better life for her young son and herself. Christopher Marshall, a hotel guest and senatorial hopeful, meets Marisa by mistake one fateful day and thinks she’s a wealthy socialite. The two are smitten after spending an unforgettable evening together. Class and social issues threaten to separate them when Marisa’s true identity is revealed. What are the chances of a happily ever after for two people from completely different worlds?

12. Just My Luck 2006

Ashley, a New Yorker, is widely regarded as the luckiest person in town. As it turns out, her fortune has been exchanged for his after a chance meeting with a down-and-out young man.

13. Because I Said So 2007

Meddlesome mother Daphne Wilder tries to match her youngest daughter Milly with Mr. Right in order to prevent family history from repeating itself. Her other daughters, on the other hand, are doing their best to control their mother’s good intentions.

14. No Reservations 2007

No Reservations 2007

When it comes to running her life and her kitchen, Master Chef Kate Armstrong does it with an intimidating level of rigor. This could spell disaster for her when she is forced to take care of her young niece while also having to deal with the brash new sous-chef who has just joined her crew. Kate needs to look outside the kitchen to find true happiness, despite the fact that romance blossoms amid rivalry.

15. Two Weeks Notice 2002

As part of a deal to preserve a community center, environmental lawyer Lucy Kelson joins forces with billionaire George Wade. Undecisive George becomes increasingly reliant on Lucy for advice on a wide range of topics, from legal issues to what to wear. Lucy is fed up and decides to resign, so she hires Harvard grad June Carter to take her place. In the final weeks of Lucy’s employment with the firm she grows resentful towards her coworker June and reconsiders her decision to leave George.

16. In Her Shoes 2005

Maggie, a careless party girl, is expelled from her father’s and stepmother’s house, where she had been living for free, and is taken in by her hardworking sister, Rose, a Philadelphia lawyer in need of housing. Rose evicts Maggie after she wrecks her sister’s love life as a result of her obnoxious behavior. They must confront some difficult truths about themselves and their family when they are introduced to their long-lost grandmother, who they had no idea existed.

17. Sweet Home Alabama 2002

Sweet Home Alabama 2002

Melanie Carmichael, a young New York fashion designer, is engaged to the city’s most eligible bachelor. But she’s hiding a lot of secrets from her present and past, including the fact that she married a redneck in high school and he won’t let her divorce him. Melanie sneaks back to Alabama to confront her troubled past in order to put an end to their tumultuous relationship for good.

18. The Wedding Date 2005

As Kat Ellis’ younger sister’s wedding draws near, she must face the unwelcome prospect of attending the ceremony alone in London. The fact that her ex-lover Jeffrey will be the groom’s best man makes things even worse. Kat hires a charming male escort to serve as her date in order to prove to everyone, especially Jeffrey, that her love life is as full and exciting as ever.

19. Little Black Book 2004

Stacy, a talk show host who wants to know everything about her boyfriend’s past relationships, turns into a full-fledged snoop. Stacy and Barb get Derek’s ex-lovers’ names and conduct interviews with them for an upcoming show. It only makes things more confusing for her, and when she befriends one of the women, her plans start to fall apart.

20. Georgia Rule 2007

Georgia Rule 2007

Georgia Rule tells the story of a disobedient adolescent who is sent to live with her grandmother for the summer by her dysfunctional mother. All three women will learn about long-buried family secrets along the way, and they’ll come to realize that no matter what happens, the ties that bind will never be severed.

21. 13 Going On 30 2004

Jenna Rink wants to hide until she’s thirty after being humiliated at her thirteenth birthday party. But even with a little magic, being thirty isn’t always as great as you thought it would be!

22. The Perfect Man 2005

When Holly’s mother, Jean, has a new relationship that doesn’t work out, she’s forced to move yet again. The perfect plan for the perfect man, an imaginary secret admirer who will romance Jean and boost her self-esteem, is what Holly comes up with to distract her mother from her latest bad decision.

23. What A Girl Wants 2003

The daughter of an absentee father travels to Europe in search of his estranged daughter, Daphne. Instead of a British counterpart to her free-spirited mother, she meets a stuffy politician. Daphne’s only worry is that her father, who she believes to be dead, is now engaged to a jealous social climber who has a daughter who makes her miserable.

24. Four Christmases 2008

But this year Brad and Kate’s foolproof plan is about to go bust — big time. They’ve made an art form out of avoiding their families during the holiday season. An overzealous television reporter reveals the couple’s ruse while they’re stranded at the city airport after all departing flights are canceled. The only thing Brad and Kate can do at this point is swallow their pride and endure the ordeal.